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What is everyone's take on the Mighty UMAC?! ;)

I have no take on the UMAC - beginning with the 2008-09 academic year, the UMAC became a member of the NCAA Division III even though the conference has existed since 1972.  Not sure what took so long to become an accredited member of the NCAA, but it's the main reason no one pays attention to the programs in the conference. 

They were NAIA schools until they made the switch (which is a five year waiting period) and we are finally good to go. I am excited for the upcoming season. I don't know the conference very well yet as I am just becoming a part of it, but I would look for Presentation Saints men to be at the top and the women to be top five.

Minnesota Morris goes back to the dance for the second straight year!  Where could the end up?  Maybe go to Coe? Or maybe fly out West to George Fox?  

UM-Morris is headed for Cedar Rapids where they'll get thrashed by Coe.


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