Author Topic: Northeast D3 Shuffle...  (Read 427 times)

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Northeast D3 Shuffle...
« on: May 16, 2022, 12:48:22 pm »
Could be A LOT of movement coming within the D3 Conference / AQ structure here in the region (and into NY):

Whats next for the ECFC?

With Keystone leaving for the Landmark, and SUNY Maritime leaving for the NEWMAC the ECFC will be left with only 5 teams....what will they do to try and salvage their AQ? I'm not sure anybody other than a newly formed program like Hilbert (see below) will consider joining the ECFC at this point in time....are there any JUCO's in the region making the move to NCAA, similar to what Dean did a few years back? If so the ECFC could be a good fit for them.

Other thoughts / rumors:

Catholic is going leave the NEWMAC to play football in the Landmark (where they are a full member already) now that the Landmark sponsors football.

NEWMAC is gaining SUNY Maritime Football, but could be looking for another school as well....

Utica moving to D2 has been mentioned for a while now. I first heard it among hockey people saying that the move to D2 would allow their hockey team to play a D1 schedule.....would the E8 look to add a team if this happened? (Alfred State maybe? Sorry ECFC.)

Hilbert College (Buffalo, NY) will be starting football next year. They are not in a football playing conference with their other sports so they're going to be looking for a home....could the E8 or ECFC come calling? (One can assume the ECFC is a much better fit competition wise; but that's a hefty travel budget with games in Mass, DC, VT....compared to the E8 where every game can be a day trip)

Could be an interesting summer with regards to the D3 landscape.

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Re: Northeast D3 Shuffle...
« Reply #1 on: May 16, 2022, 01:26:57 pm »
Yeah, we have been hearing about another school (not an ECFC program) going to the NEWMAC. Hilbert can definitely bolster one of those three leagues: LL, E8 or ECFC.

It will be tough for the ECFC to even maintain six schools the way things are going.
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