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A couple of real oldies there in Mosca and Sweeney.
Always told by my elders both were legendary.
Mosca was a freak in his day. Notre Dame Football and CFL Hall of Fame but gained most fame as a Pro wrestler.
Sweeney went to Syracuse. Had great career with SD Chargers. All Pro several times.


Great list.  I'd add a few possibilities to the hypothetical all time Ma Sack leaders.
All of those below I believe were 3 or 4 year starters so I would guess the numbers would be lofty though they didn't pass very much in the 50's and 60's so less sack opportunities for the old guys.

Angelo Mosca- Waltham
Walter Sweeney- Cohasset
Maurice Hurst Jr- Xaverian

There is no recognized, official Ma HS football record for sacks. It could be a team record or possibly a recent league record but sacks are not recorded and reported and tracked across the board in Ma.
Toyias is recognized as fine player who actively solicited and reported a lot of college interaction and interest, to his credit.
Believe was offered at many/most NESCAC schools.

Too much speculation and attention given to a totally bogus post by Charlie with recruiting numbers he pulled out of thin air. I must admit however that it did elicit some activity on a very dead board.
At the end of the day I appreciate Nescac1 suggestion to change the subject and move on to other topics.

Your numbers are off, fabricated.
You'll have to define what your definition of "talent pool" is. With NESCAC programs actively recruiting more than ever in previously untapped regions of the country the NESCAC talent pool is larger than ever.
With more and more NESCAC commits from places like Cal, Arizona, Texas etc more recruits from those regions are following and this is contributing to a growing talent pool. If admission folks at most NESCAC schools have one thing in common it is the desire to expand their student demographic to all areas of the country.

Not correct- this years Bates class has been full at 27 for a few months. They are no longer trying to "fill out" the class of 2026. Totally focused on class of 27 and your numbers there are wrong too.

Charlie is way off on both numbers.

You're off by about 285 on the Bates numbers and about 180 on Middlebury my friend.-----just a bit outside.

Lol Charlie is at it again- are you aware of this NESCACMAN? Really funny. Total fabrication. Keep the nonsense coming Charlie.

Not sure I was clear in my comments regarding Bates. I was referring to the Dean of Student Life. The AD reports directly to him and he essentially oversees the entire Athletic Department unlike other NESCAC institutions where the AD reports directly to the President. The Dean has not been sighted at Football games or other Athletic events which is puzzling to most at Bates.

Over the years President Spencer has attended many events. Early in her tenure she traveled down to Bowdoin for the Football game that year. She was a semi regular at Football home games though her presence has been much less frequent in recent years.

To my knowledge 2 of most enthusiastic Football supporters are the Presidents at Colby and Wesleyan. Not to say there are not Presidents at other NESCAC schools who are also strong supporters of Football as well.

I believe the departure of Clayton Spencer at Bates will be a strong positive for Football and all Athletics at Bates. She restructured the program at Bates to a process where the AD does not report to the President resulting in a loss of autonomy and control within the athletic department. It's not conducive to Athletics when the AD reports to the Bates Dean of Student Life Joshua McIntosh. To my knowledge, McIntosh is a ghost in terms of his presence within the Athletic Program at Bates. Most will attest he's never been seen at a Bates Football game or any other sport for that matter yet he is essentially managing the Bates Athletic Program.
Hopefully the new President will restructure things so the AD reports directly to the President as is the case at most NESCAC schools.

Great hire for a NESCAC program. Very impressive resume at the highest level.

I say all these unfounded rumors that Amherst has changed their recruiting, admissions guidelines and flexibility is total nonsense along with the rumor from some guy in left field that the Jeffs could drop football.

If anybody has any reliable information about these rumors at Amherst --please come forward.

Gotta love the stupid, juvenile prank like interchanges that go on forever between the 2 most prestigious small colleges in the country.

Oh, incidentally Charlie, how is NSCACMAN doing?

Can't think of many years when Trinity is not the favorite.

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