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Central Region / Re: MBB: St. Louis Intercollegiate Athletic Conference
« Last post by hopefan on Today at 05:11:26 am »
Greenville and Webster have one major hope... that the level of play across the conference will be at such a "low' level that it will be possible for a team comprised mostly of freshmen and/or jc transfers to still be competitive....I'm not sure that too many teams in the SLIAC this year are going to be strong enough to blow another team out, though the system can present a double whammy of giving up points by not pressuring the ball well enough,
 combined with not scoring due to poor shooting.  Their is no question that decent shooting will have to come mostly from new faces at Greenville....
East Region football / Re: FB: Liberty League
« Last post by Bombers798891 on Today at 05:04:13 am »'re the one that brought up the SOS argument. Thanks for agreeing that "all I say is true". +k...I commend you for your LL predictions. They're much better than Bombers.

It's so much fun to have UNION in the mix...Let's GO U

What a random criticism of a set of four predictions done for fun and to spark discussion on a discussion board.

How the heck does a kid "transfer in from a prep school'???   Do you understand the process? They apply the same as your child did.  And "boys will be boys" is a lame-ass excuse.   That picture reflects the character of the coaching staff, not to mention the inexcusable passing td late in the game.  The fact that Devaney tried to concoct some explanation speaks for itself.
Yep, you were in a tough spot in regards to the fan.  You're a youngster and and that may have played a part (your respect for elders). 

I'm not for the knee.  But I'm definitely not into unruly behavior.  I wish I was there to help you "cool" that guys non NESCAC behavior.   

But again this speaks to America.  It was allowed to carry on even though folks around him knew it was wrong.   Smh
Been out of town for the past few days...

Made the drive up to VT to watch my Midd boys play. Gotta give it to the young QB from Williams. Kid is a star. Congrats to the Ephs on a hard fought win. I'm sure they felt revenge from losing to Midd 23-20 OT in 2014.

Westcoastdad...Not going to blame a loss on the refs. There were calls that went both ways. Pretty much balanced out. That looked like a sack from where I was sitting, but Midd benefitted from plenty of calls. They had other opportunities to end the game and didn't capitalize.

Didn't think Midd played into the trap game mentality. They balled out the first half and the 4th quarter let up finally bit them in the butt. If they played the 4th like the first half they would have won by 20. Couldn't finish drives... too many big plays in the 4th. Gotta give it to the young, scrappy Williams team. QB for Williams turned me into a fan.

Only thing that really bothered me about the game.... An unruly Williams fan yelled out to 24 on Midd (Meritus) and called him "disgusting" and a "fat bastard" (among many other personal insults). Truly ugly things to be saying because of his skin color and the fact he took a knee before the game. That is just not acceptable in NESCAC football. My girlfriend had to contain me before I approached the guy and initiated a fight (good for her). I am not blaming all Williams fans, but this guy was belligerent and out of hand. Had he been a Midd fan, I would have approached him and told him that was unacceptable. I congratulated him on the win after the game, but looking back, I should have said what I was really feeling. Guy needs to take a good look in the mirror and realize that the NESCAC has certain standards that needs to be uphold by fans even if he personally was screaming inside. It was really not OK and I felt embarrassed for him and the many respectful Williams fans near him.

Wheaton must be really kicking themselves for losing to Millikin in the last minute.  Otherwise, they just won the AQ if NCC/IWU/Wheaton had all finished 7-1.  But at 8-2 (overall), they are virtually dead-meat.  Kind of a shame - if we had the D1 selection process, they would probably be in the post-season (two last minute losses to solid teams and a blowout of a then top-4 team), but by the D3 criteria I just can't see that they have any realistic chance at all.


There's a ton of football to be played yet. 1. Kinda early to assume IWU & NCC both finish 9-1 ...we could be looking at one of the craziest CCIW seasons we've ever seen. If you think IWU is just going to walk their way to 9-1 with Carthage and Millikin still on the schedule, I'd say you'd better think twice. Carthage controls their own destiny. I think they roll into B-Town with a huge chip on their shoulder... especially when you consider the very questionable pass interference call on Carthage (on 4th down) that kept the winning drive alive for IWU in 2016. Next Saturday, Carthage @ IWU is gonna be a dogfight!

2. Also, way too early to assume WC is "dead meat" in terms of a playoff birth... IMO.

On a separate note, I'm becoming more and more convinced that the CCIW is the 2nd best conference in the country this year, behind only the WIAC.

1. Absolutely correct.
2. If WC isn't already out of the playoffs, it's hopes are on it's deathbed.
Everything went splendidly for NCC in Wheaton last evening................................ ...right up until the time they got off the bus.  :(

QUESTION ------> What do Daniel Day Simpson and the NCC pass defense have in common?

ANSWER --------> Whereabouts unknown!
I bet the delay favored Wheaton,  so it allowed them to see what was working/not working,  but I think North Central still wins this game late.  (My two cents)

I'm going to disagree.  North Central had controlled play for 25 minutes or so and held a 13-0 lead.  Wheaton, right before half, mounts a drive sticks it into the end zone and cuts the lead to 13-7 and grabs the momentum.  The Crusaders are fired up on the field and on the sideline.  Momentum (to quote Keith Jackson) "just took off a white jersey and put on a blue one".  From what I could hear on the internet, the rain soaked crowd (that remained) had been reenergized.  And, Wheaton is receiving the second half kickoff.  Not great for the Cards.

However, the skies opened up, everyone goes home and we start again on Monday.  Momentum carry over?  I don't think so.  Now we play a jamboree with NCC spotted six points.  I'll take it.  Maybe we could get a mulligan once a year that if a game starts going south  on the road, you can stop it, take two days off to regroup and start from the same spot.

I would like to hear some other takes on who it favors.

I, too, sense the delay will favor the Cards. Much do to the momentum factor as the weather, rather than the Cardinals, snatched it from Wheaton. Now old mo is up for grabs again. Much will depend on the opening series for both teams. Can WC take the 2nd half kickoff, march into NCC territory and put some points on the board, or can NCC stop them and then add to their current 6 point advantage.
Realizing the first half ended with Wheaton in possession of the mo factor, did any NCCer make a Jason Heyward type speech in the interim?
Has NCC learned that when WC inserts Peterson at QB, it doesn't automatically signal a run??

And the answer to the the highlighted portion of the above question is a resounding YES...........again, and again, and again, and again, and again!
I thought Jesse Scott really did a great job of varying up his playcalling Monday.  Against IWU it was run, run, 3rd and short Peterson run, 3rd and long McWilliams pass.  Made it really hard for the QBs to execute. 

Wheaton was way less predictable against NCC.  Spencer Peterson throwing the ball and handing off to Sola.  McWilliams throwing on a variety of downs and distances giving the OL a better chance to protect him.  I know that Jesse moved from the sideline to calling the plays from the booth after the IWU game and this seems to have helped. 
East Region football / Re: FB: Liberty League
« Last post by UfanBill on Today at 01:13:23 am »'re the one that brought up the SOS argument. Thanks for agreeing that "all I say is true". +k...I commend you for your LL predictions. They're much better than Bombers.

It's so much fun to have UNION in the mix...Let's GO U
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