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Men's soccer / Re: 2021 Game Notes
« on: October 23, 2021, 04:34:45 pm »
I was baffled by that Red as well, but in the box score it looks like it was a second yellow.  I'm still not sure what it was for.

And I had the same thoughts about F&M's playing style, it really didn't matter much that they were up a man and kept their same style... and the result showed it.  They eked out a 1-0 win, scoring on a header off a throw in. 

Men's soccer / Re: CCIW
« on: September 11, 2021, 07:57:39 pm »
Carthage just went to Calvin and came away with a 1-0 win.  And honestly, Carthage looked like the better team to me.

Men's soccer / Re: CCIW
« on: September 05, 2021, 10:08:48 pm »
Wow!  With 7.7 seconds left in regulation #8 from Elmhurst pushes a Benedictine player in the back inside the box (a player who had absolutely no play on the ball) for the most unnecessary foul ever.  Benedictine converts the penalty to tie it 1-1, then 2:10ish into OT, Benedictine scores to win. 

Brutal defeat for Elmhurst.  They looked to be in control of the game for most of the second half I watched. 

Men's soccer / Re: CCIW
« on: September 01, 2019, 10:44:39 am »
I watched a bit of the Elmhurst v Wittenberg and Wheaton v St. Norbert yesterday.  So here are some very simple observations. 

The Elmhurst and Wittenberg game was tough to watch.  It was so scattered and chaotic.  I don’t remember seeing either team string together more than 3-4 passes.  Maybe that’s just some early season challenges of not gelling as a team yet, but it wasn’t impressive.  I suppose Elmhurst looked like the better team, but neither looked particularly impressive in that match. 

The Wheaton v St. Norbert match was much more enjoyable an much better soccer.  Both teams were pretty solid, it seemed to me.  When I first logged in, I thought SN had much better chances, and looked like the better side.  I think they were petty evenly matched despite the 4-1 score line.  Wheaton was gifted a penalty (that from my position 2000 miles away definitely didn’t look like a foul), and SN missed the penalty shot that they were awarded.  Wheaton looked like a very physics team.  I’ll be interested to see how they do against real solid teams like Ohio’s wesleyan, Chicago, and Kenyon.  After what Greg mentioned about Carthage’s poor start it’s quite possible Wheaton May be the second best team in the CCIW (assuming NP is as good as I hope they are). 

Men's soccer / Re: UAA 2018
« on: October 26, 2018, 07:43:50 pm »
And it could (should?) be 1-1, I thought that was a clear penalty that the ref missed when the U of C goalkeeper took down the NYU player.   

you forgot this part of that definition...

specifically : a specific diagnostic sign of a disease

Take a look at the Whitewater roster and you'll see why it's a "stigma."  Stigma's don't have to be negative.

By my count, the WW roster could have 9 players on their roster that transferred in.  That is why the present "stigma" has been attached to WW.  Like I said, I don't care where they get their players. If they can play, WW fans should be very happy.  WW has had a lot of success with their recruiting strategy, it's not a negative.

I'll be that guy...


noun, plural stig·ma·ta [stig-muh-tuh, stig-mah-tuh, -mat-uh] /ˈstɪg mə tə, stɪgˈmɑ tə, -ˈmæt ə/, stig·mas.
a mark of disgrace or infamy; a stain or reproach, as on one's reputation.

Men's soccer / Re: CCIW
« on: September 04, 2018, 09:19:59 pm »
I watched most of the Wheaton @ Albion match this afternoon/evening, and the ref sure had his work cut out for him today.  7 cards handed out, and I think there could have been at least a couple more.  It was a physical game.  There were some reckless/dangerous challenges from both sides, but a couple from Wheaton seemed especially egregious.  There was one very rough collision that left a Wheaton player on the ground for several minutes, I believe he walked off on his own.  I sure hope he's okay. 

Wheaton seemed to have the upper hand for most of the first half and were up 2-0 until the last 12 seconds of the first half when Albion score it's first on a set piece (I believe)  Albion tied it up quickly into the second half (again from a set piece I believe).  Wheaton went down to 10 men just a minute or two later.  From that point on the game actually seemed pretty even.  Both teams had chances throughout the second period and both over time periods. 

The game ended in a 2-2 draw.  That seems like a bad result for Wheaton, even considering they were down a man for almost 65 minutes.  Albion was picked to finish 5th in the MIAA this season and they finished a poor 6-8-4 last season (finishing 6th in the MIAA)

Wheaton looks like a quick team with some good ball skills, but they were lacklustre tonight in their passing (that can probably be said for most teams at this point in the season though!). 

I look forward to seeing North park take on Albion in a couple weeks to see how things compare.     

Men's soccer / Re: CCIW
« on: September 03, 2018, 12:16:29 pm »
It truly saddens me to see the NPU roster.  A 23 year old Brazilian freshman midfielder?  Come on already.  I know not everyone will agree with me, but to me that's not what D3 soccer is about.

So what is D3 soccer about? 

As I've mentioned (to some disdain from others! ::)), with the downfall of the IWU baseball team this season, but the (again) championship performance of the softball team, I'm for the first time following softball more closely than baseball.  A question occurred to me today, for anyone who has an answer:  are there any schools in the country with varsity men's softball or varsity women's baseball?

Men's fast pitch softball is a pretty big deal in Canada, especially in the Prairies (Western Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan).  It's not quite as popular as baseball, but still popular enough for a variety of age divisions having provincial and national championships.  Though, even with that said, in my quick google search, I didn't find any Canadian Universities that have men's softball as a varsity sport.   

Re: Lake and Kirby.

I have zero insider knowledge, so this is pure speculation from someone who has both played and coached team sports.  What if this is something Colin and Billy are intentionally doing for the team moving forward?  What if, these two guys are so bought in to a team they have poured countless hours in to, that they are willing to sit for huge chunks of games, so that the program improves for next year?  Maybe this was an honest and open conversation Coach Slyder had with both young men.  I may be completely wrong, but I think there are multiple ways to look at this.   

Men's soccer / Re: The Big Dance
« on: December 02, 2017, 12:26:57 am »
I just can't watch sports any more.  Didn't even care that much but both teams I was rooting for lost.  And Chicago never should have lost that game (not advanced).  Sports are so devastating.  I suspect Mr. Right is right.  Messiah is home free.

Well, I guess that NPU might as well head for the airport tomorrow morning rather than even bothering to show up at UNCG Stadium tomorrow night. ::)


Can NP get some credit.  They kept the best forward in the country off the scoresheet tonight.  They clearly didn't have their A game (really not even their B or C game) until the last 5-10 minutes of regulation and overtime, and still they advance.  It's not a fluke that they're here.  Tomorrow should be another really difficult, really close match. 

Men's soccer / Re: The Big Dance
« on: December 01, 2017, 11:01:52 pm »
Congrats to North Park!   Honestly, that offside call was not a good call.  But that is soccer.

You won't get any argument from this NP fan.  That was a bad call, but you're right, that's sports...

Stulen was incredible, and North Park looked like they finally got things going in overtime.  I think tomorrow will be a great game. 

Men's soccer / Re: CCIW
« on: November 22, 2017, 03:05:48 pm »
Hey Greg, can you post a link to the video from Sunday's game?  I hunted all over Facebook and couldn't find it. 

Men's soccer / Re: The Big Dance
« on: November 18, 2017, 02:08:18 pm »
North Park takes care of Washington & Lee 3-0 to advance to the Elite 8 for the first time.  North Park looked in control of most of this game after an initial push by W&L. I was particularly impressed by North Park's vision and patience in the box. 

I look forward to the St. Thomas and Otterbein game and seeing who NP will face next. 

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