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All 15 who were able to play ... Maggie Shipley and Ava Limonciello were out with injuries.  Hopefully we get them both back before the big matchup with undefeated UMHB on the 19th.

Speaking of USBWA national player-of-the-week Maggie Robbins, it's hard to believe she was only named honorable-mention all-SCAC last season despite leading the conference in steals by a wide margin.  Hopefully between being named the MVP of the SCAC tournament and her play this year, the coaches will give her a little more credit when the end of season awards come around this year.  She has really stepped up her play since Shipley went down.

Oh, and with his next win Coach Hill will set the all-time win record for TUWB, surpassing Becky Geyer with whom he is tied after Sunday's victory. 

Women's soccer / Re: Grad Students
« on: November 28, 2022, 03:18:57 pm »
Happy Thanksgiving - I just watched SimpleCoach’s Thanksgiving video and he recapped the women’s final four:

Hopkins definitely has to be the favored team for all the reasons mentioned in some of the above posts.  I watched the Hopkins / Misericordia game and after looking at the Box Score (and even knowing about the D1 transfers), I was still a little surprised at what’s happening at Hopkins this year.

During the Misericordia game they used 4 subs out of a total roster of 35.  The starting 11 consisted of 6 5th year grad students (more than half) 2 of which are “home grown” and 4 are D1 transfers.  The remaining 5 starters include 3 freshmen and 2 sophomores.  The four that were used off the bench include 2 5th year D1 transfers and one freshman and one sophomore.  What you don’t see on the field at all during the game are any juniors or seniors!  Imagine being a senior that came to Hopkins in 2019 (the year before COVID) and now in 2022 you are sitting on the bench because 7 D1 5th year transfers came in (I’m purposely ignoring the 2 home grown 5th year seniors).  Talk about renting a team for a year.


Frank Rossi has posted the TU post-game press conference on Twitter (the UMHB conference is in another tweet).

Man. Where did that 2nd half offense come from for Trinity? If they had a shred of that in the 1st half, this is a different game. Stoked that it turned out to be an epic game though. Really incredible how far Trinity has come back as a program, and showed they can play with any of the big boys in D3. What a season.

All agree.   Amazed at how they came back after giving up the two long second half TDs.  Wish we would have had a little more urgency on the last drive - understand not leaving UMHB much time had we scored but just a bit casual and it ended up costing. 

Game preview from the SA Express-News (not paywalled).

6 of the 7 prognosticators picked UMHB; they are the defending national champions and worthy of that respect.  It’s an uphill battle tomorrow to be sure, but games are played for a reason and as both the UW teams saw last week, the favorite doesn’t *always* win. 

Good win for Trinity at HSU last night - details in Riley's substack (once today's article is published), but a pretty back-and-forth game until Ashlyn Milton (a game-high 17 points) hit three straight threes in the fourth quarter to account for most of the final 76-69 margin.  The teams will resume battle Saturday afternoon in San Antonio and it'll be interesting to see how the teams make adjustments given the short timeframe (and Thanksgiving in-between).   

Ashlyn is shooting the three ball well so far in this young season, 12-30 (40%) largely on the strength of 8-12 in the last two games.   

I wonder how many people will attend being that it’s the weekend after Thanksgiving.

Historically speaking (given that it's been over a decade since TU hosted a second-round game) crowds are quite a bit lighter with most of the students and a good number of the usual crowd away for the holiday.  I imagine UMHB will bring a sizeable group as always.

Forecast for San Antonio looks to be the first decent day in over a week, lots of sun with temperatures near 60 by game time, increasing to the mid-60s by game's end.  It will be breezy with winds 10-15 MPH out of the west.  With the stands partially blocking the wind on the home side that could make for some interesting dynamics in the passing and kicking games. 

I have no idea what happened, but last year's leading scorer and D3hoops first-team all-region F Enzo Sechi is no longer listed on the Trinity(TX) roster.  He was featured in the team's season preview on November 1st.  I couldn't find anything telling a story; he has been active on Twitter but his last actual post was a retweet of the season preview.  That's a loss. 

Maggie Shipley went down with a shoulder or arm injury against HPU and didn’t start today so at this point I’m hoping it wasn’t a season-ending injury.

West Region / Re: Region X WVB (Amer. SW, NWC, SCAC, SCIAC)
« on: November 19, 2022, 09:45:07 pm »
The natty was not to be as Juniata dominated the first two sets and held off Trinity in the third in a 25-17, 25-11, 25-23 thumping.   2nd place out of 420-odd teams is nothing to hang your head about, but I know the TU women and coaches have to be feeling the loss of coming so close. 


Outside observer--I thought Trinity's D looked really good.  The question I have is:  can they bring enough offense to hang with MHB?

It's been an interesting season.  Against better opponents Trinity seems to bring just enough offense to win, but obviously the Cru present a whole different challenge.  I think there has been more of an effort to control the ball to limit the amount of time the defense spends on the field and the passing game has been more conservative than last year.   I don't know if Coach Urban and OC Lytal have anything new up their sleeve for next week, but they'll probably need more - and hold on to the ball better - than we saw today to have a chance.     

Looks like Bertness isn't playing today (must have regressed) and now appears that BJ Stewart is hurt. Trinity's passing game pretty much nonexistent as a result other than short passes.

I'm not sure he played two weeks ago, I think that was me relying on the announcers.  Stats don't show anything for him since the opener and he was def in civvies today.

Great job by the D holding HSU to one TD despite the turnovers and resulting field position HSU ended up with.  I'm not sure the success HSU had the last drive was our tired legs as it us was going to a prevent with only three men rushing until they got inside the 30.  And thank God for Carter Self recovering that fumble a play or two before Horn's TD pass to Merrifield.   Totally agree we need better offensive play next week and hope some of those injuries weren't season-ending. 

No update yet on the Sul Ross website (either the main one or the athletic site) regarding their D2 decision, which was on the Texas State System board agenda yesterday.   They *did* announce that the board approved installing interim president Carlos Hernandez as the school's 14th president during that meeting.

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