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We all saw Reusse's article a couple of weeks ago.


Auggie Tech beats the GACies on a last-second hail Mary and we're all talking about them in the MIAC title game?  ???  Bethel and the Corn Cobs might have something to say about that.

I say this with nothing but love, of course. But we need to add VOJ incorrectly calling a SJU first down to the Johnnie Football Broadcast Drinking Game.

Count me in.  ;D

Or we could do a VOJ GameDay BINGO.

Your neighbor Lamker is a good coach and definitely legit.

I guess we'll find out on Saturday.  :o

I recall my freshman year, there was a lot of hype around an undefeated Auggie Tech team that left Collegeville with a 55-0 drubbing. ;)

Could be a battle for the MIAC Skyline title--how the heck did Concordia get put into the Skyline division?

Because it's not targeting.  It's called tackling.

Whatever minor helmet contact may have occurred was clearly incidental--Bjork clearly went in low.

If that's targeting, we may as well just get rid of tackle football.

Maybe someone that paid for the live streams could screen record that targeting call...

I watched it yesterday.   :P

Is Auggie Tech legit?  I have my opinions...

The game is still up on MIAC Sports Network.

Peaks of sun at Wayzata HS.  Who knows?!?

According to today's article on St. Cloud Live:

VanErp is expected to return this week while Buck will be out at least two more weeks, according to SJU head coach Gary Fasching.

Shellackings of UNW-SP and Martin Luther don't tell you much.  I would lean towards GAC but think it could be a good game.  If Auggie Tech really wants to make a bid as the MIAC's "3rd team", they're going to need a statement win.

I'm banking on a nice Monkey StompTM by the Johnnies this weekend and will be enjoying the game from the softball fields at Wayzata High School. :-\

Nice.  I remember when some of those games were broadcast on local TV.

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