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New England Region / Re: BB: LEC: Little East Conference
« on: June 20, 2022, 10:02:27 pm »
ECSU losing Hamm to Yale. Heck of a way to finish off your tenure at a school.

New York Region / Re: BB: SUNYAC
« on: May 22, 2022, 08:50:41 pm »
Anybody over here know why NY state received 3 NCAA Regionals and New England none. New England teams had to travel hundreds of miles while Courtland, Brockport, U Rochester played home games???!!!  Personally thought the U of Rochester facility and broadcast was mediocre, and wonder how they picked it?

Could be worse…three SCIAC teams that played in the conference tourney last week went straight back to the same spot and played the regional. I realize the West teams are on an island, but that just plain sucks.

National topics / Re: BB: Pool C
« on: May 15, 2022, 08:56:07 am »
If I remember Trinity can't  host since they don't have a press box.
The inside joke in Trinity recruiting was Coach Fregosi*  telling recruits they would play in the new stadium....ha ha ha ha ha...
* recruiting coach who recruited the CWS team...still waiting coach :)

I didn’t realize Trinity didn’t have a press box. I figure the regional will likely be up at UT-Dallas. I have no clue who will be going where but I would hate to see conference teams matched up.

Cal Lu and Pomona square off today for the auto-bid. Cal Lu hung on against La Verne and Pomona had just enough last night to eliminate the Leo’s. This have been a very good SCIAC Tournament and Pomona needs to win twice today. Last nights game ended at 9:41pm and today kicks off at 11am so they could be running on fumes, but anything can happen.

National topics / Re: BB: Pool C
« on: May 14, 2022, 04:48:49 pm »
Add Chapman to Pool C. I expect they will host a pod next week but am not sure if it will be 2 or 4 teams. I would guess Trinity will host the other "West" regional that would match with the Chapman regional in the supers. Plenty still to happen between now and tomorrow night.

Two very good games to kick off the SCIAC Tournament. Cal Lu beats Chapman late and runs their record to 4-1 against Chapman this year. I think the Panthers are in line to host next week but their 10-game winning streak is snapped.

La Verne scores the tying run on a triple that was lost in the sun and the winning run on a wild pitch/pass ball. La Verne pitched backwards and used two starters in the game and should have their #1 going today.

An interesting note about the SCIAC tourney is all games will produce results against regionally ranked opponents.

Chapman gets then#1 seed and are scorching hot. La Verne will get the 2 seed and host Friday. Assuming Pomona does not give up a 14 run lead, they will take the 3 seed and Cal Lu rounds it out in the 4 spot.

I do believe the SCIAC will get 2 teams in, but stranger things have happened.
Yes, put a 4-pod in SoCal, fly Pacific and a team TBA to SoCal. Have SCAC and ASC Pool A's face off in the 2-pod and then make construct your Super-Regional from those 2 brackets.  Just my thoughts...

I am less confident in the SCIAC getting a 2nd bid, unless Chapman fails to win the SCIAC tournament. La Verne went 1-5 in their final 6 conference games, and Pomona matched them at 1-5. Both were swept by Chapman.

La Verne is going to rely on their 3 starters and their closer. It looks like any other pitchers are getting in during mop-up duty. It seems like they might be running out of gas.

Pomona lost their #2 guy and have given up a lot of runs recently. I feel like their pitching is running out of steam as well.

Cal Lu has been up and down all year. They went 3-1 against Chapman, 2-2 agains La Verne, and 1-2 against Pomona. They managed only 1 sweep in SCIAC play (Caltech).

Chapman is playing out of their mind right now. They are mashing everything thrown at them and their arms have been really solid.

I don't see anyone in this group having enough to come out of the losers bracket in the SCIAC tournament or a 4-team regional.

Chapman gets then#1 seed and are scorching hot. La Verne will get the 2 seed and host Friday. Assuming Pomona does not give up a 14 run lead, they will take the 3 seed and Cal Lu rounds it out in the 4 spot.

I do believe the SCIAC will get 2 teams in, but stranger things have happened.

West Region / Re: BB: Top Teams in West Region
« on: April 28, 2022, 12:32:27 pm »
First Regional Rankings are out (sort of) and a few items of interest…

Cal Lu
La Verne
TX Lutheran

*For whatever reason, the first release is simply in alphabetical order.

Chapman is not present as of now, but they really raise their stock by winning their next two series against Pomona and La Verne.

Pacific has already punched their ticket, but are not ranked.

I would figure the SCIAC gets two in, SCAC gets two in, the ASC gets one, and NWC gets one (Pacific). Who knows what matchups would be as I am not sure about conference teams being paired up in a Regional. Could be NWC at SCIAC (two team Regional) and a flight for one SCIAC team headed to TX with the other three??? Anyone have more insight on that?

Not sure what to make of the SCIAC yet as the conference schedule is still young. La Verne, Cal Lu, Chapman, and Pomona are all well above .500, with Redlands recently climbing above. CMS played really well in non-conference games but have struggled with Chapman and ULV, although they have lost leads late in many of those games.

Caltech is winning some games and looks to be able to steal a game each series. Oxy has been really bad on the mound while giving up 10 runs a game. Whittier is having a forgettable season and I don’t expect it to get any better. I think it’s a 6 team race for the 4 spots in the conference tourney.


CLU offense has not been very good the last couple years, it obvious to me they need to recruit better up front. You can manufacture a pretty good D3 d line ...few shorter or slender kids that beef up, an couple linebackers etc...However O line is tougher. If they are 6'5" and #300 there is a reason they are not D1. Cal Lu O line has been too slow in the past few years, I would give up size for kids that can move.

I have watched and yes, you are correct that the O has been bad. Seems like they don’t get the players they did 10 years ago. I’m sure there are plenty of opinions on why, but it’s obvious.

I have a career not in coaching, but I was a college and pro athlete, in my younger days.  Just telling the truth, as I know it.  I am not bad mouthing him?  Just stating my opinion.  I said mostly nice things, but he is a terrible play caller!  That is obvious if you watched any games the past 3-4 seasons.  Why do you care and who are you? ;D

Don’t get it wrong, I want Cal Lu to be successful as I graduated from there and want to see them improve. Maybe my interpretation of some of your posts is off, which often happens.

I watch the games and it is obvious something needs to be done to improve the overall product. Hopefully any changes that have been made/will be made will help accomplish it. You obviously have much more info than I do from far away, so I’ll take your word for it.

Cal Lu hired Lugo as head Coach.  Not a good decision, in my opinion.  New assistant coaches also.  We will see what next year brings>

Curious how your interview went for the HC job? You seem to have an axe to grind with Lugo and are very opinionated, which is fine, but if my kid played at a school I don’t think I would go on and bad mouth the HC.

Cal Tech is 3 outs away from taking G2 and setting up a winner take all G3…yoiks.

About to board a cross country flight, won’t be able following the game live.  Will land to the big reveal.  Can Cal Tech break though?  Can Whittier step up and stave off ignominy?

And the Beavers sweep the double header and take the series 2-1. First SCIAC series win for Caltech since the early 70’s.

Athletes wearing masks during competition is most ludicrous rule ever enforced.

Oxy is pretty darn ludicrous these days.


At least they putting pronouns on the baseball roster…

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