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Andrew Wagner:
Not going to be Classen (Mr. Downtown, at least spell the guy's name right ... he IS in the UWO Hall of Fame). He's too busy after stealing the boys' gig at PiHiXI

Mr. Downtown:
He is?

Heywood Jabuzzoff:
I heard (very reliably) that the official word is coming that Schumacher is the next UWO coach.  I wish her the best!

I must say, I thought that Betthauser was an excellent candidate, and I wish her the best of luck as well.

Lets see if the ladies can rally around the new boss!

Mr. Downtown:
You know, they are getting pretty late with this choice. If they do know who it is, why don't they announce already?

If Schumacher is the new coach, I'm sure that would make the Oshkosh commmunity happy, to see that the coach who took Oshkosh West and made them a powerhouse in the state, is taking over at the top level in the city. Who knows, perhaps more people in Oshkosh (outside of campus) will pay attention.

Voice of the Titans:
UWO's athletic website is down for a bit after some storm damage has turned Kolf into a disaster zone. And, witht the way they've been doing things lately, if the Northwestern sports department printed that today was Thursday, I'd believe it was Sunday.


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