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North Region football / Re: North Region Fan Poll
« Last post by Ryan Stoppable on Today at 02:06:47 pm »
Sorry to interrupt the CCIW discussion (and I might be just a tad bit biased ;D), but I'm fascinated by the fact that Hope is ranked 10th while my Muskies can't even sniff a ballot. Surely a 2 point head to head loss at Hope doesn't show that much separation?
Men's soccer / Re: NESCAC
« Last post by Mr.Right on Today at 02:06:11 pm »

Colby at Hamilton----I cannot say enough how disappointed I was to see Hamilton play so bad in the 1st Half at Williams. 2nd Half was better but boy did they come out flat, uninterested and not willing to work hard for 90. That might have been the worst Half any Nescac team has played all year. For this game though I do not think that will happen again. They have looked much better at Home than on the Road this year and have the results to prove it. I think Nizzi needs to change his backline as they were awful yesterday. #17 Kastilahn and #11 Lichtman had games to forget. Both players had massive mistakes on both of Williams goals. Mistakes that 14 year olds would not make. The surprising thing is that both are seniors and should know better. The Hamilton recap is generous to say the least on its write-up stating bad bounces were the reason for the goal and in Lichtman's case not stating anything at all. That is Lichtman's 2nd game costing error this year as I believe he made a mistake to allow Tufts gamewinner as well.  I like the kid Harrington that Nizzi brings off the bench in midfield and he has the size to give the backline a shot IMO. Doubtful that Nizzi will change though as his starting lineup has been pretty consistent all year. On a more positive note #5 Chapman and #12 Wood had a nice combination to get a goal to bring them within 1 and Wood had a really good look at another chance as he was in 1v1 against Williams GK but hit it right at him. Hamilton is going to need someone besides Chapman and Wood to create and score goals. In 9 Nescac games those 2 are the only players with multiple goals and/or assists. Schmidt is a hard worker up top but for the amount of minutes he plays he needs to be more productive as he has 1G/0A in 9 Nescac games and has played I am guessing over 550 minutes up top. He has to produce up there to take some of the load off of Wood and Chapman. Colby who had played so well at Home v Amherst did not play nearly as well on the road at Bowdoin on Tuesday. They came out in the 1st Half flat and conceded late in the 1st Half on a nice individual effort by Bowdoin's Drake Byrd to set up a goal. He absolutely burned 2 Colby defenders in the box and played a nice ball to Schultz. Colby MUST tackle better and stay low and focused. Hamilton must win this game to clinch a Playoff spot as this is their last league game. They can do no better than 6th place but depending on this result look to be finishing #8 or #7. While they would love another chance at Tufts as I am sure they felt they played very well in that game I am not so sure they would fare well on Tufts turf so best to go get the #7 seed but a win will not guarantee avoiding the #8 seed as Colby has a game in hand and are a point better. This is one league matchup that I feel travel does affect the team that is travelling. Waterville to Clinton is a legit 8 hours and it should not be on the schedule this late in the year IMO. This trip with 16 hours of bus time could really affect Colby's next match v Bates as well.   
2-1 Hamilton

Bowdoin at Conn-----Big big game for both teams. You have Nescac seeding and Pool C aspirations on the line. Winner should get the #2 seed in the Nescac Playoffs. Since all the Nescac games this weekend are being played at the same time it will be impossible to watch all of them. I will skip this one as I am not a fan of Conn's stream and I am quite confident there will be no more than 1 goal in this game. It will be interesting to see if Wiercinski keeps the changes he made v Colby with Ward moving into a defensive midfielder role and the big Frosh Donlan at CB who played all 90 in the Colby game. I think he does as it was reasonably successful. I do not like breaking up my CB's late in October but with one of my best leaders in net I feel more comfortable doing it. Still a Frosh is a Frosh and one mental mistake could cost them especially in this game. He has not played much all year. #5 Byrd made a very successful return to the lineup as he created the winning goal v Colby. Conn will have had a full week off and that has given them time to work out some kinks and practice. Usually this time of year coaches do not go as hard in practice because you are trying not to tire your guys out and most teams are as fit as they ever will be almost 2 months into the season. Conn is 6-0-0 at Home and have only given up 2 goals an both of those goals were in garbage time in wins over Mitchell and Bates. Manoogian leads the team with 3 Nescac goals with Miranda getting 2 I am guessing on set pieces. Not sure what Lockwood's injury is but he has not played in nearly a month and they could really use him. I just see a definite stalemate here with neither team creating to many dangerous chances...0-0

Tufts at Williams---In my mind this is the pick of the weekend. Williams played its best Half of the year v Hamilton in the 1st Half and Tufts looked dominant in their 3-0 win at Keene St last night. Williams has played very well at Home all year almost looking like a different team than what you see on the road. Not one team that I have seen has tested Tufts backs and especially their GK's this year. In 8 Nescac games Tufts has 61 SOG with their opponents a measly 23 SOG. So teams are getting on average 3 SOG a game v Tufts. That is an incredible statistic especially in Nescac. IMO the wide field gives Williams a much needed advantage in this game but can they take it? Spread Tufts out and go at them. They will need to possess the ball better than they have against the better teams in the league if they want to generate some dangerous chances v Tufts. Sisco is starting to come on just at the right time as he knows this is it for his career and he wants to get his team into the NCAA's. Williams and Conn are 2 of the hardest working teams in Nescac. They will have to battle Tufts for all 90 and not make any silly mistakes. Senior Milan Jones makes me nervous at wingback for Williams as skilled fast strikers can get what they want against him. Amherst McMillian took him to school earlier in the year. I still think Tufts is beatable and their backline can be had on a good day. Tufts has been the most consistent and best team all year in Nescac  but I am still not convinced. With a win here Williams will punch a ticket to the NCAA's IMO plus they will be JACKED to play the reigning NCAA Champs and maybe just maybe they can slowly start to take back their role as the top dog in the league. 2-1 Williams OT

Middlebury at Bates----Midd has won 4 of its last 5 games all by the score of 1-0. Besides the trashing Tufts put on them they seem to have turned a corner defensively. A win here and a win at Home v Williams midweek should punch their NCAA ticket but they have been burned by the committee the last 2 years so they must advance in the Nescac quarters to feel safe. I still say this team besides Goulart and a couple others needs a total rebuild. Frankly they have not impressed me at all this year and are very beatable. Bates has been dangerous going forward and susceptible in the back all year. They MUST win their final 2 games to have a chance so this game could get stretched and be a wide open affair because Bates just cannot sit in here. They must limit the set pieces Middlebury gets because that is the only way I have seen Midd score all year. I think they take this game and rather easily. Just a hunch I suppose.
2-0 Bates

Wesleyan at Amherst-----No team has had more success against Amherst the past 4-5 years than Wesleyan. Last year they had a comfortable 2-0 lead on Amherst at Home with 5 minutes left and proceeded to lose 3-2 in OT. In 2015, Amherst pummeled them 5-0 at Amherst but they turned around and beat Amherst in one of the biggest upsets in Nescac Playoff history in the Quarters a week later 1-0. Amherst went on to win the NCAA Championship that year but Wesleyan gave them their only loss. In 2012, Amherst had their best team in its history. They dominated everyone that year. They finished 17-0-3 and even dominated Williams all 3 games but ultimately Williams advanced to the NCAA Final 4 in PK's over them. Williams did get 2 draws against them and Wesleyan got the other draw against them that year 1-1. So my point is throw the records out in this rivalry. This year a loss to Wesleyan could really damage Amherst Pool C chances especially if they lost in the Nescac Quarters. At 8-2-2 Amherst is not a complete lock just yet. Wesleyan has put themselves in a tough spot just to get into the Nescac Playoffs. Again a loss to Trinity really hurt. They must win 2 games over Amherst and Conn and hope Hamilton loses to Colby. I give all that happening maybe a 2% chance. They do own the tiebreaker with Bates but i do not think any of this matters. I honestly believe Wesleyan is better than their Nescac record(1-5-2) suggests and Amherst(4-2-2) is not quite as good as theirs. I do believe this will be a tightly played match. I just do not see how Wesleyan scores in this game though. Both teams need to shoot and test these GK's. 0-0
Colby Football-
Good post- agree completely with you and others who said letís get back to Football.
Central Region / Re: WBB: College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin
« Last post by RogK on Today at 02:05:22 pm »
Carroll has a flock of new players :
Among those not returning from last year's team are Morgan Lund and Caylee Koker, who accounted for 22 pts/g, 40% of the squad's average of 55. Those two accounted for 57% of the team's made FTs.
Somehow, the Pios need to get their scoring up to around 70 in order to be competitive in CCIW play. This will not be easy, especially if they keep their arms folded, as seen in all their roster photos.
North Region football / Re: FB: North Coast Athletic Conference
« Last post by sigma one on Today at 02:01:16 pm »
This Saturday may tell us a bit more.  Will Wabash regain some health?  In the wake (double meaning) of last week, will  there be an attempt to modify the offense?  The defense?  If the will is there, this should be a week to try some new things.  Toddling along as before will provide more information, even if Oberlin presents a more formidable opponent than they have the last two or three years.  I go back to Wabash being (only) an 8.5 point favorite on Plck Em.
     Whether or not we see the same kind of effort or performance, the result at Oberlin, unless it's a loss, won't tell us everything.  But that result might tell us if there is more or less to worry about.  The real tests will be in the two big games remaining.  And even the Allegheny game will figure into the equation.
       While hoping for an unlikely win, I could live with a competitive loss to the Old Tigers, a win in the Bell Game, and decisive wins vs. Oberlin and Allegheny.  I don't hold much hope at this point in the season that we are going to see a substantial turn around, but a good finish would help, though not alleviate, concerns about down the road.
     The Bell Game could be, will be the clincher.  Win and we will feel better.  Lose and . . .along with a loss to Witt, the drums will beat louder.     
I can't believe with less than 2 days until the 6th game of he season this board is filled with politics and personal parts. I bet it makes some of you yearn for the good ol' days when I was coach bashing. lol. Sorry, not happening. I've got my eye on Saturday hoping Colby will put up enough points to beat Hamilton. My guess is we'll need at least 3 TDs to pull it off. If we're 0-6 this time Sunday, and the offense keeps failing, all bets are off. But until then, Go Mules!!!
North Region football / Re: FB: Ohio Athletic Conference
« Last post by SaintsFAN on Today at 01:58:45 pm »
There's a reason they do that with Powell.  I don't know what it is, but my hunch is we may find out why at a later date against a better team.  They don't do random.  Everything has a purpose.

UMHB's best offense was QB-power plays in the Stagg Bowl against UW-O.  I agree 100% this is preparation for playoff football.
I joined this board a little over a year ago when my son was a freshman. Not knowing much about NESCAC football nor the traditions, I hoped to get some insight as to what makes this league so special and talk football with other like minded people.

Boy has this board spiraled into the toilet this year!
The constant bitching and denigrating by some of you has made this board an utter waste of time.

While many of you make believe that you are part of something special because you are either an alum or a parent, the attacks and negative commentary are incongruent with NESCAC values. Time to look in the mirror.

Wartburg fans are silent during Luther week? Worried about a potential losing streak to the Norse?  ;D

The only worry may be from the nausuea induced by that butt-ugly blue field...
Well, that escalated quickly!   It is proper decorum, manners if you will, to rise and doff your cap at the playing of the National Anthem.  I wasn't aware of innocent black civilians being routinely gunned down by law enforcement as a fact on record.  Perhaps you meant in Chicago neighborhoods?  Glad my children face no gunshot risk because of their skin color...hope the overseas enemy their facing daily got that memo too!  I think you might want to temper your vitriol, and tone down the hyperbole.
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