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What a blessing!

You obviously don't have young kids!  ;D

Duff, Congrats on your little blessings too! It's been a while for me with little kids. My youngest of 5 is a senior in HS. I do have a 6mo. old grand daughter that I get to send home with her Mother (my daughter) and Father when she gets unruly, but they truly are all blessings.
North Region football / Re: FB: Ohio Athletic Conference
« Last post by MUC57 on Today at 07:55:55 pm »

Anybody know when the team is leaving tomorrow?
Multi-Regional Topics / Re: University Athletic Association
« Last post by deiscanton on Today at 07:51:32 pm »
Ithaca leading over Rochester 40-35 at halftime.

For Rochester--

Lauren Deming has 10 pts and 3 rebounds.

Alexandra Leslie has 7 pts and 1 rebound.

Lizzy Atkinson has 8 pts and 1 rebound.

For Ithaca--

Cassidy O' Malley has 11 pts and 7 boards.

Ithaca led 23-19 after 1 quarter.

Mid-Atlantic Region / Re: Landmark Conference
« Last post by Pat Coleman on Today at 07:30:07 pm »
It might be more likely that it's typical for games before classes resume in January. Generally it takes a while for the fan interest to come around to the basketball season.
North Region football / Re: FB: Ohio Athletic Conference
« Last post by Pat Coleman on Today at 07:25:35 pm »
I see the only team to test MHB through the air was East Baptist, who threw for 267 yards. It doesn't look like MHB even played anyone who could throw the ball all year.

Chapman comes immediately to mind.
What a blessing!

You obviously don't have young kids!  ;D

I kid.  They're a blessing, but man, they can drive you up a wall at times.  Congrats, jamto!

I guess that solves my long-standing curiousity about what "jamto" was a reference to.  I could change my username to rodsJohnnie, but after 14+ years, why mess with a good thing? 
Mid-Atlantic Region / Re: Landmark Conference
« Last post by jmcozenlaw on Today at 07:20:33 pm »
Scranton fans - I'm watching a couple of games online and I have a question for the Scranton posters. Where the heck are the fans??

The side behind the players/coaches and scorers table might have 20-25 people in the stands at most and the seating behind the one backboard is bare except for the cheerleaders.

Is this typical for non-conference games? I notice this at several schools that don't have football programs...........and don't have 100-125 players in the stands cheering on their buddies (and riding the opponents and refs :) )
Little bit of a "sneak peek" of the basketball floor of the new MTI Center at Trine University from TMBB twitter.  I like that the floor will be more "old school", no flashy designs, no secondary color of the area inside the arc.  Appears to be lots of work yet to do, lower bowl seating isn't in yet, scoreboard not in yet (assuming they are doing a 4sided scoreboard at halfcourt, at least that is what is shown in renderings).  Trine women have the inaugural 1st game in the new arena against Hope on Jan 3.  The guys get their first game at MTI a week later against Adrian on the 10th.
North Region football / Re: FB: Ohio Athletic Conference
« Last post by umhbalum on Today at 07:13:50 pm »

Don't know how you came up with that conclusion. I think thr team with purple in it wins. Of course, you are certainly entitled to your opinion.
(Hope you know I'm just messin' with you).
Seriously folks, this could be a game for the ages. Best to both teams. Hope both play their best and the better team wins. (I personally hope Mount wins, but that's just me. Well, actually, lots of alums and other fans hope the Raiders win as well)!
Go Purple Raiders!!!!!!🏈

lol I assumed both teams would have some purple in the uniform for the game lol
North Region football / Re: FB: Ohio Athletic Conference
« Last post by WRMUalum13 on Today at 07:01:19 pm »
UWO did not have a great defense this year, they graduated all but one starter from last year (go ahead Merle, itís teed up). 

Unfortunately you probably shouldnít take too much consolation from how Mt performed against the UWO D. But that said, Mt gashed UMHB last year w your quick RB and you have a better passing attack this year.

No, the consolation isnít what they did against UWO, itís how they did it. An offense that had been inconsistent all year, was able to prove they could posses the ball and succeed without the big plays they were used to. UWO didnít have a great defense but they were a still a solid D from a great conference and they forced the Mount O out of their comfort zone.
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