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West Region football / Re: FB: Northwest Conference
« Last post by Foss on Today at 02:28:22 pm »
Is that good, bad or a non-issue (the officiating crew)?
North Region football / Re: FB: Ohio Athletic Conference
« Last post by D O.C. on Today at 02:27:51 pm »
Its awful timing for it...

Levell Coppage timing was much better.
West Region football / Re: FB: Northwest Conference
« Last post by wildcat11 on Today at 02:26:51 pm »
SCIAC crew working tomorrow's game.....

Hey, I am going to be in Mpls tomorrow. 

Anybody know if there the game is being telecast and if there is a Johnnie gathering to watch it?

 :) :)

Heard tons of CSB alums are gathering here:

2920 W 66th St, Richfield, MN 55423
East Region football / Re: FB: New Jersey Athletic Conference
« Last post by CNU85 on Today at 02:22:13 pm »
The NJAC awards are out. Congrats to all. Special congrats to CNU players and to Cole Blais for ROTY!!!

East Region football / Re: East Region Playoff Discussion
« Last post by Reno Hightower on Today at 02:21:55 pm »
Plymouth State is winning this thing. Been like a decade since I been on here, surprised I remembered my password but I had to chime in on that one!

Reno! +k

Dlip, good to see you still hanging around. Im not used to getting +karma, I like my karma negative.

Also, we are enemies now as Union is the college that I despise the most in the world. Not enough bad can happen to them after the Audino situation.
South Region football / Re: FB: American Southwest Conference
« Last post by OCguy on Today at 02:17:54 pm »
Thank you! We are very proud of our growing program and wish the best for every team in the playoffs. All the young men worked their tails off to be there.
Men's soccer / Re: The Big Dance
« Last post by rudy on Today at 02:14:00 pm »
Are you an alumni, former player, or parent of former player?

None of the above, actually. Just a longtime Falcon fan, who was drawn into soccer by the beautiful way they play it. I go to as many games as I can, but I am often out of town on business or to visit family so I miss more than my share. I'm glad this particular weekend actually works out favorably.   :)

If I were local I'd do the same. Enjoy the games! It's great how they fill the place with thousands of fans... classmates, local community, alumni. The atmosphere is amazing.
Men's soccer / Re: The Big Dance
« Last post by Falconer on Today at 02:13:39 pm »

I'll be there on both days (should Messiah take care of business on Sat.).  It would be great to meet up with both of you (and any other forum members who might be there).

Falconer, it's possible that I'm the one you saw at the Lyco game.  I was by there by myself (wife was working and BIL didn't go due to the rain).  Midway through the first half, a young man came up and sat beside me.  When the rain picked back up, I offered to share my umbrella.  It turns out that he is a 2nd semester H.S. senior (Carlisle) and will be coming to Messiah in the spring and joining the team as a GK.  His name is Jared Pavlovich and could definitely pass as Shay Quinton's brother. 

That might be right, Dave B. I noticed that young man somewhere after halftime, I think, when I stood up to rearrange my wet stuff and had a look around the stands. Thanks for the tip about an incoming player. I like to track that sort of information, but since I'm not close to the team it's not easy to obtain. The best source is usually parents of current players, and sometimes I'll talk to them at games--many of them attend regularly, but they don't often know many specifics about the incoming group. Now, I can put a name on just two of next year's class. I did hear that one was a GK, and you've confirmed it for me.
North Region football / Re: FB: Ohio Athletic Conference
« Last post by wildcat11 on Today at 02:11:13 pm »
Mount could put me behind center this weekend and still win by 45. Sucks but probably nothing to worry about until about 3 weeks from now.
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