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Bleed--100% agreement on motivation to play UWW.  Every team every game! No other circumstances necessary.

Lest it look like running up the score, Kaleb Blaha did not play after the first quarter, which ended up 41-3. He ran for 3, passed for 2 in the first quarter and sat for the rest of the game. Aufenthie and Fitzgerald, 2nd and 3rd qb's, scored. Wesolowski, 4th string qb, did not score but played quite a bit and looked good.

I hope we do not have to schedule them again.

According to Larry Harmon, CRU coach, it will be necessary for his team to get off to a better start than they have in the first two games (down 14 pts. early)
so that they don't have to rely on the pass to get back in it. He wants a more balanced attack than has been possible so far.

Kaleb Blaha has been named to the D3 team of the week for the second consecutive week and third time in his career. He totaled 566 yards of total offense vs. Ohio Wesleyan. I wish one of our running backs could take some of the pressure off him.

Now that Trinity beat UMHB 35-15, a WW win in Texas looks quite likely. I wouldn't be surprised to see a 20 point win for the Hawks. I hope so, because I want see two unbeaten teams when WW visits RF.

Kaleb Blaha broke the UWRF total offense single game record today w/ 420 passing and 146 rushing, total 566. He passed for 3 td's and ran for 1 in a 37-10 win over O;hio Wesleyan U.

Bleed, did not get your d m.

Bleed, I sent you an email

They have not lost an opener since 20 0 2.

Yes, several. Their long snapper had a terrible day.

Falcons better than I anticipated. D absolutely dominated Crusaders, holding them to -5 total rushing yards.

UWRF tried to get the 1 o'clock game set back to 11 because of heat, but M HB would have no part of it even though they came up in a charter flight. It appears they think they have an advantage in playing in the heat. They practiced at Ramer Field this afternoon and then drove back to Minneapolis where they stayed overnight. The local hotel and restaurant  got no economic boost.

Bleed ,  you are absolutely right about Blaha. I did not read carefully enough. Hope he plays better than I read.

I am not as optimistic about the Falcons on Saturday as some posters. Hope I am wrong.
A lot of our key performers are juniors, Including the entire backfield. I think next year will be a greater year for the Falcons.

Not one of the one hundred sixty five players from UWRF has quit, According to coach Walker
1 person who would applaud this number is the chancellor.

Why was Kaleb Blaha not mentioned as a notable returner by the person who posted the order of finish in the WIAC? Dumb!

He led the conference in scoring and total offense last year.

Oshkosh about to go through some things, other UW schools also could be impacted:

UW-Oshkosh plans to cut about 200 non-faculty staff and administrators this fall, while furloughing others, UW-Oshkosh Chancellor Andrew Leavitt said Thursday, as the university faces an unprecedented $18 million budget shortfall. The cuts amount to about 20% of university employees.

200 non-faculty cut and others furloughed any news out of Oshkosh on how this will impact athletics?

Nothing I have read indicates athletics will be affected.

My assumption of JO's role at UWRF changed after I asked Coach W whether JO was an assistant coach. MW said JO would be a "consultant" to Walker on the kicking team, and that he was glad to have him. That would explain why JO is not listed as an assistant coach. He has not been on the field for any of the practices yesterday or today. UWRF has 165 players practicing, split into  morning and afternoon groups.

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