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Well, I picked a hell of a game to come back for. Oshkosh looked good, despite some big shots by Point, this one was not in doubt. Capelle and Jahnke impressed the hell out of me, and I really enjoyed seeing Gibson make a game for himself. However, I think it's fairly obvious that Gibson has far from realized his own abilities. Lord help this league if he does. For some reason, Doedens really stood out at me. I liked the way he drives and kicks. He's no offenseive machine, but he's very mobile. And defensively, while he's heistant at times ... he does a good job of contesting shots.

What really got me was talking to Capelle afterwards ... hearing a guy say "we haven't played to our full potential" and not meaning it as a way of saying "yeah we're the best and we don't have to try ... (ahem, Tom Crean)" That was impressive. This reminds of me of the 01-02 squad that dropped a couple of league games midway through the season, but hit their peak in the league tournament.

Good to see all my pals at Kolf again. I didn't see any rats, but my brat sure tasted somewhat odd.

Well sweet sassy molassy ... looks like I finally get to see some ball tonight. I shall be blowing off the mFU-DePaul game and the Bucky-PSU snoozefest to take in the Pointers and Titans at the mighty mighty Kolf tonight. (And naturally, I will compile some sort of report in an effort to expense the entire excusrion)

OS, will you be in attendence?

Region 9 women's basketball / Re: WIAC
« on: January 23, 2006, 02:46:24 pm »
Oops. I found Mr. Coleman's FAQs. I am now educated.

Region 9 women's basketball / Re: WIAC
« on: January 23, 2006, 02:33:38 pm »
OK, it's my own damn fault for not being around ... but somebody mentioned a WIAC team and the words "lock for a Pool C bid" in the same sentence without the words "screwed out of". I know the tourney has expanded, but what are the new breakdowns?


Thanks for the note. You know, I've been so bogged down watching the Bucks, UW, UWM, and mFU that I haven't been to any D3 games this year ... not even my beloved Skosh at Carroll. Grrr. This shall change soon. But kudos to Pat on the new boards. I shall be checking in regularly now (thank god for wireless).

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