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Pick-ems, fantasy leagues, etc. / Re: Top 25 Pool
« Last post by Greek Tragedy on Today at 08:49:45 pm »
Thanks for updating. I just keep forgetting to. Too many fantasy leagues.
Atlantic Region / Re: MBB: Colonial States Athletic Conference
« Last post by mailsy on Today at 08:44:41 pm »
CSAC Tournament. Playoffs begin Monday night.

#1 Cabrini (16-2, 22-3) bye
#2 Gwynedd Mercy (15-3, 20-5) bye

Quarterfinals Monday February 19, 2018

#6 Keystone (9-9, 11-14) @
#3 Neumann (13-5, 18-7) 8pm

#5 Marywood (10-8, 15-11) 58 @
#4 Rosemont (11-7, 17-9) 97

Semifinals Wednesday February 21, 2018

#4 Rosemont (11-7, 17-9) @
#1 Cabrini (16-2, 22-3) 8pm

TBD @ #2 Gwynedd Mercy 8pm

Finals Saturday February 24, 2018

@ Highest remaining seed.
South Region / Re: MBB: Old Dominion Athletic Conference
« Last post by yj424 on Today at 08:40:11 pm »
RMC82. Lighten up on our Jackets. You say no defense? Then why do they lead ODAC in points per game given up at 62.5 ? Have you even been to a game this year to watch live? Or do you just watch from comfort of your computer and listen to your SAE brothers complain?Have you ever been to experience a road game on Senior day? Have you ever met our team? Do you even make an effort to attend Friends of Basketball Dinner?

Some of your points I understand but to undermine our alma mata  is unacceptable to me. We are to support our players and coaches !

Central Region / Re: WBB: College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin
« Last post by iwu70 on Today at 08:38:10 pm »
Warm congrats to Coach Smith and all the Titans on a share of the CCIW crown. And congrats to Ms. Ehresman on a very well-deserved POW honor.  She's been so consistent in many statistical categories, aspects of play, so key to the overall team success of IWU this season.  I hope she wins the MOP award.  Others are very deserving too. 

Keep going TITANS -- 15-1 and hosting the tournament within reach.  Keep going.  No let down. Great win up at Carthage. 

Pick-ems, fantasy leagues, etc. / Re: Top 25 Pool
« Last post by Mr. Ypsi on Today at 08:32:19 pm »
New poll is out, so updating (thru week 12):

Witt (smedindy) long ago clinched the total points win - now at 3726.

IWU (Mr. Y) has taken a strong hold on second at 1192, with only two polls remaining.

But still a battle for 3-5:  JCU (NCF) is at 713, F&M (ronk) has 621, UWSP (KS) has 514.

Bald Wally (FifthandPutnam) has 259, but unless they win the OAC tourney and then make a LONG tourney run, appears to have crashed and burned.

And don't forget that the contest has TWO parts - if anyone makes it to Salem they will probably win the second part: highest final poll standing.
Central Region / Re: MBB: College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin
« Last post by iwu70 on Today at 08:23:15 pm »
Congrats to Coach Rose and the Titans on a share of the CCIW crown.  Over-achieving and a great season still in process.  No let up vs. NCC.  Go Titans - men and women.  Let's host both CCIW tournaments.

Congrats to Alex O'Neill for his POW honors.  Thanks to Q for posting the details and the clear improvement of his performance over the last few weeks.  A big part of IWU's late season success.  Also good contributions of late by Curry.  Just wait to see what O'Neill does in his junior and senior year.  It will match Sorenson, IMHO.  (no need to criticize me for this view . . . ).


Atlantic Region / Re: WBB: Colonial States Athletic Conference
« Last post by mailsy on Today at 08:16:51 pm »
CSAC playoffs begin Monday 2-19.

#1 Cabrini (16-0,23-2) bye
#2 Gwynedd (14-2,18-7) bye

Quarterfinals Monday February 19, 2018

#6 Rosemont (9-7,15-11) 98 @
#3 Neumann (13-3,19-7) 99 OT

#5 Centenary (9-7,11-14) @
#4 Marywood (12-4, 14-11) 7pm

Semi-Final Wednesday February 21, 2018
#3 Neumann (13-3,19-7) @
#2 Gwynedd (14-2,18-7) 6 pm
Multi-Regional Topics / Re: D3 Championship Belt
« Last post by Mr. Ypsi on Today at 08:09:20 pm »
I look at the argument of "States The BeltTM Has Been In" from the lens of, "If you won ItTM, it went back home with you barring a situation like either winning ItTM in Vegas or on the first day of an NCAA Tournament weekend before handing ItTM over."

Based solely on that and actually not factoring in losses over a weekend, this is a map of states whose schools have won The BeltTM. I didn't post the map directly in here because it would have broken the webpage.

This also doesn't factor in potential road trips to schools in states where The BeltTM hasn't taken up residence with a victor, which would require a little deeper research. It also doesn't count excursions taken by BeltTM holders, such as Concordia-Moorhead hypothetically crossing the Red River over into Fargo, which had I been aware of The Belt'sTM existence when it was there I would have sent my cousin who lives there to try and take it on pain of Raiders of the Lost Ark face melting... though he or my uncle may have welding equipment to help protect from this.

Anyway, I like how most of the territory covered is contiguous, with exception of a few of the outposts (Washington, California, Texas, and Maine because as far as I could tell no New Hampshire schools have held The BeltTM.

But yeah, that Vegas scenario fascinates me.
That trip across the Red River of the North would have made an interesting season for the series "Fargo".

...A dossier appears on the virtual doorstep of this web page making allegations of what The BeltTM did on its recent trip Concordia-Moorhead. ...

I might be sharing some CompanyTM secrets here, but as a member of a team who held The BeltTM on two separate occasions in 2013, I can assure you The BeltTM made its away across the Red River for a night on the town in Fargo, ND!  ;D :D :) ;) :o To be fair, we didn't know how well dressed and fashionable we were, but I assure you we had an extra bounce in our step!

Hey, now!  Despite what the movie and TV series may want people to think, "What happens in Fargo, stays in Fargo!"
East Region / Re: Liberty League
« Last post by Bartman on Today at 08:08:40 pm »
Wow, a close loss to the #2 in the LL ,Union, and Hobart drops out of the top 25 rankings as well as a bunch of other 20-25 ranked teams who suffered losses. Plattsburgh St. will take over the #1 ranking in the region as they take Hobart's place in the Top 25. I thought Hobart didn't have to win the LL Tourney to get in, but now I am worried. Gotta play well this weekend.
Welcome Mike Lehman!
Formerly known as CrashDavisD3...The mask has been removed after all these years.

Hey Crash, welcome back.
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