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Ellie Cassel made both of the three pointers that she has attempted this season.
We therefore must consider whether she could replicate that accomplishment in every game.
Two threes or not two threes, that is the question.

a couple of comments after having attended the Millikin at Wheaton game :
 - without looking at any stats during the game, I did observe that Wheaton was getting a lot of offensive rebounds and they ended up with 15 ... Millikin got only 4 and lost the total rebounding 58 - 26!
 - while Elyce Knudsen finished with 29 pts, I thought Caylee Hermanson (and occasionally others) did fine work guarding her --- none of the 29 was particularly easy ..
overall, Wheaton's defense was very energetic and deserves much credit for causing Millikin's crummy shooting night
iwu70, I've attended IWU games at North Park, Carthage and Wheaton and agree with your optimism for Sawyer White ... she's quite agile and athletic and keeps improving ... she has a long reach too, I think, which helps many aspects of her game

Likewise, lmitzel !
It certainly was a quick game ... not many timeouts or free throws.
North Central could have used the tall Abby Davidson to go against even taller Allison Thompson, but Davidson is sidelined by injury. She happened to exit the gym right in front of me and I noted a bit of limping/hobbling/favoring. Hopefully she can return to action this month.
I heard that Carroll's Kate Christian (also present, but sidelined Wednesday) may not be allowed to play due to leg injury. I don't know if the diagnosis is complete or in progress. Surely disappointing that she can't play, particularly for a senior who is a key part of her team.
Best wishes to her and each of the other injured players around the league.

Congrats to the new CCIW player of the week, Olivia Rangel

Several players performed to the level of conference player of the week.
I'd award it to Olivia Rangel by a microscopically slim margin over Lauren Huber.
Rangel scored 53 in 68 minutes, adding 13 rebs, 11 assists, 6 stls. She made 16/25 2FG, 1/3 3FG, 18/22 FT.
Huber was similarly excellent, scoring 52 in 59 minutes, grabbing 21 rebs. She made 20/28 2FG, 3/7 3FG, 3/4 FT.
Elyce Knudsen did very well in Millikin's only game, scoring 25 (.500 eFG and 5/6 FT) in 26 min., adding 3 stls and 10 rebs.
Marianna Morrissey poured in 37 (15/23 2FG, 7/11 FT), along with 4 stls, 9 assists and 18 rebs in 64 min.
I also noticed the interesting numbers for Augustana's 6'2" freshman Cali Papez : 28 pts, 8 rebs and 8 fouls (a wee bit too many!) in just 25 minutes. She made an impressive 14 of 17 2FG att.

Going into today's action, each CCIW team has at least one player shooting 40% or better from 3 pt distance :
AUG Emma Berg .455  20/44
CRL Brooke Foster .422 35/83
CTG Elena Knebel .500 1/2
       Alyssa Orozco .400 10/25
ELM Mikaela Armstrong 1.000 1/1
IWU Martha Lipic .500 1/2
       Sawyer White .400 12/30
MIL Sarah Ness .500 1/2
      Abby Ratsch .429 3/7
      Elyce Knudsen .402 35/87
NCC Megan Duffy .409 18/44
NPU Maddy Schwemmer .500 4/8
WHE Ellie Cassel 1.000 2/2
        Alyssa Faberowski .500 3/6

my congrats also, to Lauren Huber, new CCIW player of the week
an example of her superb athleticism from the Saturday game at Wheaton : with multiple players attempting to grab a loose ball in the lane, she uses about 1.7 seconds to grab it, jump, do a mid-air 180 and flip the ball neatly into the hoop (yes, it was at the Titans' offensive end of the court)

While I couldn't argue against either Elyce Knudsen or Lauren Huber for player of the week, I'd also nominate Bailey Coffman.
All she did was score 37 in 37:00, along with 6 rebs and 4 steals.
Her shooting was excellent : 5/11 3FGs, 5/6 2FGs and 12/15 FTs.

each team has now played the other 8 once, although not all 4 home and 4 away
8-0 Millikin
6-2 Carroll
5-3 Augustana , Wheaton
4-4 Carthage , Illinois Wesleyan
3-5 North Park
1-7 North Central
0-8 Elmhurst

Multi-Regional Topics / Re: Top 25 discussion
« on: January 18, 2023, 12:15:43 pm »
She may seem unusually tall, but if her legs were any shorter, her feet wouldn't reach the ground and then where would we be.

Congrats to the new CCIW player of the week, Elyce Knudsen !
She may attain D3Hoops Team of the Week honors too ... we'll see.

Having attended the Carroll win, I can note that Olivia Rangel's very efficient 25 pts (9/11 2FG, 7/9 FT) put her in contention for player of the week, as she previously made 7 of 8 2FGs vs Elmhurst.
Many Pioneers were quite productive in limited playing time (no one exceeded 22 minutes), including Kate Christian who had 10 assists.
Brooke Foster missed only 2 shots while scoring 13 and nabbing 2 steals. We don't mention Foster a lot, but any coach would be happy to have her on the team, as she does a variety of good things helping the Carroll defense and offense.

Five CCIW players currently (through Jan 11 games) rate in the top 20 nationally in good categories.
Elmhurst's Taylor Harazin is #10 in made FTs (77)
Illinois Wesleyan's Lauren Huber is #2 in made FGs (120) and #7 in points scored (298)
Millikin's Elyce Knudsen is #1 in made FGs (131), #1 in points scored (327) and #10 in scoring average (21.8)
North Park's Victoria Perry is #19 in made FTs (70)
North Park's Esther Miller is #15 in steals (49) and #22 in steals per game (3.5)
- - - using the top 20 as the cutoff was my arbitrary choice

Quite a full stats line for Elyce Knudsen : 12/22 2FG, 2/7 3FG, 4/4 FT, 9 rebs, 6 assists, 6 TOs, 5 fouls, 3 blocks and 7 steals.
iwu70, what do you make of Sarah Isaf's one-handed three point shooting style? She hit 3 of 4.
She has had other excellent 3FG shooting games already, such as 4 for 5, 6 for 9 and 6 for 8. She's also been "off" from distance a couple of games (0 for 11, 1 for 8). She's one of many promising freshmen in the league this year.

Each team in the conference knows it has things to work on and improve, but calling the whole league weak seems way too much of an insult.
We should appreciate all of the effort given, win or lose.
To completely reinforce that, here is irrefutable evidence of parity in the league :
Carroll defeated IWU, IWU defeated Wash U St Louis, Wash U St Louis defeated U of Chicago and U of Chicago defeated Carroll.
So there!  :)

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