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Men's soccer / Little East Conference
« on: August 30, 2013, 05:48:19 pm »
I think the Little East Conference deserves its own thread in 2013.  Last year posts were made in the New England soccer thread

Looked up 6 NCAA D-III New England Colleges with respect to thier NACDA, ( National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics), Director's Cup rankings.

These rankings are a reflection of the overall success of a College or Universities' athletic programs.

The ranking incluse a wide range of sports, from golf/tennis/water polo/skiing to football/basketball/baseball/hockey.

Obviously if your school plays all these sports and does well, ( as some of the NESCAC schools do), you have an advantage in terms of point totals

Go to and click on Director's Cup to look up your school.  Rankings include D-I through D-III, and the for years 95/6 through 2009/10

Here are average ranking for 6 NE schools, ( 95/6 to 2008/9 or 14 years), and their highest and lowest rankings over this time span.  ( I noticed a couple of years they only listed the top 100, but the rest they listed the top 300 or so. If school was not ranked a given year I gave them a 300 ranking for that year in calculating their average rank.

School    Avg ranking    Best Ranking- year                    Worst Ranking                      comments

ECSU           118              63 (02/03)                         not ranked in 04/05              ranked in all other years

Keene St       58               19 (06/07)                                96 (08/09 )                  could not find KSC for
Trinity (CT)  113                34 (98/9)                                 206 (95/6)

Williams         1                  1                                               4 (97/8)                  Ranked Number 1 for
                                                                                                                            13 of 14 yrs  8-)
USM            153                62 ( 97/8)                         not ranked  in 00/01

College MA   31                 13 (99/00                                77 (06/07)

Williams play a LOT of sports and play them VERY WELL
ECSU strengths in Baseball W BB, M/W Soccer W Softball and M LAX
Keene plays a lot of sports  and is strong in BB, M/W track M LAX and a bunch of others
Springfield is strong in a broad range of sports!!! And is in top 20-30 every year
USM strengths in Baseball, W BB and M/W Track/Field


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