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Well Congrats to my Redmen on a very un-orthodox way to win a game, I don't think they will win a game this year while controlling TOP.  I just got out of training so it was a good way to exit my day there, but a few things that I saw that were very positive.  The third down conversion rate for the Redmen was 8-15 which is 53% a very good number for Rucks, very bad for the Elmhurst defense, need to get off the field on third down.  Also Evan Jones, WOW...the kid never seems to amaze me with the ability he puts on the field day in and day out, I mean 34-48 for 475 yds 3 TD, those numbers are amazing!  One thing I did like about our defensive play was the our third down conversion rate 5-14 33% is feasible, but what it tells me is when it counts we are getting done.  Most impressive thing about this win was the last possesion ran 6:08 off the clock, which says we have the ability to sustain a drive, but is it on a consistent basis?  That is yet to be determined.
  Congrats to the Big Blue for a win over the Titans, huge win and throws the a huge loop into the conference title matchups.  I haven't looked at the stats from Wheaton Augie yet but Congrats to the Thunder on a victory, but wonder what made them successful against what seems to be a decent Viking team.  Till later tonight after a few analysis of stats look forward to hearing from other peoples opinions on other games.
   Suprising upset in the D1 area, with Arkansas beating Auburn, considering Alabama put the whooping stick on Arkansas last week.

Hello to all!!  Obviously new poster here but long time follower.  I have decided to start posting for I want to be able to express some opinions I have on the D3 level of a football that is played in the CCIW.  First I believe the CCIW is one of the elite conferences in the nation, although we just can't ever seem to get passed UWW or MU in playoffs  >:( I don't know whether it is the level of athletes they are getting or just experience in the big games that we are lacking.  I know as a past player we almost got MU in 2004...we will leave it at that cause I almost puked after that game!!  Second, I respect everyone's comments on here for they are very well thought out and very insightful in trying to get "scoop" on each team in the conference.  Third I want to throw a shout out to Son Of Tailgator and Mr Tailgator himself for I have much respect for both of the two gentlemen (not only that they are Redmen!!).  Enought about that into my thoughts on tomorrow vs EC.
   I think Carthage has a very good chance at beating EC tomorrow, but has to have a couple things go their way.  I think for the Carthage offense they need to keep our very suspect defense off the field, but we have a very rugged run game that at times is extinct, for one and two I hope the Koeneman brothers are back for Jeff is a danger across the middle and has very good hands, which can help us with the TOP.  I don't know much about the Jays offense or defense, but I know that the matchup every year is a good one and is always up in the air.  If Carthage's defense can keep the Jays one dimensional they will have a better chance at pulling this off, and IMO one way to do that is either control the LOS, which could be tough considering we an average weight of about 230 lbs on the d-line or use our speed in the secondary to our advantage.  Only bad thing about the secondary is they are young so a few mistakes could cause a very bad game for that group of young men.  Couple questions I have about EC, is what is their strength on offense and defense?  Also who are their playmakers this year and how will they contribute to the game tomorrow?
   Base on my little knowledge about EC I can't put my prediction out here for it would be biased to Carthage, but I can suspect a very close game (some would say "barn burner").  I will be in training all day long so where can I get updates of the games on here? 
   Other than that I'm going to take Florida over LSU with Tebow questionable, I have a firm beleive that their back up QB was National Player of the Year in 2006 and is a very good pocket passer, prediction for that Florida wins 27 17.   

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