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Is it time for the vs d3 lists to appear?
Multi-Regional Topics / Re: Top 25 talk
« Last post by Ryan Scott (Hoops Fan) on Today at 06:56:38 am »

I looked at Massey after I submitted my ballot last night.  I had 23 of my Top 25 in Massey's Top 30 and everyone I voted for was in his Top 50.  I can't recall being that in synch with "the numbers" this early in the season before.  The order is pretty different, of course, but I thought it was an interesting observation.
I feel bad for Alma...

Leading by two points with 20 seconds left and the ball.  They inbound then dribble in to a Whitewater defender.  Out of control.  Appropriate foul called.  Whitewater ball.  Two free throws.  Overtime.

Seriously, though, that schedule.
South Region football / Re: FB: American Southwest Conference
« Last post by Toby Taff on Today at 06:35:08 am »
Nit picking... on the De’Nerian high wire TD I definitely saw him attempt a hurdle.  I thought Bruenig straightened up underneath him and launched him higher and upside-down into the end zone. ( I only watched it live )
Anyone else?

That’s definitely what happened. It also looks like he might have gotten an assist from Miller (#4). It looked like Miller might have pushed DeNarian toward the end zone as he was being flipped. If he did, that would be an incredible job of thinking  on the spot.
Just watched it again. DT cuts and dives to his left over the UWW player, who stands up and flips DT. Sims (#4) is blocking and gets pushed in the back towards and into DT. He extends his arms on contact to get the push and give DT additional forward momentum.
North Region football / Re: FB: Ohio Athletic Conference
« Last post by SaintsFAN on Today at 06:11:24 am »
Mount Union defense was impressive this year.

Jeff Zupanic posted on Twitter  yesterday
Mount Union played 9 home games this season and scored 11 defensive touchdowns in those games. The @purpleraiders defense scored points in 8 of the 9 games with the playoff win over Centre being the lone exception.

Mount Union allowed just 12 TDs in those 9 home games.

The @purpleraiders defense outscored five opponents at Mount Union Stadium this season.

Mount Union defense is going to need to be at the top of their game this Friday. All teams are beat up this time of year, but Mount Union's defense from a health prespective is in much better shape than Mount Union's offense which is even more reason for the need for Mount Union D to step up to be key for UMU chances in Stagg Bowl.

Playing defense starts one play earlier this week with defending the kick.  How do you kick away from 2 PR's ??
Men's soccer / Re: Liberty League
« Last post by CU_GKnight on Today at 06:07:49 am »
I have a question for a few of the folks who’ve been around a while and seen SLU play over the past 20+ years. I have had this nagging feeling about the program over the past few seasons and wanted to get others thoughts.  This question is not meant to antagonize or be critical in any way of the program as I have tremendous respect for the coaching staff over the years and many of the players.  The past few posts about past Saints in the pros brought this back to the front of my consciousness.

I played against SLU from 1993-1997 and also spent a lot of time with their players as I had some friends that played there, even playing at their fieldhouse a number of times in the off season. I also followed them closely through 1999 when I moved to NC. By the way – good thing the final four was last weekend as Greensboro had a foot of snow this weekend and we don’t do snow removal don’t here.  I then picked up watching them again about 7 or 8 years ago when their games were streamed and I couldn’t bear to watch the product Clarkson was putting on the field – so I became a reluctant Saints fan.  So much so that my son (who was 5 or 6 at the time) had SLU losing in his make-believe penalty kick shootouts.  Thank you, Mike Smith for exorcising that demon.

Since starting to watch them after a 10+ year gap, I noticed a few things seemed to have changed from the way I remember them.  It seemed as though the Saints had lost their intense attack first mentality.  In the mid/late 1990’s, while playing the same “total football” style that they are known for, they had a ruthless aggression to take defenders on. It seems like the more recent teams are more complacent and are happy to knock the ball around until they get there one opportunity to take on a player and try to beat them.  I just think what made those teams leading up to the National Championship in 1999 so special was that they played total football but actually looked to get a team in a slight mismatch and then take the player on and have a run at goal.  I just don’t see that same “eye of the tiger” (for any Rocky enthusiasts out here) mentality from the recent teams.

Hearing Saint of Old talk about Dede as an all-time Saint rings a little hollow with me.  No disrespect to Mr. Dede (as I think he is a truly gifted player and has a great season and career) but I just don’t see him stacking up against some of the greats from the mid-1990’s-early 2000’s.  As a keeper I had the opportunity to play against the likes of Manny Brito, Andre White, Danny Annan and Ryan Carruth with players like Ali Montacer and Jamal Ballantyne being just a step below them (or maybe I only saw them in their early years before they truly blossomed as players).  With those players I was scared to death any time they received a ball with their back to the goal in my end of the field.  I just don’t get that feeling watching any of the current lot of players, including Jethro. To me, with a little bit of pressure from behind, 99% of the time the current players will look to go backwards with the ball. I just wanted to get anyone else who has seen them over the same time periods thoughts on this to see if what I was seeing had any validity.  This, to me, explains the drop off from the years where they struck fear into any other team in the country, to being just another talented team.

Also, for arguments sake, if I had to put together an all-time Saints XI team (regardless of position but with some balance) it would be Greg Sutton, Nick Hillary, Franco Bari, Harry Copeland, Ali Montacer, Jamal Ballantyne, Sam DeMello , Ryan Carruth, Manny Brito, Andre White and Danny Annan with Andrew Bednarsky and Cris Napolitano (who was one of the most underrated players I’ve ever seen) being the last ones left off.
Multi-Regional Topics / Re: Big games today
« Last post by hopefan on Today at 06:03:31 am »
Big Games today 12/10/28

No big games, one good one

Rhode Island College H (9-3)  vs MIT (8-1)
Multi-Regional Topics / Re: D3 vs. D1/D2/NAIA/NCCAA
« Last post by hopefan on Today at 05:52:34 am »
Games of 12/9

Alfred Stste 88, SUNY-ESF (USCAA) 67
Wagner (NCAA-D1) 105, New Rochelle 57
Mid-Atlantic Region / Re: Landmark Conference
« Last post by Rofrog on Today at 03:14:55 am »
Thanks CChoopster for the  acknowledgement of a very young team that can play.Scranton has two very good starters(Juniors) back from last year but these Freshman can play and then off the bench he has freshman and sophmore and the only senior on the team coming in.They always say  but they are Freshman believe me these kids are ready to play College Basketball.
West Region football / Re: FB: American Rivers Conference
« Last post by Pat Coleman on Today at 01:27:53 am »
Redshirting: Going through practice every day for a year without incurring a year of eligibility.
Greyshirting: Going through a year of life without incurring a year of eligibility.

This is not splitting hairs. They are really quite different. Not aware of any conferences that prohibit greyshirting, because to prohibit greyshirting you'd be saying that nobody could join a team after their freshman year.
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