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Lacrosse, track, cross country, softball / Re: Division III Golf
« Last post by CollegeGolf18 on Today at 03:46:33 pm »
I do have a waning interest. I played D3 golf. It was a fun experience.
Multi-Regional Topics / Re: MBB: University Athletic Association
« Last post by WUPHF on Today at 03:27:17 pm »
UAA Sundays indeed!  Interesting point about the points off turnovers.  Not something I would have expected to be a concern with this team.

It is too early to talk standings as Rochester and Case Western Reserve had to postpone until tomorrow, however if we assume a Rochester win, we have an five-way tie for second...

Chicago 4-1
Brandeis 3-2
Carnegie Mellon 3-2
Emory 3-2
Rochester 3-2
Washington University 3-2

Chicago has a one game lead with Case Western Reserve and Carnegie Mellon coming to town next weekend.  Chicago still has to play everyone else on the road except for Brandeis.

Emory, Carnegie Mellon and Rochester have two road losses, but the Tartans and Yellowjackets have to go on the road to end the season.

Washington University and Brandeis both have one home and one road loss.
Central Region / Re: MBB: College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin
« Last post by AndOne on Today at 02:39:31 pm »
Per Massey, IWU has played the toughest schedule of any of the 400+ teams in NCAA Division III.

Itís impressive that they have challenged themselves in such a competitive manner. However, with 7 losses, they have put themselves in a position where it seems a couple more losses could well prevent them from receiving an invitation to the Big Dance.
Alb Mag
Con WI

Con Tex
The way Point played at RF, they looked unbeatable. They must have been at their best that night.

Hats off to Julian Jackson, jr., as he erupted for 29 points, 13 rebounds (10 offensive) on 12/21 shooting in 29 minutes. He had his best game as a Falcon and was the best player on the floor.
Central Region / Re: MBB: St. Louis Intercollegiate Athletic Conference
« Last post by hopefan on Today at 02:33:10 pm »
hopefan's SLIAC Player of the Week?

I must give in... Two played so well, I must have Co-Players of the week... neither Rod Etienne nor Clark Davidson can fairly be denied

Etienne - Webster   2 teriffic wins...61 points, 28 for 42 from the field. 17 rebounds, 9 assists

Davidson - Principia  huge upset over Blackburn, a single handed effort against Spalding... 46 points, 16 for 25 from the field, 8 for 10 from the line, 30 rebounds

and this looks past Nigel Wilcox, who probably deserved a portion of the pie with 49 points, 26 bounds!!!
So far we are a combined 58-59 with only the Millsaps vs. Sewanee game remaining. 10 of us chose Sewanee. What has the worst record so far this year? Hoping Millsaps can pull off the W and move us to a 61-69 record for the week!

Magic currently leading the week at 6-3 and Smeds is bringing up the rear at 3-6. The remaining 11 of us are either at 5-4 or 4-5.
Middle Atlantic Region / Re: Landmark Conference
« Last post by Rofrog on Today at 01:57:52 pm »
Yes it happened at about 1.14 on video.It was about a walk on Warhiftig.His anger came out he had enough of this beat down.Then the next play if you watch Juniata player walks(Gracie)it was funny.
Multi-Regional Topics / Re: MBB: University Athletic Association
« Last post by jaybird44 on Today at 01:55:37 pm »
So much for my random notes regarding WashU's offense, LOL!  One note held up today...WashU is now 6-0 when gathering 40 or more rebounds, with an even 40 today.

Didn't expect a dig-the-trenches defensive struggle on both sides.  Fortunately WashU was up to that challenge, holding Brandeis to 36% shooting for the game and 12.5% in the second half from beyond the arc.

WUPHF, I feel your frustration on lost rebounds, and I am also concerned about the Bears' inability to cash in opponent turnovers at an ideal exchange rate.  Ideally, a team should aim to get between 1.0-1.25 points per opponent turnovers, and anything at 1.5 and over is nirvana.  WashU is far below that, getting only 0.6 points per turnover today (6 points from 10 Brandeis turnovers).  It has been a nagging trend that might bite the Bears in the backside, deeper into the UAA slate.

Other than that, I will defer to the sage WashU Assistant Athletic Director for Communications, Chris Mitchell.  I was late joining the Brandeis broadcast, and I asked Chris how did we get into a defensive struggle today?  I was expecting an in-depth breakdown, but Chris just texted, "It's Sunday, Jay, in the UAA".

Truer words were never spoken...
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