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Willamette Univ MBB in Salem, OR is looking to host an opponent on one of the dates below

Monday 12/20/21
Tuesday 12/21/21
Wednesday 12/22/21

Guarantee and 5 rooms hotel provided
*Possibility of 2nd game vs NWC team*

Contact kioane@willamett.edu if interested

Darryl Keckler:
Drew University is looking for 2 single games for the 21-22 season.  Preferred dates are: 12/8 and 12/11 but can be flexible.  Would be glad to start a two year home and home series.

If interested, contact Darryl Keckler - 973-408-3719 or dkeckler@drew.edu.

Warren Wilson MBB:
Warren Wilson College (NC) is looking for March 2021 home or away games. We are testing 3 times per week and are meeting all NCAA recommended COVID protocols. Our institution just made the decision to allow athletic competition starting March 1st and we are hoping to give our student-athletes that opportunity to compete.

If interested please contact Dominique Boone at dboone@warren-wilson.edu

Skidmore College located in Saratoga Springs, NY is looking for a few games (preferably home and possibly opening weekend tournament Nov 5th/6th)  for 2021-2022 season. Open to discussion of starting home and home.

Preferred dates:
Nov. 5th/6th
Nov 29th/30th
Dec 10th

Please contact me at goshea@skidmore.edu if interested.

Bridgewater College is looking to schedule the following non-conference games for the 2021-2022 season:

1) 2 Single Games: Date Range (Before November 12, November 17, November 27-28, December 11-21)

2) Tournament/Classic prior to Christmas

Please contact Steve Enright - 401-829-6732 - senright@bridgewater.edu


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