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South Region football / Re: FB: American Southwest Conference
« Last post by DFWCrufan on Today at 06:12:21 pm »
TLU has a good write up on the Southern Section

Hey TLU fans. can we possibly interest you in sending Grona our way? I really liked what he did at ETBU, he looked like he would fit into a UMHB O line...(Jus joshin ya!)

No really grona as a QB looked pretty solid.
Men's soccer / Re: 2017 Great Lakes Region
« Last post by bestfancle on Today at 06:04:34 pm »

The first of the Regional Rankings comes out Wednesday. For the most part the rankings aren't going to be a shock to most teams except those with weak SoS.  We saw last year what happened to Kenyon in the first rankings - first place in the coach's poll and 7th, I believe, in the first regional.  If past form holds true the top 8 teams, ranked, could be JCU, CMU, Kenyon, OWU,TM, Otterbein - and then Capital, ONU Dension - you pick.  I would not be surprised if Otterbein falls lower than 6th.  Transy may make the top 8 - history says they won't.  I don't believe Tuesday's results will impact the rankings - please let me know if this is not correct.

Regional rankings do not include yesterday's games. Surprised Berg is as high as they are - same for OWU's omission.  OAC teams have good Pool C chances - JCU and Otterbein in the best positions as of these rankings. Bein has a real chance to go undefeated - their last two away games will be tricky.  Capital has JCU and Berg coming up - which will give them 5 games against the top 8 regional competitors.  They'd have to win out and win at least two tourney games to get Pool C consideration IMO.

As I stated Transy's poor SoS (.494) leaves them no room for faltering - it's AQ or bust for them.

1      John Carroll      12-1-1      12-1-1
2   Kenyon              10-2-2      10-2-2
3   Carnegie Mellon      9-3-1      9-3-1
4   Otterbein              11-2-0      11-2-0
5   Heidelberg              9-2-1      9-2-1
6   Thomas More      9-4-1      9-4-1
7   Capital              9-5-0      9-5-0
8   Ohio Northern      9-5-1      9-5-1

I think JCU keeps that #1 spot, even with the loss to Otterbein, but I'm not sure. I think you're right that Bein and JCU could get Pool C bids. JCU needs to win out (to the OAC Championship game) to ensure a Pool C bid. Otterbien is similar, but I think they need to win the OAC Championship.
Men's soccer / Re: Mid-Atlantic Region
« Last post by Flying Weasel on Today at 05:55:42 pm »
Haverford with highest SOS in the region.
Women's soccer / Re: D3 Women's Soccer 2017 Season
« Last post by 2xfaux on Today at 05:52:45 pm »
Do any of you folks know where final four is this year? 
Well, only one person "came up with" Hartford State - so does that mean everyone else who uses it gets a pass?  You don't have to coin the phrase to be guilty of using it.  I normally ignore bullying because they like it so much better when they know they hit their mark - just saying that is is disrespectful (and to me it seems an awful lot like being a poor loser).

Just to clarify, there is a big difference between "being" and "having" so Mrs. Polarcat, as far as I know, doesn't kiss and tell...

For the record, I love your style. And when the punches start flying, I'd take you covering my back anytime.

Thank you Colbyfootball - I would be happy to have your back - I like to think of the Nescac as one big happy family.  I was in line at Costco in Dedham 2 summers ago and a trio of big handsome boys in Colby shirts ended up behind me in line.  I had already spoken to them in the store and determined that they all played on the football team - told them my son played for Trinity etc... they were such nice polite kids.  As I was checking out I threw a giftcard in my order and when I was done turned around and offered it to them - told them to return the favor to a college kid someday once they were out - they ended up looking up my son on facebook and sending him a friend request.  I invited them to our tailgate (the game that year was in Hartford) but they never showed.  I would have loved to have fed them!
Long a fan of the NESCAC boards, but only an occasional poster. Much enjoyment.

Sad to see this board recently devolve into the type of anger that populates much of the rest of social media in the good old USA, circa 2017.

Hear! Hear!
Great Lakes Region / Re: MBB: Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association
« Last post by wiz on Today at 05:44:51 pm »
No transfers to speak of?

Sac informed me (and I confirmed with another) that Pete Smith transferred to Trine to play with his younger brother, Joe.

As reportedly did Tom Morrison (transfer, that is), Pete's HS teammate and Hope JVer last year...however, Tom's destination seems to be a tad farther from home, in the form of a new maroon-and-gold-tinged East Beltline zip code.
Ahh, so there was some Calvin recruiting in Indiana.  Good to hear.
Men's soccer / Re: 2017 Season - National Perspective
« Last post by Flying Weasel on Today at 05:44:04 pm »
Men's Regional Rankings are out:

How Calvin ranks fourth in the Central region is beyond my comprehension.

Strength of Schedule.  Strength of Schedule.  Strength of Schedule.

The committee likes Strength of Schedule.
Men's soccer / Re: 2017 Season - National Perspective
« Last post by Falconer on Today at 05:40:36 pm »
Men's Regional Rankings are out:

How Calvin ranks fourth in the Central region is beyond my comprehension. I know, I know, SOS is everything, but sometimes the numbers just don't tell the full truth, do they? No way any of those teams beats Calvin on a neutral, dry grass pitch. Chicago would give them a good game, perhaps, but this it nuts.
North Region football / Re: FB: Ohio Athletic Conference
« Last post by WRMUalum13 on Today at 05:39:45 pm »
Speaking of QBs was anyone else confused when Robert Powell randomly came in for a series in the 2nd quarter last week. Was Fulford having equipment issues or something?

Powell isn't the backup QB.  He's the wildcat QB.  He's come in a few times during the first half of games.  Powell comes in and its time to run the football

Thatís interesting thanks for the info Merle. It seems a bit redundant to have a wildcat package in a zone read offense with an already mobile qb though doesnít it? I know Powell is faster but switching from a mobile qb to a slightly more mobile qb doesnít seem like it should affect the defensive scheme a whole lot
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