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From what I understand, the injury to Nile is one that will not make him available this week, or the following games should the Knights advance, so Markham will be the guy.

That's really a bummer.  I feel terrible for the guy.  :-\

In the post-game press conference, WB's coach made the point that you draw up an offensive game plan around the guys that are starting the game, so when a backup QB with a somewhat different skillset enters the game, it can be a mismatch between your game plan and the strengths/weaknesses of your backup QB.  I suspect with the week to prepare, WB's staff will have a plan together that will cater to what Markham does best.  At the very least, your RB is a stud.  ;D

The ARC just seems to have more ups and downs that some of the top conferences.  Some years, your champs is really good (this year and last year, definitely).  Other years, not so much (off the top of my head, Dubuque got pasted by the Johnnies 1st round in '15).  Also, in the past 15-20 years, you almost always saw UWW from the WIAC (likely another like UW-O, now UW-LAX) and SJU and/or Bethel from the MIAC.  The ARC has been a bit more wide open--Warty and Central are generally top dogs, but we've seen a number of other teams win the conference.

You don't have to hide your love, Duff, this is a safe place.

Ha, yeah Duff, we know you're a closet baptist and have Steve Johnson screen printed onsies you wear to bed this time of year  ;)

You know that is something I would never joke about!  That would be like Faunch befriending St. Glenn.  :o

Another game of turnover free...

Turnover-free football would have the Johnnies playing this weekend, as well.  :'(

One of my major concerns for Bethel (now I hate Bethel, so I am not really concerned  :P) is how they will deal with UMHB's passing attack.  I know UMHB has some extraordinary athletes, and SJU was able to move the ball consistently through the air against Bethel.

FWIW…I’ve played and or have watched football for 45+ years, and I just don’t understand why teams line up in shotgun or pistol formations on whatever down and goal to go needing a foot AND THEN RUN THE BALL!!

That's interesting.  I remember when Ramler was OC, SJU went almost exclusively shotgun/pistol, and it annoyed the hell out of me.  I guess it hasn't bugged me as much recently, probably partly because SJU's been more successful and partly because it's more commonplace in college football.  I'm definitely not an offensive guru, so I don't know the reasoning behind it.

The thing that killed me about that series was that I thought we should have thrown one up to ALar and/or run some type of jet sweep to the corner.  As mentioned, Wartburg was not going to give up yards (inches?) between the tackles in that scenario, and that has been a pretty weak spot in SJU's offense all year.

That Sheck Wes - Mo Bamba is somewhat of an unofficial team anthem. They played it at least 5 times last week, usually either right before or right after a big play.

I have had this song stuck in my head since Saturday.  I actually pulled it up on Spotify--it's pretty terrible, lyrically and otherwise.  It must be pretty big with the college crowd, though, as we were watching the Gopher women's VB team play Ohio State on Friday, and OSU played it quite a bit, too.

It did look nasty!  He was on the sideline later in the game, so it wasn't hospital nasty, at least.

Region 5 football (Central-ish) / Re: FB: American Rivers Conference
« on: November 26, 2022, 10:18:14 pm »
Wait… Wartknight is Logan Hansen’s dad ::head exploding emoji::

No, he's not.  WK's son was there as well as Logan.  IIRC, Logan and WK's son were roomies.  Sorry I wasn't clear.

Alright.  Wartburg was really good, especially on D.  They're fast, hit hard, and tackle well.  I'll be interested to see how they matchup with an Aurora team that can give you fits.

SJU again didn't play 4 quarters.  There was flashes of excellence but also some major lapses.  Part of it's due to the level of competition, but things like running into punter...grrr.  Ah well, hopefully that ignites some off-season fires.

Great tailgate.  Aside from the regulars, it was nice to share a few brews with Wartknight and his son, Logan Hansen, and even Pat Coleman.

Region 5 football (Central-ish) / Re: FB: American Rivers Conference
« on: November 26, 2022, 07:41:15 pm »
Congrats, Wartburgers.  Your boys came to play today.  I was very impressed with your defense--quick, hard-hitting, and sure tacklers.  Your RB is a stud, too.  They earned the win.

That game definitely lived up to the hype.  I thought it was going to get ugly in the second half, but SJU battled back into it.

It was great to share a few beers with Wartknight and son as well as Logan Hansen. Even got to knock one back with Pat Coleman!  Good company--I hope you guys enjoyed your time at SJU.

Good luck!  I hope the injury to your QB is nothing serious.  He impressed me, too.

I am told bethel left at 1:12 am this morning for Oregon-nice screw job ncaa if accurate.

What?  They charter flights for playoffs, so I find that hard to believe.

Summers here are awesome, Edward. Winters, I could do without.

DustySJU, will you be there this weekend?  It wasn't the same without you last weekend.

Wartknight, you won't be able to park in the tailgate lot, but parking shouldn't be an issue with most students gone for the holiday.  The stadium is a quick walk over from the tailgate area.  I sent Logan a map and suggestions.  Red cups are encouraged--most Johnnies would be happy to give you one (probably a full one).

Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels.

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