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North Region football / Re: FB: North Coast Athletic Conference
« Last post by wabashcpa on Today at 06:50:50 pm »
Change of topic, but a very nice article in the most recent Wabash Magazine regarding BashDad and his movie, "Love After Love".  Congrats on the distribution deal, and look forward to seeing it.
General football / Re: Pool B
« Last post by Ralph Turner on Today at 06:45:37 pm »
Dear lord people. It's week 3. Many teams haven't played a conference game yet. There is plenty of time to hit up playoff scenarios when we at least hit October.

This is like people who hang up Christmas decorations and play Christmas music before Halloween. You shouldn't need a license to use their bones as Halloween decorations... wife tells me that it is okay to do that...   ::)

East Region football / Re: FB: Empire 8
« Last post by Bartman on Today at 06:44:34 pm »
dlip, there are some of us who don't want fisher to have positive momentum going into the Alfred game 8-).

On Saxon Warriors!!!
dlip is Mr. Positive...we love him for it...... but the Wick could surprise a few this year ::)
East Region football / Re: FB: Liberty League
« Last post by Bartman on Today at 06:30:42 pm »
Congrats to Hobart OLINE for being named to team of the week for gaining 310 rushing yards in the 2nd half against SU....the new OLINE composition with Koch at Guard and 6'10" Micah Holloway at Tackle  on the left side has really made a difference since the Brockport game..still need some work on the pass protection but this is great progress... Letizia and Harvey both with 100 + yards ....If we can smash mouth run AND pass over the top we could keep everyone on their heels....GOBART

I agree completely, the O Line has really begun to gel.  When the downfield receivers were tightly covered last weekend, Bart switched to the run.   The O line only needed to open a few creases for the running backs to hit.  Letizia and Harvey are a great combination of quickness and power (both of them have terrific speed).
You need 'dem BARTHOGS ;D
Will teams share a sideline on Saturday?
That "Home Team on the Sunny Side" business cuts both ways.  In last Saturday's LJ Sauna Bowl, there were far fewer Mammoth supporters in the home team stands than Bobcat supporters on our side.  Turned out many of the Amherst faithful had crossed into enemy territory to escape the heat.  As LC noted yesterday, it's safe to assume Polar Bear fans will adopt similar tactics on rainy days at Whittier.  (My octogenarian in-laws sat in the covered grandstand in the bitter cold, wet 2014 Bates-Bowdoin Mud Bowl, and still needed several post-game Old Fashioned's at the Brunswick Tavern to restore circulation).

PolarCat,    there's already been talk of ignoring sides and sitting in the grandstand regardless.
Moral of the story: Buy a newspaper.  ;D

I'm pretty sure it's the free Highland Villager...they run the same sad ad every year.

This is the only and only time in my life that I'm sad I don't work in Highland anymore.

Free paper and U$T tix don't make up for property taxes. Mendota Heights is looking pretty good lately.
Moral of the story: Buy a newspaper.  ;D

I'm pretty sure it's the free Highland Villager...they run the same sad ad every year.

This is the only and only time in my life that I'm sad I don't work in Highland anymore.

I believe there are certain crimes that once reported have to be pursued. If there were no injuries at all or no serious injuries, he probably could have told the police to forget it. I'm not sure if the police, after seeing the degree of injuries could just let it be dropped. Another thing to remember about this case is that the charged offenses are felonies as opposed to misdemeanors. It would not be surprising if misdemeanors could be dropped at the victim's discretion, but that felonies have to be investigated and prosecuted.
But let's say it could be ended at that point and was. The College would then still have been required to report it to police. It's a state law that if a college becomes aware of any violent injuries sustained by a student, that they have to report it. They have/would have had no choice. 
I hope that gives you closure with regard to your question.  :)

That last part is actually a bit of a tricky question. Hazing is NOT required to be reported under federal laws to report crimes.

That's not germane to Mark's point, though. His point wasn't that Wheaton would be required to report a hazing incident to the police; his point was that Wheaton would be forced to report violent injuries sustained by a student (presumably at the hands of another student or students, or a school employee, or by someone else while on school property) to the police.

There is actually a bill being considered in the US Senate, I believe, that would change that and require hazing to be reported. However, it is not part of the report colleges have to put together as of right now. Yes, assault has to be reported because ... well ... it is assault. So, here is the question: would classifying this as hazing allow the college (any college) to avoid reporting it?

No. Again, this is isn't akin to the story Smeds told yesterday about being forced to walk back from a creek naked during a fraternity pledge at Wabash. This is about violent injuries sustained by a student at the hands of other students. And what happened to the alleged victim need not have had anything to do with hazing. If the five football players had simply jumped the alleged victim and beaten him up without the elaborations involved in the hazing (the hog-tying and hooding, the car ride, the music and the preposterous Muslim nonsense, etc.), damaging his two shoulders in the process, it would've been the same thing as far as Illinois state law is concerned regarding Wheaton's responsibility to report it to the police.

Then to follow up: now that police have charged individuals with assault, does that mean the college must now report it?

That's actually a valid question, although it seems to have a close-the-barn-door-after-the-horse-escaped vibe to it if indeed Wheaton hasn't reported it already.

Basically what I am trying to get at... I am not convinced since this was clearly handled as a hazing incident (per the fact police still used the term hazing) that it would have been part of the college's federal crime report. I am also unsure how to determine that (I am sure someone like Sager or others knows where those are possibly found).

I don't get the impression that the WPD handled this as a hazing incident at all. I think that the WPD handled it as an assault incident. Whether the WPD used the term "hazing" or not is immaterial, because hazing is not a state-law issue as far as I know. If there was an anti-hazing law in Illinois, I'm sure that SA Berlin would've added it to the charges against Pettway, Kregel, Spielman, Cooksey, and TeBos. I'm sure that the WPD deputy chief simply used hazing as a description of the cause of the offense, not as the offense itself.

As for the federal crime report database for colleges and universities, I don't know where that's located. But we seem to have a lot of legal eagles posting here at the moment who might be able to point us in the right direction. ;)
General football / Re: Front-page surveys
« Last post by Pat Coleman on Today at 05:31:41 pm »
How many games will Occidental allow its team to play this year?

Five or fewer (215) 53%
Eight    (76)   18%
Six (68) 16%
Seven (46) 11%
Total votes: 405
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