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Dave 'd-mac' McHugh:

Time for a marathon!

Thursday, Hoopsville will be on the air for at least nine hours in the 7th Annual Hoopsville Marathon Show.

This year's show will feature coaches, administrators, and many others around Division III to give us a sense of the season to date and what is to come. There is only a month or so left in the regular season, so there is plenty to talk about.

For more information about the show and its impact, click here.

The show's guest list is below with a rough idea of when they were scheduled to appear during the live show.
The marathon is also a chance to fundraise of the show. Many fans of Hoopsville ask often how they can give to the program so we can continue doing our work into the future. In the first few years of the Marathon, the fundraising side was an important aspect. However in the last few years, we have shyed away from fundraising as we tried to find other means to financially run the program. After requests from many, we are do have a few ways fans can contribute.

Hoopsville is presented by D3hoops.com and airs from the WBCA/NABC Studio. You can watch the entire Marathon show LIVE in the video player above. We will effort to turn around podcast episodes of the entire show. They will be available to the right (after the show is off the air).

Guests appear on the Hoopsville Hotline presented by BlueFrame Technology.

And don't forget to interact with the Dave and guests. You can use the social media option to the right and even email (dave.mchugh@d3sports.com) questions to the show.

When it comes to the game of basketball, we love celebrating not only the student-athletes in Division III, but also those who help carry the game forward sometimes outside of the spotlight.

Sunday on Hoopsville, we celebrate those who have made the game of basketball, especially at DIII, so great. Coaches who continue to excel in different parts of the country and programs who play for more than just themselves.

Hoopsville is presented by D3hoops.com and airs from the WBCA/NABC Studio. You can watch Thursday's Marathon Show in the following ways:
- Main page: www.d3hoops.com/hoopsville
- Show page: http://bit.ly/2GBqAuZ (or www.d3hoops.com/hoopsville/archives/2019-20/marathon)
- Facebook Live Simulcast: www.facebook.com/Hoopsville
- YouTube Simulcast: www.youtube.com/d3hoopsville
- Team1 Sports: www.team1sports.com/Hoopsville/
- Team1 Sports app (Android TV, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Roku) - you will either find it under the "live" section or search for the Hoopsville channel

All men's coaches appear in the NABC Coach's Corner. And all guests are featured on the BlueFrame Technology Hoopsville Hotline.

If you have questions about Division III basketball, feel free to send them and we will answer them on a the show. Email them to dave.mchugh@d3sports.com or use any of the social media options.

Hoopsville Marathon Schedule
Timing approximate and subject to change

Time (ET)GuestSchool/Institution12:20 p.m.Jim CalhounSt. Joseph's (Conn.) men's coach12:40 p.m.Pat JuckemNo. 11 WashU men's coach1:00 p.m.Brian MorehouseNo. 3 Hope women's coach1:20 p.m.Lauren BusalacchiRipon women's coach1:40 p.m.Ryan HylandJohn Jay men's coach2:00 p.m.Dan DutcherNCAA VP for Division III2:40 p.m.Karin HarveyMontclair State women's coach, Women's National Committee chair3:00 p.m.Adrienne ShiblesNo. 2 Bowdoin women's coach3:20 p.m.Kate PearsonCabrini women's coach3:40 p.m.Matt GilbrideRPI men's coach4:00 p.m.Sam AtkinsonGallaudet Associate AD for Comm., Men's National Committee Chair4:20 p.m.Matt DonahueCatholic women's coach4:40 p.m.Charles KatsiaficasPomona-Pitzer men's coach5:00 p.m.Jon HerbrechtsmeyerNo. 5 Bethel women's coach5:20 p.m.Chris CarideoWidener men's coach5:40 p.m.Dave HixonAmherst men's coach (sabbatical)6:00 p.m.Tricia CullopWBCA Board President, Toledo women's coach6:20 p.m.Alex RicheyNo. 18 Oglethorpe women's coach6:40 p.m.Jody MayAlbion men's coach7:00 p.m.Dave MacedoNo. 18 Virginia Wesleyan men's coach7:20 p.m.Melissa KuberkaSt. John Fisher women's coach8:00 p.m.HOOPSVILLE HAPPY HOUR A gaggle of some of the shows friends - to be announced

Today’s “that just doesn’t seem right” stat. I believe with last nights win against Grinnell, SNC is now 39-0 all time against the Pioneers


--- Quote from: gbpuckfan on February 01, 2020, 10:36:22 am ---Today’s “that just doesn’t seem right” stat. I believe with last nights win against Grinnell, SNC is now 39-0 all time against the Pioneers

--- End quote ---


Dave 'd-mac' McHugh:
Women's first Regional Rankings released.


Dave 'd-mac' McHugh:
The second week Regional Rankings are out: https://www.d3hoops.com/notables/2020/02/women-regional-rankings-second


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