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Yeah, you'd better not.  YouTube doesn't have enough server space to host all the highlights of SJU drubbing Auggie Tech . :o

Congrats, RZ!  That's big news

Appreciate the prayers, all.  Dad had surgery today that removed a tumor from his spine.  The surgeon did his best, and now we'll be moving forward to fight the cancer.  :-\
Dad's a tough SOB.

In a brief break from the normal Post Patterns jocularity, my dad (SJU '74) is going through some pretty serious health **** right now, and I'd appreciate any prayers for him and my mom.  :-\


To quote Homer Simpson:

"To alcohol:  the cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems!"

Yikes.  That is sad.  :o

This reminds me of the time years ago that a St. Norbert's player gave the one-finger salute to the crowd at Clemens.  :D

Are any of you coming down for the SJU UWW game on Sept. 9th?

Not sure yet.  It's not my favorite drive, but I'll see what's going on.

2011 model.

That's probably about the same age as mine.  I had to put a few hundo into it last year, but when I looked at what they're charging for a new one, I decided to just get this one tuned up.

I have a Trek 7.2 FX.  ;)

Region 5 football (Central-ish) / Re: FB: American Rivers Conference
« on: April 21, 2023, 09:23:29 am »
Some buddies and I are looking at doing a motorcycle trip down to Dubuque along the Mississippi through Red Wing, Winona, etc. Picking Dubuque because it's a nice scenic ride, and we can play some craps at the Diamond Jo Casino.

Motorcycles?  Gambling?  Bethel is going to revoke your degree!  ;D

Region 5 football (Central-ish) / Re: FB: American Rivers Conference
« on: April 21, 2023, 09:21:29 am »
I saw a blurb today that Cooper Downs is returning to SJU this year.  :o
Too much competition at Central for the starting spot.

Well, he's transferring back to SJU, who has a pretty solid QB returning.  He probably wants to be on a team that will actually make the playoffs.  :o

Foggy Geezer and Juicy Haze are go to's for me.

Both solid choices!

Didn't realize this was a sensitive issue for you  ;D

You appear to be the one that is bothered by it.  I was just sharing a press release, and you implied that SJU is violating the eligibility requirements.

Why don't you go ahead an report them, then?  By putting it in a press release, SJU sure isn't trying to hide it.

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