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Re: Atlantic East Conference
« Reply #135 on: November 16, 2021, 10:14:50 pm »
3 in a row for the Cavs. They play great defense and score by slashing to the hoop and having a good FT %. They don't shoot well though. Young team but very promising.

Cross street rivals up next in Eastern.


Eastern has been looking mighty good so far.
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Re: MBB: Atlantic East Conference
« Reply #136 on: December 06, 2021, 06:10:23 pm »

November is behind us and now comes the month of distractions. Exams, travel, holidays, academic breaks, etc. At the same time, early conference games are already shaping how the basketball season will unfold.

On tonight's Hoopsville, we chat with one team already making waves in their conference, against conference foes, but not in conference games ... Bates women's coach Alison Montgomery chats about her squad's start and the big win over Bowdoin.

And we talk to a coach who has found a new home after his college was unceremoniously closed. Mississippi College of Women's Dean Burrows talks about guiding a new men's program after the success he had at Wesley.

Plus, Bob Quillman and Ryan Scott join the show to give their reactions to the latest Top 25 poll. Tune in starting at 7:00 PM ET to watch the latest edition of Hoopsville!

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