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South Region / Re: MBB: Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference
« Last post by Ron Boerger on Today at 06:52:46 pm »
SCAC Tourney:

#4 Trinity 63 (Rivara 14, Colliflower 10), #5 Colorado College 47 (Houska 11, Black 10 pts/15 reb)
#6 TLU 91, #3 Dallas 76 (box not yet up)

Semifinal games tomorrow:   #1 Schreiner (13-12/10-4 SCAC) vs #4 Trinity (15-11/8-6); #2 Centenary (14-10/8-6 SCAC) vs #6 TLU (12-14/7-7)
Great Lakes Region / Re: MIAA
« Last post by Roundball999 on Today at 06:44:08 pm »
OK - so I was looking at the wrong data sheets, sorry about that. Not sure how that happened.

I have DePauw at 24-1 and Hope 23-1 - a wash.
I have DePauw at .531 and Hope at .540 for the SOS - a wash.
Both teams are 2-1 vRRO - which is a wash on paper, but DePauw has a win over Rose-Hulman and Wis. Lutheran (5th and 6th this week) and a loss to WashU; Hope has wins over Trine and Rose-Hulman and a lose to Trine ... I'm going to give this to DePauw for the fact they have three teams in that group versus just two for Hope.
Comparable opponents:
- Trine: Hope is 1-1; DePauw 1-0
- That's all I've got apparently.

No head-to-head.

I think it is really close. I am not sure what the non-conference SOS numbers are... it could very well be they went to secondary criteria and maybe that gave the nod to DePauw. If I am splitting hairs, I am still giving that to DePauw thanks to the non-loss to Trine and the extra (three) opponents in the vRRO.

I really don't want to continue to drag this out - as I said earlier the order is not terribly significant to me  - but I am interested in the why based on the facts.  DePauw is not 1-0 vs Trine - they are 0-0 - never played them this year.  And what three extra opponents in the vRRO - both teams are 2-1?

Maybe we can put this debate aside - at least for a couple hours until Hope plays Calvin.  Looks like Wittenberg may upset DePauw.
South Region / Re: MBB: Old Dominion Athletic Conference
« Last post by Seatfiller on Today at 06:41:17 pm »
RC and LC tied 35 all at half. LC has hit 8 3s in the first half...
Atlantic Region / Re: MBB: Colonial States Athletic Conference
« Last post by mailsy on Today at 06:41:11 pm »

Just for updates: after tonight Tyheim Monroe is sitting at 1973 points and 1446 rebounds.  As far as I can tell 1450 would put him 6th all-time.

The backstory shows you just how badly coaches can make recruiting blunders and oversights. Tyheim is at least a D2, if not a Patriot League D1 type of player.

Back in the mid-1980's, Norristown (a Philly suburb) had a 6'4", back to the basket CENTER by the name of Daren Queenan. He was an out-of-position whiz. The only school to offer him a full scholarship was Lehigh University. He had a plethora of D2 and D3 options. Lehigh worked with him and turned him into a shooting guard/small forward. He became only one of eight players in D1 history to record over 2700 points and over 1000 6'4" the D1 level. Insane! He played overseas for a dozen years or so and is using his Lehigh education and pro contacts as a CFP.

I've seen Tyheim. I can't speak for his accomplishments in the classroom and if he had the chops to succeed in a Patriot League setting.........but he's taller and much stronger than Queenan.......and some higher level coaches blew it big time by overlooking him coming out of high school, or as a transfer.

I hope that he has overseas success if he gets the opportunity. Great player!

Maybe you don't know this but he was 6'2/3" as a senior. Cabrini was looking at him as a guard. Grew several inches before and while at Cabrini. Probably why he was overlooked.
Northeast Region / Re: Little East
« Last post by deiscanton on Today at 06:38:44 pm »
Little East semifinals-- North Dartmouth, MA

Final-- UMass Dartmouth 76, Eastern Conn St. 63

UMass Dartmouth is 1 win away from the Little East AQ. 
North Central leads Illinois Wesleyan at the half, 30-19.

As the score indicates, NCC is playing absolutely stifling defense. IWU is shooting only 21% from the field (7-33). Brady Rose is 1-11 for two points.
Central Region / Re: MBB: College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin
« Last post by iwu70 on Today at 06:36:56 pm »
At the half, NCC 30 IWU 19.  That's the most pathetic half of Titan basketball I've ever seen. 

Middle Atlantic Region / Re: Landmark Conference
« Last post by saratoga on Today at 06:34:30 pm »

And on the 23rd. day, they began to eat their young....

Let's get back to basketball.

Not everyone appreciates the same coach or broadcast team the same way.

In Boston, some loved Farrell, management didn't.
Some love Jerry Remy, others don't.

In New York, some thought Gerardi was a God, others thought he was the second coming of Satan.
Some love John Sterling, others despise him.

In Baltimore, some Believe in Buck, others want him out.
Some love Jim Palmer, others find him self serving.

Probably even some that didn't enjoy Keith Jackson or Vin Scully (hard as that is to believe).

It's ok, it's just one persons view.

Absolutely no reason to infer some horrible injustice has been done because of a different perspective.

On three, you guys need a bro-hug.

1, 2,  :o
Central Region / Re: WBB: College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin
« Last post by iwu70 on Today at 06:25:04 pm »
Warm congrats to all the All-CCIW honorees.  Of course, I'm very very happy about Ehresman.  Most deserving, IMHO.

On to the tournament.

Great Lakes Region / Re: MBB: Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association
« Last post by Bilk on Today at 06:07:07 pm »
-Yes, Pepsi is a sponsor. The Dew Crew receives more than enough Mountain Dew each year and a stipend for other things. Combined with T-shirt sales, the budget is used for things like giveaways and bus rides to away contests.
Calvin receives the same stipend from Pepsi. Those dollars have been been folded into the student life budget.
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