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Plattsburgh Women’s Aium
« on: September 29, 2021, 08:44:00 am »
Midwest/CCIW,  guy here where D3Land doesn’t contain many hockey teams.
Wife, unfortunately, just spent 3 days in Edward Hospital in Naperville, IL—home to 2019 National Football Champion North Central College. One day her nurse observed my NCC Basketball shirt and questioned me about it. I inquired as to where she went to school, and she said she went to Plattsburgh (she was surprised I knew where it is) where she played hockey while majoring in Nursing. Turns out the young nurse is Abby Brush who played at Plattsburgh from 2017-2020, losing what would have been her senior season in 2020-2021 to the Coronavirus pandemic. Possibly someone who reads this might remember her. Looks like she was a pretty good player. 🏒  8-)
So young hero, ask yourself……………………….Do you want to go to college, get a good education, and play (basketball)(football), or do you want to go to college, get a good education, and watch (basketball)(football)? 🤔 😏

Don’t surround yourself with yourself. 🧍🏼‍♂️(Yes)