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Big night for Willy Wonka!!!

Opening night for your movie probably ranks up there with the National Championship game against Williams eh?


Good luck tonight, man.  Perhaps you could represent by putting Johnny Depp's face on your profile!!!

No surprise Y-K would head out of town to recruit...it's harder to catch her cheating, I mean "working in the grey zone," not to mention, she got, virtually, shut-out recruiting in Minnesota this past year, and I'm sure there are only a limited amount of transfers willing to make the move to Hamline, again!!

Hope you all find the Golden Ticket!

Willy Wonka:
Weird that this name would come back after all these years to be relevant again. My namesake actually comes from friends who thought I, with my poofy hair of yesteryear, looked similar to Gene Wilder as WW in the original. If I knew how to splice pictures together, I would put that on my profile

However, I have my front row seat reserved at the Red Wing theatre. I am not even going to let a female join me for fear that she might ruin the moment

Oh, and I fouled out against Williams and watched the bitter end from the bench, so the ceiling for tonight is MUCH higher.


Like if a movie isn't enough I see now you've got a candy bar on the market named after you.  Man....!

east coast miac fan:
So, even though it's super early, and you never quite know what the final roster will be when games start up again, do anyone have some very early predictions as far as how teams will finish next year?  We desperately need something to talk about.


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