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-It's early, but this team strikes me as having a higher ceiling than the 2016-17 brand of Calvin hoops.
I am inclined to agree.  Even in the games last week, but especially last night, it looked like the players this year are actually having fun.  The chemistry is much improved. Yes, several lapses did occur, but a much more cohesive team effort along with none of the "chippiness" seen in previous years. 
East Region football / Re: FB: Liberty League
« Last post by UfanBill on Today at 11:09:17 am »
Congratulations to the NYS D3 Football players who were selected for the CoSIDA All District All Academic team. Hobart and RPI have the most, 6 each.
To earn a spot on the Academic All-District team, a student-athlete must maintain a minimum 3.3 cumulative grade point average, be a starter or significant reserve and be at least a sophomore academically.

QB Shane Sweeney,          Hobart                   Sr. 3.47
RB Tristan Brown              Ithaca                    Sr. 3.50
WR Brad Garcia                Brockport               Sr. 3.34
WR John Ramsdell            RPI                        Sr. 3.74
TE Jacob Shinnick             Maritime                Sr. 3.54
OL Khari Demos               SJF                        Sr. 3.52
OL Jakob Grant                RPI                        So. 3.56
OL Alex Helm                  Hobart                    Sr. 3.60
OL Jon Kreisky                 Hartwick                Sr. 3.55
OL Stephen VanHoesen    Hobart                   Sr. 3.46
K Christian Kapp              RPI                        Sr. 3.45
DL Brandon Ball               Hobart                   Sr. 3.63
DL Diego Cuitino              RPI                        Sr. 3.33
DL John Hadac                 Ithaca                   So. 3.47
DL Alex West                   Brockport              So. 3.36
LB David Carroll               SJF                       Sr.  3.56
LB Oliver Kaija                 RPI                       Sr. 3.48
LB A.J. LiCata                  Alfred                    Sr. 3.62
DB Kai Brandford             Hobart                   Jr.  3.56
DB Rory McCarthy            RPI                       Sr. 3.74
DB Jake O'Connell            Brockport              Sr. 3.36
DB Jordan Schemm          Ithaca                   Sr. 3.60
P Rio Schmidt                  Hobart                   Sr. 3.52

This is really the most impressive list that the Liberty League produces.  Student Athlete is the rarest of breeds!

A HUGE congratulations to all these student athletes. They have my admiration. I'm not sure why Union is not represented on this list. Surely they had players that qualified(?) My speculation is that somehow the ball was dropped in submitting eligible candidates. maybe because Union is on a tri-mester grading system or the shakeup in the SID.
To see the complete list of CoSIDA Football Academic All Americans go to ...Some familiar names there.
Looks like yet another quality opponent for North Central this weekend.

Not many turnovers in the UWO portfolio, high passing efficiency and balanced attack. Could present a good test for the Cardinals.
General football / Re: 2017 Playoffs
« Last post by HScoach on Today at 11:07:26 am »
This week could have several lower seeded teams winning.  Wesley/ Brockport, Frostburg/W&J, NCC/Oshkosh, Linfield/UMHB, and Trine/Wartburg look like toss ups or games that the away team would not surprise if they won the game.  I think Del Val, Mount, and St. Thomas may get challenged but any of them losing would be considered a major upset.  This could be a fun week of mayhem in D3.

I'm 100% behind an upset of UWO.   I'd much rather have NCC coming to Mount in the semi's than traveling to Wisconsin to play in what could very well be single digits or worse with a team solely built on the strength of the WR corps.

And yes, I agree with your point that round 2 could be a lot more interesting this year than most.
The SCIAC has the second lowest admissions rate (behind the NEWMAC - thanks MIT), the fifth highest ACT (behind the LL, SAA, CC, and MWC) and the third highest SAT (behind the LL and MWC)

Most of that low rank is the 1-2 punch of CMS and Pomoma-Pitzer, though.


Despite CMS and PP pulling things up, five playoff teams still had a lower acceptance rate than the 'average' SCIAC school (Hopkins, W&L, CWRU, RPI, and W&J)

Six playoff schools had higher ACT scores (Hopkins, W&L, Case, RPI, Wheaton, Illinois Wesleyan). Those same six had higher SAT scores as well.
Then there's the idea of acceptance rates and test scores being hallmarks of education, anyway. Sometimes there's a disconnect between acceptance rate and the scores.

Whiie Wheaton would have made it to the table once IWU was selected, they, alas, did not get a ticket to dance.

Come on folks, you all are picking one of three major reasons the SCIAC will never routinely be on the national stage and the later of the three prime reasons. The almighty dollar is two of the reasons. Athletic programs do not have the support (I have been to many top 10 D3 programs)  and costs to attend these schools are crazy stupid, especially if you are white and upper middle away.... Money talks, bs walks. I have sent three kids to these schools, plus others in my family for the last 20 plus years. I love the conference and but a realist.

Admissions to Oxy and CU are tougher than the UC system criteria, and 90%+ of all UR kids would qualify for the UC system if it was not so impacted with foreign students. The only schools that are fairly achievable are Whittier, LV and CLU of which standards are still higher that state system.

Bottom line is these schools are tough for inner city kids to get into and expensive for the suburban kids, not the same formula as MHB or even LF.

General football / Re: 2017 Playoffs
« Last post by D3MAFAN on Today at 11:06:20 am »
This week could have several lower seeded teams winning.  Wesley/ Brockport, Frostburg/W&J, NCC/Oshkosh, Linfield/UMHB, and Trine/Wartburg look like toss ups or games that the away team would not surprise if they won the game.  I think Del Val, Mount, and St. Thomas may get challenged but any of them losing would be considered a major upset.  This could be a fun week of mayhem in D3.

I concur.
East Region football / Re: FB: Empire 8
« Last post by D3MAFAN on Today at 11:03:16 am »

Pep would say Ithaca, Hobart and Alfred, even with the hiccups, were certainly comparable if not better than the top teams Wesley faced all season long.

Your endless positivity is sometimes infectious, Pep, which I love you for. But the idea that the Liberty League's 4th place team is somehow comparable to the 7th ranked team in the country is pretty far-fetched.

I would say the LL/E8 are comparable to that of the NJAC. I think the E8/LL have better offenses, but the NJAC have better defenses. Coaching and Special teams will be the deciding factors.

Dude, stop being so perfectly literal. Obviously Pep isn't talking about Delaware Valley or Frostburg. He's talking the likes of Salisbury, Christopher Newport, Montclair, Kean, etc, none of which seem ridiculously overmatched this year. Looking at Frostburg's results, I wouldn't even put them too far ahead of the E8/LL pack.

I think the E8 and LL were both pretty strong on the top half this year, moreso than in year's past.
Northeast Region / Re: MBB: NESCAC
« Last post by PolarBear16 on Today at 11:02:59 am »
My only chance to get to a Bowdoin game this year was last night, and so I went up for the game. As Polbear73 said, it was a bit of a joke as UNE employed an offensive strategy of shooting threes as early in the shot clock as possible. Their defensive strategy was to allow Bowdoin as many wide open layups and threes as possible. I'm not a college coach, but it seemed a little bold. Bowdoin SID, Jim Caton, has put up a short highlight video of the game which concentrates in large part on some of Jack Bors' nice assists. Unfortunately, left off the highlight tape was a nice jam from Zavier Rucker at the end of the game which showcased what he can do. I'm biased, but I think Jim is one of the best SIDs around and an awesome guy on top of that.

Four observations
1. Tim Ahn is gone for good from the team (still at Bowdoin of course). While his loss hurts, point guard is probably the one position where the Polar Bears could afford it. Bors looks really good as the main guy, and Steven Ferraro is another tough nosed guy. I applaud Coach Gilbride for recruiting those tough Jersey guards, Bors and Ferraro.

2. Freshman Sam Grad is listed as a guard for whatever reason, but he is very much a center. UNE had no size, and Grad used great composure around the rim to finish almost every one of his shots. He finished 10-11 for 24 points in just 15 minutes. Between him and Hugh O'Neill, Bowdoin might be behind just Williams in terms of caliber of their centers. Having Grad will allow O'Neill to play his default 100 MPH style and not have to worry about fouls because Grad is more than capable of coming in and holding down the fort.

3. Bowdoin is fully capable on offense. What worries me going forward is how good the defense can be. There is no real perimeter stopper, though Bors certainly does battle out there and draws more than his fair share of charges. Zavier Rucker will probably be that guy who gets the best perimeter offensive player as the year goes on. I can't really say how good he is defensively from this one game, but it's something to keep an eye on.

4. It was cool at the end of the game to see big 6'11 freshman Andy Ward get in and score a basket. He is certainly a work in progress, and I don't think until his junior year can be counted on for too much. He did hit two free throws with a very good looking stroke for a big man so that is encouraging. I will say that while he is a large human being, he still isn't as big as John Swords is.

Bowdoin might still be a year away from making real noise, but given that almost all of their big contributors are still underclassmen, that's alright. I feel confident they are clearly better than Bates, Colby, and Conn College and I would be disappointed if the team didn't return to the NESCAC playoffs. Last note, it was fun to go back and watch a game in a NESCAC gym. I restrained myself from calling anyone on the other team a scrub, but I really really wanted to just for old times sake.
emma, you have seen your fair-share of championship teams, so I hope you're right. I understand that this Titan team is really good. I just tend to be a pessimist when it comes to my teams (that happens as a life-long Cubs fan). I agree that Hecker is the difference maker in this game. If he's healthy, the Titans will have a better chance to control the clock, keep the down and distance manageable, and follow the "pound the rock" blueprint established by UWW.

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Hail Titans!
what changes at bates and what about Bowdoin?
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