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2023 Game Notes
« on: September 05, 2023, 12:22:57 pm »
Hey All.  I will be pairing back on game notes for the board for the time being.  Take a bit of time to do them the way I like.  I've started a Patreon page where I will putting most of them, but will occasionally share here.  Sorry about that as I know many have commented on how much you enjoyed.  However for as low as $1 a month, you can get access to all of them that I publish!

If you are looking to become a member...All Things Division III Soccer

As an FYI, I am not looking to make money, just so that I can do more...

In the meantime, I will post the ones I have here.


Franciscan @ Randolph Macon
-RMU in White; Franciscan in Green
-RMU starts game on the front foot, spending most of the time in the Franciscan half.
-Off of a stupid foul where Franciscan#10 gets a yellow.  RMU#10 floats a ball back post when RMU#4 heads a ball to back post for a goal.
-Randolph Macon 1; Franciscan 0
-This is a just reward for RMU since they really have owned the game for the first 15 minutes.
-Silly fouls kill.  This time, 2 minutes later while RMU was still feeling good, commits a foul at midfield.  Franciscan floats a ball into the box.  One of those where the Keeper is unsure how  to play with guys running to it, but no one gets a touch on it and it goes back post.
-Randolph Macon 1; Franciscan 1.
-RMU does a poor job of defending that.  Ball went through the box without a defender getting their heads on the ball.  Drops right in for the goal.
-RMU was doing well the first 20 or so, but the goal has them off kilter.  Lack of movement up top, and forcing it too much.  Franciscan is coming into their own.
-Also, RMU players taking too many touches on the ball.  Lose the ball cause they try to dribble through everyone.
-Any number of plays, RMU defense looks real suspect.  Not closing down space.  Ok in possession, but have trouble tracking defensively.
-Looks like RMU is play something like a 4-2-3-1; Franciscan a more traditional 4-3-3
-RMU looks to Spring their big forwards , in particular on the left side.  The outside mid or back pushes up and has pace and really unsettles the back line.  Every attack that has gotten close has come from this play.
-RMU had the opportunity to go ahead.  Ball down left wing.  Whipped in and RMU forward one times the ball of the crossbar and comes out. 
-RMU is dangerous down the left wing.  Franciscan will need to adjust to slow down the pace.
-Franciscan#& takes all the free kicks that get floated in the box.  RMU#10 does the same.  And corners.
-RMU has a corner where all 6 attackers stand on the line with the opposing Keeper, then whip it in near post.
-Franciscan really doesn’t track defensively.
-Randolph Macon 1; Franciscan 1.
-To start, Franciscan is trying to get something going up top, but RMU is doing ok defending in numbers.
-On attack RMU self destructs w/poor passing when they have #s in the attack.
-RMU dangerous on those back post free kicks.  Just not finding the target.
-Still can’t believe that Franciscan University has a part time coach.  Welcome to the ‘80s.
-RMU didn’t to adjust anything and is still going down the left side.
-Meanwhile, Franciscan has adjusted and making sure it gets numbers on that side.
-With the left shut down, RMU is getting careless with the ball in  midfield.
-Franciscan is getting to counter quick when they recover the ball.  Looking to catch RMU off balance and with less numbers.
-And in the 75th minute, Franciscan with the lead, which is not surprising since they have been growing this half.
-Long ball from the keeper.  Forward skims it off his head and ball gets behind the stretched defense.  Winger takes the ball and slots a pass across the 18 to the far post.  Forward touches it inside and hits it low for the go ahead goal.
-Randolph Macon 1; Franciscan 2.
-This is a well deserved goal.  They had been growing in the half and Randolph Macon was really not in control of the game.
-Franciscan Keeper is a freshman.
-RMU tries to be direct, but isn’t effective.  Every set play goes far post.  Same look.  Not really adjusting the Franciscan.  Lots of vertical north south runs.
-20 left and RMU is trying to get forward, but wasting opportunities because they are showing no patience.
-Franciscan now taking control of the tempo and slowing things down.  RMU can’t get a hold of the ball and when they do they waste it.  No real opportunities to goal for RMU.
-RMU just lacks movement and is pretty predictable.
-And Franciscan puts this game to bed.  Same play as the second…. Long ball from keeper, forward skims it through behind the defenders, a winger runs on to it, goes to goal and passes it along the 18 to the far side where another Franciscan forward gets the ball, moves into the middle then hits it low inside the post.
--Randolph Macon 1; Franciscan 3.
-That’s was some bad defending from Randolph Macon.
-With that, I will call it a day.

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Re: 2023 Game Notes
« Reply #1 on: September 05, 2023, 02:21:18 pm »
St. Olaf v Chicago

-St. Olaf in White; Chicago in Maroon
-Bit of a frenetic pace to start out.
-And like that St. Olaf takes the lead.  5 minutes in Chicago defender fouls a St. Olaf forward just outside the box.  #8 hits a great free kick low to the post on the keeper side.  Caught the keeper guessing and snuck it in inside the post.
-St. Olaf – 1 ; Chicago – 0
-Chicago pressing in the final third, making it difficult for St. Olaf to work the ball out of the back.
-Chicago works it out of the back as expected, and with a couple of passes, the ball is 35 yards out, and is threaded to another forward who hits it from outside the 18 and hits side netting for the 1-1 tie.
-St. Olaf – 1 ; Chicago – 1
-Score reflects a pretty even match up although think Chicago has better of the ball.
-St. Olaf sits deep waiting on Chicago which I am not sure is the way to go with them.
-Chicago presses very high, making it difficult for St. Olaf to move the ball without having someone on them immediately.
-Chicago is very organized, especially when they don’t have the ball.  Fall back into a defensive posture that is tough to break down.
-St. Olaf #8 is a free kick specialist.  Dead ball from 30 yards away he rattles off the bar with the Keeper beat.
-And Chicago gets another one.  Chicago#14 take ball and dribble about 20 yards out then strikes it with his left and sneaks in to the left of the keeper.
-St. Olaf – 1 ; Chicago – 2
-At this point, its hard for St. Olaf to get a hold of the ball.
-St. Olaf seems a little rattled.  Need to get to the half.
-13 minutes left.
-And now the dagger that hurts.  Corner whipped in that goes untouched in the box, ends up far post and hits off a defender for an own goal.  This has become a tall mountain to climb.
-St. Olaf – 1 ; Chicago – 3
-And only a minute later, St. Olaf has a chance to get a goal.  PK after a silly foul by Chicago#29.  St. Olaf#8 slots it to the keeper left.
-St. Olaf – 2 ; Chicago – 3
-Thinking Chicago just likes to put a corner in the six and hope for chaos.  I find that very discouraging.
-Sweat spot for Chicago is behind the outside backs who play inordinately high, leaving gobs of space.
-Will say these two teams can play.
-HALFTIME St. Olaf – 2 ; Chicago – 3
-St. Olaf has started the second half in search of the tying goal.  Pressing all over the field and trying to get forward with pace.
-Pinning Chicago a little deeper.
-St/ Olaf had some early looks to goal, but lack precision.
-Chicago seems to be bending but not breaking.
-20 minutes left.
-Don’t think Chicago looks particularly good this second half stretch.  Not in control of the game. 
-St. Olaf getting into the final third is not the problem, but really not hitting that last pass.  Everything seems off by an inch.
-There is indeed some great soccer being played.  This is the best game I have watched today.
-7 minutes left.  St. Olaf with a golden opportunity.  Shot across the goal mouth untouched with no one there to punch it in.
-The stream has died.
-Apparently Chicago got a 4th with 5 minutes left. 
-Final St. Olaf – 2 ; Chicago – 4