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Jimmy Chitty:
I'm going to have to say that I'm VERY impressed with the way that SNC has QUIETLY shimmied their way to the top of the conference once again.  I believe that some people on this website were majorly hatin on the Knights a while back and I'm glad that the ladies of DePere are showing what real gritty MWC bball is all about.  Congrats and good luck tomorrow against Carroll.  Where are we?

Titan 2000:
Shimmied ?  Ooh, that's a good word for describing women's hoops. Kind of reminds me of a brass pole in DePere.

Jimmy Chitty:
keep it clean.

Titan 2000:
Sorry, my mind wandered there for a minute.

Larry U:
Big game on Saturday between the Vikes and Green knights....I think LU can pull the win off again and  sent the green Knights not shimmying, but sliding down the pole backwards...


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