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General football / Re: Pool B
« Last post by Ralph Turner on Today at 08:53:46 pm »
Springfield 42, WPI 10 in the NEWMAC. 

UMHB, HSU, ETBU and SRSU all won in the ASC
General football / Re: TOP 25
« Last post by Ralph Turner on Today at 08:51:32 pm »
So Stout beats st thomas who beats st johns rather easily, dont care about the score game was not close and stout sits at 22 while the other 2 teams sit at 8 and 10.  HMMMMMMM.
We all do it when we consider ballots. It is legacy hold-over. The Tommies and Johnnies are known quantities. It would take a pretty big stumble for the Johnnies to fall much further.  In fact Platteville could be Stout by a TD and I will still keep Stout in the Top 25.

As for the Johnnies and Pool C, I need them to pick up another loss!
Men's soccer / Re: NESCAC
« Last post by Ommadawn on Today at 08:41:11 pm »
I should have watched the Bates game instead. Their results are so interesting...I have to confess that my curiosity is piqued.

I watched the Bates-Williams game today (until I lost the feed with 6 minutes left in the second OT!).  The squad sure has spunk, but does not seem quite up to the level of the upper echelon of the conference.  Williams with 10 players versus Bates with 11 players appeared to be an even match-up (and even with the man advantage, Bates was fortunate to earn the draw after facing numerous corners, free kicks, and long throws down the stretch). 
Men's soccer / Re: 2017 Great Lakes Region
« Last post by midwest on Today at 08:21:55 pm »
Has anyone seen Depauw play?  Both Wooster and Manchester beat them this weekend.
Will Josh Parks be playing this Saturday?

Depends on if he can get out of his lease.

I think we found our resident Skip Bayless. Always fun to use the non scholarship college kids to make a funny
Northeast Region / Re: MBB: Great Northeast Athletic Conference
« Last post by D3HoopJunkie on Today at 08:19:45 pm »
Understood! Thanks for the update Ryan!
Men's soccer / Re: 2017 Great Lakes Region
« Last post by bestfancle on Today at 08:19:08 pm »
What a game today.

Honestly, at times, JCU looked lost and out of it. That being said, there were other time where the team looked as if it could score at any minute. Both JCU and CMU had one shot that hit the bar. JCU also missed an open net with about 10 minutes left. This was pretty much as even as two teams could be, both keepers made some great saves as well. For a team like JCU to travel to CMU, in 90 degree heat, and get a tie is a good result for them.

CMU also looked great, particularly in the first half hour of the game. JCU couldn't really get anything started at the beginning.

Now moving on to that last play in regular time... I have never seen such a composed decision in a collegiate game before. I honestly believe that 99% of players are going to shoot the ball if it is at their feet, in the box, with 3 seconds left in the game. The one player for JCU had the composure to slide the ball over to the other side of the box to find Rozsits who put it away with 1 second left on the clock! Incredible!

JCU deserved to score, I believe they really outmatched CMU the last 10 minutes of regular time. I give credit to the coaches, they pulled out a lot of starters with 30 minutes left in the game to send them back in rested with 10 minutes left and apply pressure. JCU looked as if they would get a winner in OT until Lombardo got a (deserved) 2nd yellow. Although he got the first one from celebrating the tying goal (...dumb).

Both the teams looked great, and I expect them to compete nationally. As far as rankings go, I expect both teams to stay about the same; CMU might even rise a bit.
This post would be of little interest except for the recent thread concerning the treatment of relatively nonproductive seniors.

Middlebury's leading rusher against Bowdoin was senior RB Matt Cardew.  He lugged the ball 14 times for 74 yards.  His longest carry gained 13.  He also scored a touchdown.  Coming into this season his MC career numbers read 31 yards on 52 carries with a TD.  If you delete each season's longest gainer they become 30 yards on 28 carries.  Over three-plus seasons now he has put his body through the rigors and punishment of practice and training sessions while, no doubt, supplying team spirit on the sidelines and in the locker room with little to show for it.

Last season's leading ball carrier Diego Meritus is injured.  He is yet to play a down this season.  Freshman Peter Scibilia was the primary RB against Wesleyan although his 36 yards on 12 carries hardly stand out in the box score.   Watching his performance late in that game, however, when the Panthers had to stay on the ground to burn time off the clock, left me feeling confidant that if Meritus continues to be unavailable the team has a capable replacement.  Considering how he had been used against Wesleyan, I assumed that Scibilia would be the likely workhorse against Bowdoin, and it became obvious early on that Middlebury had a more run-oriented game plan than usual.  He wasn't.  He gained 23 yards on 5 carries on the Panthers' opening drive and that was it for him.   With a notably weak opponent it was decided to reward a senior who has stayed with the program despite earning virtually no fan recognition for his efforts.  Finally given a chance to be an important part of the offense, senior Matt Cardew quite literally seized the opportunity and ran with it. 8-)  Hats off to OC Dave Caputi and HC Bob Ritter. 
Thanks, Pat. Generally just curious if the Skip Bayless & Shannon Sharpes of the board use a real email or not.

You can't activate your registration without a real email.

You took the words out of my mouth.
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