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Pro ball / Re: MLB Topics
« Last post by Mr. Ypsi on Today at 12:41:17 am »
A very elementary question for whomever:

What is the difference between a two-seam and four-seam fastball?  Based on the names, I assume there is a difference in grip, but what is the difference (real or perceived) in the behavior of the ball?  Some pitchers throw only one or the other, but many go back and forth, so I assume they at least believe the ball acts differently.

(BTW, Joey Gallo had both a double and a HR in tonight's game, so he now has 35 HRs and 36 hits of every other shade!)
Great Lakes Region / Re: MBB: Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association
« Last post by sac on Today at 12:08:38 am »
Can't remember if this was posted,  Kzoo schedule   

What is going on with MIAA basketball dates that's causing a simple double round robin  to have 5 away games and 5 home games in each half of the rotation.  Unless dates are being changed for scheduling conflicts this shouldn't be happening.
but the question is can they cover

In previous games with LINFIELD that would be a problem.

If you've noticed, the LINFIELD posters have been rather silent (perhaps you did not know they usually aren't) because we really don't know what to expect. We've shuffled the whole deck and haven't seen our cards. If you looked at the pre-season All-America team you did not see one (1) name from LINFIELD -  a rare occurrence. Chapman does have a fellow named.

Trust the the WILDCATS will not be looking past Chapman to the following game with #1 Mary Hardin Baylor.
Multi-Regional Topics / Re: Top 25 talk
« Last post by Red and black on Yesterday at 11:25:55 pm »

I think when you base an analysis of something current on "how they finished last year," you might need to differentiate between how they finished with regard to what their total record was and how they fonished playing at the end of the year. North Central finished 18-11. Not that impressive overall. However, to only consider those numbers in assessing this season's team is, I believe, a bit shortsighted. Because equally important is how they finished playing near the end of the year. And, in NCC's case, they were playing some of their best basketball at season's end. Over the last 12 games they finished 9-3 with the 3 losses being a 6 point overtime loss to the national champion runner up (Augie), a 4 point overtime loss to the CCIW tourney #1 seed (Carthage), and a 1 point loss to Elite Eight member Hanover. Incidentally, they beat both Carthage and Augie in the conference tourney.
So, if you're asking if last year's record should be the primary factor in this year's assessment, my answers is no. I think how they were actually playing over the final part of the season is more important than their final record.

Lastly, just to be clear. There is no way in hell I was suggesting NCC should be the pre-season #1-3 team.
I agree with you that 4-7 is about right. The main thing is that, given the last time they played NCC won, the Cardinals shouldn't be more than one or two spots behind wherever Augie is placed.

Based off of this post, where do you have carthage?  As you referenced they were the CCIW #1 seed. Have majority of key contributors back and as you pointed out is important, had a very successful finish to the year. They went 7-1 in the back half of the CCIW round robin Including wins vs Augie and their 2nd win against north central.

I could see north central 4-7 as well, but you would have to really convince me how they could be far ahead of Carthage.
South Region football / Re: FB: Old Dominion Athletic Conference
« Last post by HSCTiger fan on Yesterday at 11:15:05 pm »
Listen to Marty's ODAC interview--he references 2006 and the decade that followed. Might turn out were 2016 will be the same.
At least 1 ODAC coach thinks your Tigers has what it takes this year. Plot twist: it was Pedro.

Pedro would not vote HSC first if only HSC and RMC were in the conference.  He's got a "love to hate HSC" illness.
West Region football / Re: FB: Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference
« Last post by repete on Yesterday at 10:51:58 pm »
Thanks, AO.

A friend suggested just trying to buy tickets on game day outside the field, but this event is unique enough I wonder if that will be much of an option.
Multi-Regional Topics / Re: Top 25 talk
« Last post by WUH on Yesterday at 10:49:59 pm »
[...] I don't know if they are likely to be quite THAT good but there is no other obvious better choice really, then maybe North Central, Marietta, Hanover, Whitewater, Eau-Claire, Christopher Newport, Tufts, Babson, Ramapo, Swarthmore, something along those lines.  I'm sure I am forgetting a few teams with top-10 caliber groups returning. 

I was looking at Tufts recently as they are coming to St. Louis for a possible match-up with Washington University.  They are losing two seniors that started nearly ever game and scored in double figures, but have a lot of rising seniors who either started or play off the bench.  If you do not mind me asking: what am I missing on the stat sheet?
General football / Re: Shirts, and stickers and decals oh my!
« Last post by gordonmann on Yesterday at 10:37:04 pm »
Saw a Puget Sound t-shirt on a very young boy at a rest stop outside Reading, PA. He came a long way for that candy bar at the rest stop!
South Region football / Re: FB: American Southwest Conference
« Last post by D O.C. on Yesterday at 09:55:24 pm »
Everythingís bigger in Texas, including the pool of schools competing for best-in-state. The shocking winner: The University of Mary Hardin-Baylor, which has played 234 games of Division III football and won 84% of them. Thatís easily the best win percentage in the whole country. Go Crusaders!
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