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Itís early this year but itís here.

Bell week!

A little primer:

OT:  And I thought the MN Vikings had a completely miserable first half.  Then there is Saint Norbert 91, Defiance, 0.  Three defensive TDs in the first quarter?  Four for the game and also a blocked punt recovered in the end zone?  Uff da!
Men's soccer / Re: NESCAC
« Last post by Mr.Right on Today at 10:10:08 pm »
Bates defeated Williams 2-0 today up in Lewiston, Maine. As I warned in my review of the Williams/Amherst match, Williams could not afford to come out not ready to compete. I thought it was another ugly game as Williams and Bates could not string 3 consecutive passes together before giving it away. Williams just does not play the same kind of futbol away from Williamstown. On their Home field they have looked pretty good attacking on the ground and making nice off the ball runs but in these past 2 games they have reverted back to their defenders hitting one long ball after another. Bates had some weekend getting 2 wins and 2 shutouts over Williams and Wesleyan to go to 2-2-0 in Nescac play. With a game at Trinity next weekend they have positioned themselves nicely to start 2018 and are right in the thick of the hunt for a Top 8 and playoff berth. I will say Bates is another team that plays much better at Home than on the Road at least that has been their MO for a long time. They have the absolute worst field in Nescac but they are used to it so it becomes an advantage. Bates showed today they have one of the best GK's in Nescac. I always have been a fan of Bates GK Montanaro but he along with Conn's Marcucci and Tufts Mieth and maybe Colby's Carlson are the best GK's in the league right now. He was a beast all game and made a couple unreal saves today that kept his team in the game. He doesn't make mistakes and is not indecisive in his decision making. He stays home and his just solid all around. Opoku took advantage of finally cracking the starting 11 and got his first 2 goals of the year off of rebounds from set pieces. No clue how he got so open on both but a ton of Williams defenders were caught ball watching on both plays. Props to Bates and Williams just threw away what was such a nice win on Saturday by playing what was their worst game of 2018 today. On top of 2 demanding games in 2 days plus probably 12 hours on the bus this weekend they will play RPI on Wednesday at Home for their 3rd game in 5 days. They will likely have heavy legs and Gass was on crutches today so he is probably out and Ranieri left the game today with what looked to be a concussion. RPI will be very organized and compact sitting deep. Tough sledding ahead with RPI and then a game at red hot Conn who is 7-0-0.
West Region football / Re: FB: American Rivers Conference
« Last post by Pat Coleman on Today at 10:07:44 pm »
I'd say October 20 there will be a great contest in Waverly to see who goes higher in the rankings.

The voters will definitely have an eye on this.
West Region football / Re: FB: American Rivers Conference
« Last post by Old Dutch on Today at 09:50:54 pm »
I'm not just talking about Wartburg.  What about Central?  Phooey!  Three teams from one conference?

Not to worry OTC, this Central team will work their way up.  Haven't seen the total package of a team like this one has since the last Central playoff squads, 05,06, and 07.  If they continue like this, one game at a time I'd say October 20 there will be a great contest in Waverly to see who goes higher in the rankings.  Dubuque was a challenge, good athletes all over and a very tight first half ended with the Spartans  on the 1/2 yard line.  Great stop by the Dutch.  Third quarter ended at 35-0 with Central running the ball well and he D still playing hard.  Some minor injuries forced some reserves into action and they responded well too,  good depth is very important too.

I on case no one saw the tweets or the front page:

Well this is an interesting development.  I'd be curious on your take as to why the switch back to d3. My totally out-from-left-field take is that the former president really wanted the move to d2 but not all the trustees were on board, but who knows.
In any case I am very interested in a book or paper that is out there which deals with the financial effects of college athletics on the schools; the effects on enrollment, income, expenses, etc., (because I would guess that played a part in Benedictine's moves as well). Any suggestions?

I am weighing in here on two aspects:

First, agree with you RFMichigan.  One might speculate (and it would be a legitimate consideration) that perhaps they realized that they would quite possibly get killed in DII, although as Pat pointed out, that might not necessarily be the case once they started handing out the scholarships and having the opportunity to recruit players with better talent to be in DII.  On the other hand, I personally think it was probably more due to exactly what you speculated on i.e. the now former President wanting the move more than the other trustees (although that would beg the question as to why they voted for the move in the first place. Did they feel pressured into it OR was it one of those, gut feeling "change of mind" incidents such as when head coaches have accepted an offer from another school, but then change their mind the next day or two to stay at their current schools.  As you mentioned, it would be most interesting to hear the real truth about why this decision was made.  Also, I am curious as to why the former president left so abruptly last month.  Does anyone know any further information?

Second, and I am late here on this one-although perhaps not since Eureka and all our MIAA teams had their "bye" weekends yesterday.  I'll try to make this [somewhat short ::) ;D :)]  We all know that Finlandia is a team/program that is, unfortunately, still in the building stages.  I do believe (am confident and hopefull] they will improve in time.  That said, here is my question, which is sort of a "combination" question and question for the sake of discussion.  Finlandia got crushed by Concordia-Wis, the latter which is not a very good team IMO as Hope smashed them in the last game of the season last year, although it does appear that Concordia-Wis is somewhat better this year.  So then Concorida-Wis beats Alma (although not by much), the latter which is in a rebuilding mode (again), not a great team, although I believe the will give our MIAA teams a good challenge in our league games (in other words, no one should take them lightly.)  Then Eureka comes in and beats Finlandia, but not by, what I would call, a crushing score.  By that I mean if Concordia creams Finlandia by as much as they did, where does that put Eureka so far, your opinions?

I realize several have opined their thoughts on Eureka earlier on this board.  Personally, I believe they are a good team and have an excellent chance of winning your league title in their first year in the league this fall.  They might even "run the table" as Ryan Stoppable suggested.  I think that is possible, although still will be a tough challenge.  Anyway, it is still early, I know, however, I was just curious as to your thoughts for the sake of discussion and, at least, for this present time, as Eureka is 3-0. 
When it's time to pick bowl winners in those end-of-the-season bowl challenges and whatnot the first thing I usually take into consideration is the two teams' conference membership, and I think this notion applies here as well. In this case the operative term would be "NACC" as it's just not a very strong conference for football. (One of the weakest in the nation from what I'm told.) Eureka could well come in and win it in their first year, especially as there's not a clearly dominant team in this conference (comparatively speaking ) as there is occasionally.

Concordia - Wis. has a veteran QB and that probably goes a long way in this conference, but I'm not sure yet if they're the cream of the rest of the NACC crop. I mean, the NACC teams only beat six teams in their composite non-conference schedule and those six teams only have a total of four wins themselves (and one of those wins was against another of those six teams.) To figure relative strengths of NACC teams is pretty tough at this point.

Good luck to your Flying Dutchmen. I hope (no pun intended) to catch them in a MIAA conference game this year.
South Region football / Re: FB: Southern Athletic Association
« Last post by awadelewis on Today at 09:29:27 pm »
Schedule favors Berry with 4 out of the last 6 at home with road games at Hendrix and Trinity.

Millsaps is going to spoil someone's party this year based on what I saw from them on the Mountain on Saturday.   Pretty typical Majors team: not a lot of flash but solid overall play.   

Good game for the Roos with the win against Hendrix.
North Region football / Re: North Region Fan Poll
« Last post by USee on Today at 09:25:35 pm »
I think JCU was rightlybplaces at 4. I donít see much movement based on the result vs Mt.  the assumption is that the top 3-4 teams in our region should be able to play a closer game Vs Mt and thatís what JCU did.
West Region football / Re: FB: American Rivers Conference
« Last post by Pat Coleman on Today at 09:23:19 pm »
I'm not just talking about Wartburg.  What about Central?  Phooey!  Three teams from one conference?

Could be related to the fact that the CCIW has won 20 playoff games in the past decade and the IIAC has won nine. (Central hasn't won any of those nine.)
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