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Men's soccer / Re: Conference Playing Styles?
« Last post by D3soccerwatcher on Yesterday at 11:58:24 pm »
When talking about teams who are absolutely committed year in and year out (and decade in and decade out) to possession soccer that relies on quick ball circulation and savvy tactical awareness supported by keen technical skill - there is none better than Messiah in all of D3 and perhaps in all divisions.  I would venture to guess that going back even as far as to 2000, there have been very few games where Messiah has ever been "out-possessed".
South Region football / Re: FB: American Southwest Conference
« Last post by D O.C. on Yesterday at 11:54:26 pm »

Boy, Wildcat11 and Hawks88 may be sorry teaching me how to image.

Any CRU ticketed for McMinnville yet?
Men's soccer / Re: Conference Playing Styles?
« Last post by Clotpoll on Yesterday at 11:28:09 pm »
I think that game ended in a tie and SLU lost in penalties, but as I said earlier, I have nothing but respect for Amherst and any championship program who climbed that mountain regardless of style.


Regardless of style of play, this game will ALWAYS be 10% physical and 90% mental.


Ours is a thinking mans game.

Thanks, StL. However, I believe we'll have turned a big corner when the Amherst style of play becomes objectionable to players, coaches and fans. We must be pretty close to that, since Amherst players themselves have a parody blog that lampoons their 'direct' style of play.

I have a few ideas as to how NCAA D3 teams can transition to a more modern version of the game and will share them as we get close to the season.
North Region football / Re: FB: Ohio Athletic Conference
« Last post by mr_mom on Yesterday at 11:27:39 pm »
Decided I'm going to spam every conference board with my preseason (non-returning-starter-adjusted) projections.

I don't know how controversial this will be on this board, but I firmly believe that Mount Union was a better team than JCU last season, and it took a considerable amount of luck for John Carroll to pull off the win. Given that, and their 4-year regression, Mount is a pretty heavy favorite for next season. Baldwin-Wallace is inevitably going to have a rebound season this year, even if they do only go 5-5--it took a lot of bad luck last year for them to lose 7 games--and Wilmington probably isn't going to win any conference games.

Sorry, a bit late in responding as I only log in a couple times in the Summer.  Fellow math junkie Hansen, spam as much as you want ... most of these tree-swingers don't give a crap about numbers.  They grab rumors, they spy on practices, they are tighter to the teams than we are.  It is a weird partnership.  And we are dependent upon them.  But all aiming for the same target.
Men's soccer / Re: Conference Playing Styles?
« Last post by Clotpoll on Yesterday at 11:00:11 pm »
I am somewhat amused to read the generalities in this thread from parents of college freshmen who are now experts on 99.9% of all college soccer being played.  I suppose it is all relative, but their are many teams in New England that play possession-oriented soccer.  Of course there are also many examples of teams playing kickball (I am uncomfortable with "jungle ball" not knowing if there is a similar racial connotation in soccer as when it is used in basketball).  There are precious few soccer teams in the world at any level that play "total football", so it is an unfair criticism of the college game that teams fail to meet that lofty standard.

Anyone who's paying close to a quarter mil for an education and/or cosigning student debt paper counts as a d3 soccer expert, in my opinion. Any parent who doesn't make himself an expert? Well...caveat emptor. And one of the caveats we all learn early on is that every NCAA coach- nationwide- claims to play "possession" soccer. Where the rubber meets the road is how well teams can do it under game pressure against waves of fresh defenders. And in that situation, every single team- all three divisions- is woefully lacking.

I'm a 40-year player, coach and club official. I played in an era where some schools brought over drunken, stupid English slobs from pro academies to play old school, direct English football. Many never went to class and returned to England within a year. However, the same kind of mindless, physical longballing that won 40 years ago wins today.

Now, compare that with the changing realities of today's game:

1. Jungleballing is the antithesis of the global gold standard. Young players have unprecedented tv access to countless European games in which old-school scrumball is the target of derision.
2. Direct, old-school football isn't being taught in the top ECNL and USSDA clubs that feed D3.
3. Pass/possess football is actually simpler to coach than scrumball...IF the coach is schooled in it.
4. Pass/possess football is simple, but not easy. It's high-risk, high-reward.
5. There is coaching talent gravitating toward the college game that understands you can't out-Amherst an Amherst to win a championship.
6. Because of all of the above, the dominant style in NCAA soccer will change. The only question is when.
West Region football / Re: FB: Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference
« Last post by OzJohnnie on Yesterday at 10:37:24 pm »
I won't drink anything people think you should add fruit or candy to, except for a slice of lime in a gin & tonic. No zima. No corona. And no poofters.
Homemade infusion

I was just about to moderate my declaration and say that citrus fruits are the exception to my fruit drink rule but the citrus is always in moderation.

But then I click that link and see bacon infused vodka.  Bacon?  I love bacon but it's over exposed. It's everywhere. In everything. It's like a great song that has been played on the radio too many times and now you're sick of it.

I'm expanding my exclusion. Any alcoholic drink that people add non-citrus fruit to, or candy, or BACON!!! is off my list.
Men's soccer / Re: Liberty League
« Last post by Saint of Old on Yesterday at 08:34:17 pm »
Oh yes.
That trend needed to be broken.
Big year for the program.
With Ithaca in the mix it wont get any easier in the conference, but with a good non conference schedule and a few good men coming in, hopefully we will be able to compete in a strong conference with Vassar, Hobart, a recently strong Skidmore squad, the ever dangerous RPI and an up and coming Union squad who should be much improved.
Men's soccer / Re: Conference Playing Styles?
« Last post by Saint of Old on Yesterday at 08:26:11 pm »
Saint, at the risk of boiling your blood, I'd submit that no team in the US- including professional- plays anywhere near the Cruyff/Michels ideal of Total Football. That takes years- maybe even over a decade- of choreographed, repetitive and emotionally challenging rehearsal that incorporates complete physical, emotional and intellectual commitment from a tight-knit group of players. That simply doesn't happen in the US, although Brian Kleiban and Joey Cascio seem to have groups that are well along that path and progressing nicely.

As for StL, I've watched them less over the years, simply because I can't stand the way most of their Liberty League opponents play. I am, however, very familiar with Bednarsky, the one guy I'd say you had in the last few years who's one of the rare gifted tactical players at the D3 level. Any other country on the planet, he's a pro player right now.

I watched the Amherst loss, and honestly, I thought StL didn't have the tactical nous across 11 players to see off Amherst. There were long stretches of play where StL jungle balled with Amherst (which is 100% not what you want to do), and it precluded what should've been an easy victory in regulation. At the elite level, a team like Amherst should lose to any tactically-superior side 90 times out of 100 in a playoff or championship setting.

Not at all my Brother.
And welcome to the pre pre season banter!
I love the disagreement, that is what makes this fun on here :)
Perhaps I should be a bit clearer.

I am talking only on a relative basis.
For example, I really think that in the D3 world, Saints have been playing possession soccer since 1990 non stop.
Now "Total Football" is just a term used to describe possession oriented football, in no way (even with my very strong bias) would I compare the Saint program to Ajax or the powerful Dutch teams of 74 and 78.

I will say Ali Montacer '01 is perhaps the closest thing to Cryuff d3 has seen, not because he is a three time all American who led the team in scoring from the #6 position, but because his nick name "Smooth" described an seemingly effortless style.

Your point about Amherst is well taken.
I think that game ended in a tie and SLU lost in penalties, but as I said earlier, I have nothing but respect for Amherst and any championship program who climbed that mountain regardless of style.

I do think there are programs that strive to play soccer in a lets call it a "Complete Football" way.
meaning mostly a passing game that relies on skill and one v one ability moreso than strength and power.
Messiah does this as well, and more recently Calvin and Haverford come to mind as well.

I think this has more to do with the coach than anything else.

Agreed on Bednarsky by the way.
A great Saint who will have an amazing career as a college soccer coach in the future.

I have come to believe that no style is "right".
I am a big admirer of Tufts and the way they play and also the storied Williams program under Russo was perhaps one of the most underrated dynasties in D3 history.

The great thing about our game is the constant evolution that happens.

Regardless of style of play, this game will ALWAYS be 10% physical and 90% mental.

Ours is a thinking mans game.
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