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GC 87 RC 76.  Great game! Lots of gritty playing, with Hannah Wolf knocking in 3s, lots of turnovers, and a determined effort by the GC squad. Ripon looked a bit stunned as they left the court. This team shows great promise for the rest of the season and of course next year.

jeff p:
Great defense and rebounding as well. Kaitlin Shannon had her best game as a Pioneer today. The guard court with Wolf and Veit worked so well together. Shumacher doesn't show up so much in the box score, but she has been giving some great error free minutes and providing some press breaking speed. B. Burt is really contributing right now with great pressure defense. In the teams two recent wins, she's become a defensive momentum switcher.  
Congrats to ALL the Pioneer Women for a stunning victory that at least a few of us knew was due!

jeff p:
even though the two jeffs sat side by side thurs and fri they are in no way connected, related or financially involved...except for jeffdc's coffee, that is...and our opinions are our own reached without consultation. Well, we did talk to each other, but he didn't tell me what to say. Well, he did want me to say that the one ref was bad, but I couldn't figure out which was the worst, so ...

SNC Women on top of Conference standings

Great road trip this weekend ladies!  Three more games to go, with tough games against Carroll, Lawrence and Ripon.  The Knights are playing together and are primed for an NCAA bid!

Big games this weekend with a few shockers.  This time of year the teams with no chance have one thing in common - get the W's against the top of the conference.  That's just what happened.  This time of year also, you never know what's going to happen.  Still no forsure as to the host of the tourney yet.  It proly won't be locked in until the last game of the season.  Big weekend next weekend LU at SNC.  What a game that will be!  Since LU snapped their losing streak against the Knights at home early in the season, who knows what will happen.  Very pleased with #23's play this past week.  #22 as well.  Frosh post off the bench has been making it a physical game for LU.  Very excited to see how this week plays out.  The Vikes can't look past BC right now.  Take it a game at the time!  Go Vikes!!!


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