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Former Bowdoin Assistant Coach Jared Smith is the new safeties coach at Merrimack. Coach Sam Blank (from Choate, St. Lawrence) has been hired in his place. 

Not sure if this has been mentioned yet, but former Bates QB Brendan Costa has joined the Ephs coaching staff. He will be an asset in that QB room for Maimaron's successors.

Does anyone have a comprehensive list of players returning for their 5th year? So far, we know that Danny Banks (Wesleyan), David Estevez (Wesleyan), and Devante Reid (Trinity) have decided to come back. Any news on roster size limitations or expansion?

To your point Lumbercat... With Nate Richam and Andre Eden, Bowdoin has had two All-NESCAC running backs in the past few years. What Bowdoin has not had, until the third game last season, is a quarterback. It has been painfully obvious that opposing coaches first priority has been to stop the run, knowing that any combination of McCrum, Marcantano, and Stalccup was not a threat to push the ball downfield. With Boel at the helm, Bowdoin will finally have a more balanced attack. Backup quarterback Robbie Long is also talented and might push for reps in training camp. It's the first time in a long time that Bowdoin's offense will be in capable hands.

If Boel starts versus Hamilton in the first game of the season, Bowdoin probably wins that game. If the kicker had made a 27 yard field goal as time expired vs. Bates, Bowdoin would have won that game, too. As Bill Parcells once said, you are who are record says you are. No doubt 2-16 is not the start Hammer was hoping for. But there is reason for optimism in the program.

According to his twitter, it looks like Costa participated in the National Scouting Combine, not the NFL Combine: Great couple of days in Indianapolis at the @NSCombine, grateful for the chance to be able to showcase what I can do on the football field at a high level combine, doesn’t matter your division, if you can play you can play

Either way, we will be rooting for him. He is a hell of a quarterback and a tough competitor.

Long time visitor on this board, first time poster...

Nescacman, I take exception to your comments regarding Bowdoin's all-league selections. You said, "For what it’s worth, we think it a joke that Mid had 7 all-league performers (3-6), Tufts 6 (4-5), Hamilton 6 (2-7), and Bowdoin 4 (1-8)….Those selections deprived several far more worthy contributors on significantly better teams…"

My thoughts: All-NESCAC selections are individual awards, not based on team records. And with respect to Bowdoin's selections:

 1. Andre Eden was the best running back in the league. Period. End of story.
 2. Drew Ortiz led the NESCAC with 12.5 tackles for loss, was fifth in sacks with 5.5, and had 49 total tackles. He probably should have been selected first team over James Ball from Hamilton who, by comparison, had 47 total tackles, 7.5 tackles for loss, and 2 sacks.
 3. Bo Millett was a solid tight end (26 catches, 243 yards, 1 TD) and very effective blocking for Eden in the run game. The only other tight end in the league who is comparable from a statistical standpoint is Jack Barrett from Trinity (23 catches, 209 yards, 4 TD's).

Admittedly, I don't know why Pat Watson was not selected. But I certainly don't believe that the selection of Eden, Ortiz, and Millett is somehow a joke.

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