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Gosh, is it possible that Chapman might go down to Belton and have a better loss than the maroon and gray did last year?
Too funny +k
Gosh, is it possible that Chapman might go down to Belton and have a better loss than the maroon and gray did last year?
too much can still happen DOC—aren’t you the one who called it the SCIAC circus?  My money is on Oxy!  ;D

North Region football / Re: FB: Ohio Athletic Conference
« Last post by desertraider on Today at 09:47:49 pm »
I know the stats for Fuhlford look great on paper however, have any of you been watching replays of the game or film at all?  He continually throws into double coverage with receivers wide open underneath.  Perfect example was this past weekend when he forced a long ball to Hill (3rd time this year). The play ended up being PI but there was a receiver wide open down the seam underneath.  Any other team this was an interception. Against Heidelberg someone made the comment "did you see that throw to Hill in the corner of the end zone?"  Did you I ask? Both defenders literally stood there and watched Hill catch the ball.  All they had to do was stretch out their arms and either one would have knocked it down. They move their feet it's an interception.  The kid has incredible talent to throw the ball and run.  Please do not make the mistake he can read a defense. He is throwing where he is told to and when he needs to find another option he finds an open receiver as they are these receivers are always open.  You can say you worry about the RBs, the line, the secondary...this QB worries me once we play a team with a real secondary.

Yes. yes I did. If you look at the pass and Hill - ignore the DBs they are irrelevant. Why? Because Hill is on the sideline, the ball is front side - th DBs are behind him. Could it have been knocked away by a better D - yep. Could it have been picked - NOPE. He threw to the only spot where his guy is the only guy that is getting it. Same for the long ball. It was over top the coverage - it wasn't getting picked. Could he have had a completion to an under route probably. Does it mean he isn't a good QB cause he missed him? Hell to the no. Cleveland pays a QB a few million to miss guys all the time. That play had 5 options to throw. Hill was not first option. He checked Ruth and Friss and went long - Hill had a step. He is 20 and went for the homerun...seems logical to me.

I would be more concerend if he was throwing across the middle late, into double/triple coverage to the wrong side of the WR/ going long into coverage and missing short. Your assumption that he can't read a defense is spoken like a true never was. Watch his pre-snap adjustments. Is it the play call - sure. Its college and he aint drawing it up in the dirt. But watch him point out pressure pre-snap, or move the sidecar opposite side - not all of that is the play call. He has to see the pressure and adjust to their adjustment.

Oh and be careful with the "any other team". So far it has been 6 other teams and he has no picks against what 27 TDs? He will throw one before its done - but they all do eventually.
As far as division 3 football...gotta be the most impressive win of the season so far.

Maybe not...anything can happen in rivalry games.
Gosh, is it possible that Chapman might go down to Belton and have a better loss than the maroon and gray did last year?
Wheaton must be really kicking themselves for losing to Millikin in the last minute.  Otherwise, they just won the AQ if NCC/IWU/Wheaton had all finished 7-1.  But at 8-2 (overall), they are virtually dead-meat.  Kind of a shame - if we had the D1 selection process, they would probably be in the post-season (two last minute losses to solid teams and a blowout of a then top-4 team), but by the D3 criteria I just can't see that they have any realistic chance at all.
West Region football / Re: FB: Northwest Conference
« Last post by George Thompson on Today at 09:21:27 pm »
"Props must be given to that quitter Jay Locey. L&C looked quasi competent for the first time in decades and actually had a few dudes."

Jay Locey is a great coach!!    He won a national football championship for the Wildcats.    How many other coaches can claim that?  Only one.

He had an opportunity at Division I and took it.   It did not work out, but how many of us have not made at least one bad career change?   I can count at least 3 in me.

I will always be a big fan of Jay Locey and hope he succeeds at L&C.    A tough, tough task, but my money is on Locey.    In two years, I expect them to win five or six games.

George Thompson
West Region football / Re: FB: Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference
« Last post by AO on Today at 09:18:11 pm »

So if UST wins the MIAC, Concordia finishes 9-1 and gets a Pool C spot, and SJU finishes 8-2, do you think there's any chance SJU lands a Pool C spot?

No way.  Strength of schedule would hurt them 98 times over, and no wins over a regionally ranked opponent.
Scholastica helps SJU's strength of schedule.  If they had played Eau Claire instead of Scholastica they might struggle to get in at 9-1.
Great Lakes Region / Re: MBB: Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association
« Last post by sac on Today at 09:15:48 pm »
Refresh my memory, was Riley Lewis injured last year and granted a medical redshirt or is listing him as a freshman again just a mistype?

mistype, he is a Soph. (fixed)
Looks like some tough sledding for Webster this year. Wow.
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