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BDB, you need to say it in Ice Bearese:

Ice Bear I BDB thought the same thing. I've BDB's got another one for you that happened several years ago when MUC won it all. The headline was something like "The Seniors Finally Get Their Ring" as if playing at Mount Union means that you for sure will get a ring and the seniors on that team almost missed out.
Maybe I'm BDB's not remembering that quite right but it has stuck with me BDB. This latest headline that Ice Bear is pointing out hit me BDB in a similar way.
Did you forget all the ****s?   :D

My first trip to Vegas was in the mid 60s? The casinos were relatively small. The names I remember are: Dunes, Sands, Riviera, Flamingo, Tropicana. The Mob ran them then and they were elegant. Lounge Shows were free and dinner shows were $5-10. The entertainment was top shelf and many would come out and play at the tables. Eartha Kitt put on the best show I was at. I remember Sarah Vaughan and Red Skelton were very good. Several years later Mrs. & I were driving there and the noise and smog hit us as we got into town. Mrs told me to turn around or drive through to Laughlin. Don Laughlin from Minnesota knew what he was doing. Those were the days.
My first Lounge Show. I was sitting at a bar waiting for a Johnnie buddy to show up. All of a sudden the curtain opens with Harry James and his band and Betty Grable.
Sorry to bore you youngsters


At least we have beer, ice fishing, beer, wrestling etc. Oz has to wait about three months for Aussie Rules.   ;D

Merry Christmas to all DIII football fans esp Pat who made it accessible to us. 

As the other 57 would say:

My Freshman year the MIAC football standings were:
SJU 5-1
Gustavus 5-1
Concordia 4-2
Macalester 4-2
Hamline 3-3
Duluth Branch 3-3
UST 2-4
Augsburg 1-5
St. Mary's 0-6

The Johnnie loss was to Duluth
We also lost to St. Cloud but beat S. Dakota

Ice Bear says if Bethel wins the TOP they will win the game...ok, maybe not. However, Ice says if Bethel wins the TOP, they will win the TOP and that, in itself, surpassess the importatnce of oxygen.

TOP feels like a the Boomer version (no idea if Ice is a boomer or not) of a participation ribbon.  ;D (no offense intended to Boomers, or their great grandparents…. aka 57)  8-)
Fixed that.

Region 6 football (Midwest and West-ish) / Re: MIAC in-game updates board
« on: November 26, 2022, 03:40:53 pm »
Time for magic!

Region 6 football (Midwest and West-ish) / Re: MIAC in-game updates board
« on: November 26, 2022, 12:55:19 pm »
Got it. Still do not like the helmet.

Region 6 football (Midwest and West-ish) / Re: MIAC in-game updates board
« on: November 26, 2022, 12:49:56 pm »
Has anybody tried the video yet?

Region 6 football (Midwest and West-ish) / Re: MIAC in-game updates board
« on: November 26, 2022, 11:37:13 am »
We expect 35 and sunny here in western Colorado at game time.


Game Day


Happy Thanksgiving y’all :)

Not football or beer but:
Just got notices from Fr. Tim that Johnnie Nation lost a couple of '57s recently:
Fr. Rene Tom McGraw OSB
Tom McCann
RIP Johnnies
57s are thinning out.

I think McMinnville has 8-10 weed shops. (I'm not counting though....)

That explains Bluenote.

Smooth Roots is my favorite. The others I have no idea.

Could someone give me a basic scouting report on Bethel? I believe Linfield is the underdog in this one.
Bethel is a good football team esp if Roste is healthy.
The biggest problem is hazzben. He knows almost as much about football as Prof. Irwin Corey. He will challenge the officials about anything. If you engage him the dialogue will go on for about two weeks. If you ignore him it will only be about a fortnight.
Have plenty of smooth roots on hand. :)

+k   :)

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