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I'm alternating between watching Trine/Hope and Calvin/Alma. After board members spent the last several years shaking their heads at Hope's inability/unwillingness to invest in an internet video feed, I must say they've gotten it right in Holland. The video quality is outstanding even when going to full screen, and without any buffering. Alma's video isn't nearly as good as Hope's. Much muddier and frequent buffering. Better than nothing though.

The best part about Hope's broadcasts is the fact that they are on Youtube.  You can easily pull them up on your TV if it (or any device connected to it) has "Smart" capabilities and an internet connection.  The video quality is still quite good on my 48" TV. 

Mr. Ziggy (Or Ms. its sort of difficult to tell through these internet machines.) I almost never give out karma, but thought it would be appropriate to bring a Calvin fan's positive karma up to +666. 

You're welcome.

P.S. Having your negative be at EXACTLY half of that at the same time was just a bonus!

This was pointed out to me tonight, thoughts?

Wednesday Feb 4, 2015

6 pm   Hope at Calvin  --men
8 pm   Olivet at Calvin  --women

Calvin actually has 3 6pm starts in a row on Wednesday

It appears the Title IX activists are at it again. A couple of them threatened to sue the GLIAC a few years ago, and rather than spend the time and money litigating the issue, the GLIAC backed down, and now the men and women alternate, with the men playing first one year and the women the next.

The results have been disastrous. Attendance for the men's weekday games is down when they play the early games (how many people can make it to a 6:00 game?) and women's attendance is the same. Also, when the men play the early game, the gym empties out after the end of the men's game, which is embarrassing for the women.

It's unfortunate someone doesn't stand up to these bullies, who would rather bankrupt college athletics than admit at most schools men's basketball is more popular than women's.

GVSU averaged 996 people at their 14 home games.  Even if you assume every person who walked in the door paid the full $9 price, that's still only $126,000 in revenue. GVSU just approved their 2014-2015 budget and allocated $6.5 million to athletic department spending. I have a strong feeling a few empty seats aren't going to bankrupt their athletic department.   

It also begs the question of what is the purpose of division III (and d2) college athletics? Is it to drive institutional revenues?  Is it to conveniently entertain the schools' supporters?  Is it to create an environment to help shape a bunch 18-22 year-old kids?

4 tweets from Holland Sentinel reporter Michael Applegate

Michael Appelgate ‏@mappelgate206 20m
Former Hope bball coach Glenn Van Wieren “I’m very sorry that this has happened to Matt and Hope college... (1/3)

"He was everything I wanted in an assistant and when he became head coach I was very excited... (2/3)

This is something they decided between the two of them (Hope & Matt Neil)." (3/3) #Hopebasketball

Van Wieren was adamant he has no idea why Neil left, and said that information deserves to be private. #Hopebasketball

If GVW has no idea what is going on, how does he know that the information is of a nature that needs to be private? 

My conclusion is that this was initiated by the college and not Coach Neil.  When an employee/coach resigns on their own, the communication always sounds very different that this.  Also, it seems that there was nothing so serious/scandalous that it couldn't wait until the academic year and commencement were complete before making this move. I have no idea what Coach Neil's relationship with President Knapp is like, but this is quite coincidental with the conclusion of the president's first year on campus.  Obviously at a place like Hope the men's BB coach is a high profile position that represents the school to the school's constituents and needs to be on the same page with the president and board.  The final three games of the MN era end up being three embarrassments for Hope, all at DeVos.  At a high profile D1 school this may be a factor for a forced resignation of the coach, but I can't imagine that the team's performance had anything to do with it.  Overall, his four years at the helm were quite successful in the W-L column and in tourney bids.  On the surface to me as a casual fan, I would say that MN has represented Hope very well and I wish him well both personally and with any future coaching career.

Hope's spring term ended May 2nd and commencement was May 4th.

Population size is an important factor in this discussion. Both Chicagoland and Michigan's Lower Peninsula have populations that are much, much larger than Wisconsin's.

If you are talking WIAC, you also have to factor in the MN-WI instate tuition reciprocity agreement.  Minnesota residents can attend Wisconsin state schools for instate tuition rates and vice versa.  That brings the WIAC's "instate" recruiting base to a similar number to Illinois and Michigan. 

As a dreamer, I started working out Hope's chances of hosting the next round and realized they are much better than I would have thought... On merit, they would be fourth in line (Washington, IWU, and Wooster ahead of them)

However, Washington to Wooster is 519 miles, and we know the NCAA will avoid paying for flights whenever possible. If all four #1 seeds win, the next round will almost for surely have to be at Illinois Wesleyan (merit, central location, nice gym, etc.)

But IWU is the only #1 seed in this quadrant that will have to beat a higher ranked team ( in order to move on (St. Norbert)... If St. Norbert beats IWU and the four teams moving on are Wooster, Washington, St. Norbert, and Hope, Hope is the only school that the other three can get to without flying.

While I think its silly to even be talking about something so unlikely to happen, lets make it even less likely.  Lets say the above scenerio happens and the Hope women advance through the weekend and would be the best choice to host, but there is another venue that could host and not involve flights. 

Would the NCAA let the Hope women host and force a flight on the men's side? Or, would the Hope men host to keep from having more teams fly?

Hope is hosting and Calvin is headed to St. Louis.

Penn State-Behrend

Wheaton IL
Rose Hulman




I just noticed our friends from Finlandia open their season at Grinnell on Nov. 15.

What may be even more interesting is when our friends from the College of Faith travel to Grinnell in early January.

Saturday morning, ESPN radio announced the score to the Finlandia/Grinnell game with a lead that went something close to, "Remember when that guy from Grinnell scored 11-billion points in a game last year..."  I immediately thought it was the CoF game and they tried their "have 1 guy score all the points routine" again.  Thankfully, it was Finlandia and he ONLY scored 70 points. 

Grinnell will try it again when they play CoF, won't they?  It just makes me shake my head...

A little help.

How do HIPAA laws effect SIDs when dealing with players'...
... injuries?
... discipline issues?
... academic issues?

Discipline and academic issues are covered under FERPA, not HIPPA.  Without a student's consent, a school receiving federal funding cannot release anything more that "Directory Information."  (i.e. name, address, dates of attendance, etc.)


That is not me btw.

But, is that your handwriting?

My handwriting is much more elegant.

I suspect this morning a file folder arrived on the desk of Calvin's Minister of Rivalry containing a copy of "The Master Plan", a list of future College Game Day locations and suggestions on sign topics, all of them including a 4 letter word.

Washington State already put together the manual for getting your sign/flag on College GameDay.  If someone could pass this on the proper authorities, I would greatly appreciate it.  This could be fun!

I agree that Adrian is a really good comparison to Rose-Hulman.  But I would add RH is like Adrian if Adrian had Hope's offense.

Are you saying RH's offense is similar to the Hope offense we saw at Calvin twice?

No, for the season their productivity is about equal.  Adrian is well below 'good' on offense.

For a team that plays a low scoring, low possession game Rose-Hulman has an efficient offense.
For a team that plays a low scoring, low possession game Adrian does not have an efficient offense.

Comparative scores with common opponents shows RH had similar score lines to Calvin.

At least Calvin outdraws them in the attendance stats.  Looking forward to some Terre Haute cuisine this weekend.

SB Nation did a pretty exhaustive piece on Indianapolis cuisine before the 2012 Super Bowl down there.  This way you can prepare for the miracles to come from our friends to the south!

The hip-thursting kid in a sumo costume is a nice touch.  You stay classy San Diego!

He was right next to me for several minutes of the first half, repeatedly obstructing my view. I told my wife if he came back after halftime I was going to take out my pocket knife and puncture the suit. Seriously. He must have overheard because I never saw him again.

Watch you, he's coming for you...

It boggles my mind that he/she/it would think blackface is okay... Lets take a caricature and make it more inaccurate and offensive!   I just don't get it.

The hip-thursting kid in a sumo costume is a nice touch.  You stay classy San Diego!


However, on the offensive side (I realize scoring is down), there are several things that happen, that did not happen 20 years ago too:

1.  Carrying or palming of the ball - this trend is alarming, you can basically pick up the ball on your 1st step and not get called for it.

2.  Travelling - you are more permitted at least an additional 1/2 step now days versus years ago.  I would guess to say that travelling in the technical sense aka. by the rulebook, occurs in about every 3rd possession now days.

3.  Illegal screens - with the domination of the high pick and roll game, these type of screens are more common place now than a good solid "within the rules" screen.

4.  Continuation - officials allow at least one add't step now for the continuation of a play/basket after a foul.  BTW, travelling occurs most of the time on these type of plays too.  In last nights, IU/MSU game I can think of 4-5 situations where this occurred.  Not in all the situations did the basket go in, but it would have counted if it did.  20 years ago, if you fouled a player near the free line or wing, he "never" got a continuation call.  Now it is common place.

All good thoughts, imagine how defensive the game would be without these 'advantages' to the offense.

But, how much of that is negated by the clutching and grabbing from the portion of his post that got cropped out?  While, I have never played basketball at any competitive level, I know that grabbing a handful of uni while playing soccer was a HUGE advantage for a defender when you got away with it. 

Indiana and Kentucky are both easy to overlook.
Unless you're talking college basketball. ;D

My math skills are failing me.  It might be time for this accountant to find a new profession!  Or maybe, I can blame it on my forgetting that Kentucky is a state!  ;D

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