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Women's soccer / Liberty League Womens Soccer 2022
« on: April 11, 2022, 11:28:56 am »
Looking at the Liberty League statistics for 2021, 8 of the overall statistical leaders in offensive categories were fifth year players. An additional 5 players are fourth years with one year of eligibility left, whose return for a fifth year is uncertain. With the departure of this offensive talent, it looks like 2022 will likely be a year of major transition for most teams in the Liberty League.  Will this transition year loosen William Smith’s grasp on the Liberty League title in 2022?  Here is a look at how graduation will affect each team in the League.

#1 William Smith is losing Juila Keogh ( and LL POY) as well as 3 of their top offensive leaders (Adams, McQuillian and Hinrichs). They also may lose Gray (3 goals) and Kneike (3 goals), who were also in the top ten in some of the League’s statistical categories. Definitely returning are Blakely-Armitage (#4 in team pts, 9 goals), Katrine Berg (#6 in team pts, 4 goals), Emma Faso (#8 in team pts, 4 goals) and Julia Berg (#9 in team pts, 4 goals). With their deep bench, it will be interesting to see which other player may step up to replace the offensive power that is leaving the team.

#2 Ithaca is losing their top two offensive leaders in Epifani and Espenhorst  as well as Megan 0’Reilly (#5 on team for pts). There is a question whether Buttinger (LL top ten in GWG,4 goals) will return for a fifth year. Definitely returning are Delaney Rutan (LL top 10 in shots, 2 goals), Rosey Bostian (LL top ten in shots and shots on goal, 4 goals) and defender Richards (LL top 10 in GWG)

#3 Union is losing their top offensive player O’Shea, Dworkin (#4 in team pts) and, if she decides not to return for a 5th year, Schleimer (#2 in team pt, 5 goals). Definitely returning is Friedman (#3 in team pts, 4 goals) and Sgueglia (#5 in team pts, 4 goals).

#4 RIT is returning Cataldo-Smith, their top offensive player for past 2 years (2019 LL ROY, 2021- #2 in LL goals, game-winners and pts) but is losing McHale (#2 in team pts). Also returning are Allor (#3 in team pts, 3 goals), Williams (#4 in team pts, 3 goals) and Schock (#5 in team pts, 3 goals).

#5 Skidmore is losing their top offensive player Eljaeik as well as Craft (#2 in team pts) and Allen (#4 In team pts). Definitely returning is Stone (#3 in team pts, 3 goals) and Dunn (#5 in team pts, 2 goals)

#6 Vassar is losing their top offensive player Herrera-Ross (5 goals) and Rubinelli (#4 in team pts, 2 goals). Definitely returning is Morrison (#2 in team pts, 4 goals) and Monnelly (#3 in team pts, 2 goals).

#7 St Lawrence could possibly lose their top offensive player O’Hara,(5 goals 6 assists) if she does not return for a fifth year. They are also losing Isabel (#2 in team pts). Definitely returning are Potter (#3 in team pts, 5 goals) and Reynolds (#4 in team pts, 3 goals).

#8 RPI is losing their top two offensive players, Winsom  and Emma Barnes  They are returning Gwen Barnes (1goal, 3 assists) ,Nambior (2 goals) and several other players scoring 2 goals or less.

#9 Clarkson is returning their top 4 offensive players,  Hodge (4 goals), Fahrenkrug (4 goals)  , Cascone (1 goals, 4 assists) and Kohls (3 goals).

#10 Bard may be losing Dickson (1 goal) if she doesn’t return for a fifth year. Definitely returning are Peet and Randall, who both scored a goal last year.

Women's soccer / D-3 Women 2021
« on: September 20, 2021, 04:49:51 pm »
Before getting into actual game discussion later, I figured I'd start with a big picture comment on the 2021 season.

At the beginning of pre-season, I was concerned that the season would again be disrupted by Covid. Fortunately, the decision of a number of colleges and then later the NCAA to mandate Covid vaccination for all athletes seems to have eliminated any disruption to the season schedule. You do not hear of Covid outbreaks among athletes or cancellations of college games due to Covid. At least I haven't.

That does not mean that Covid did not have an impact on the season. It is clear to me that many teams have not gotten back to normal. A number of teams that traditionally are dominant are struggling a bit out of the gate. 8 teams (Wheaton, Williams, Stevens, Ohio Northern, Cal Lutheran, Clarence, Geneseo and Swarthmore)  that started in the United Soccer Coaches pre-season poll have struggled and no longer in the top 25 after 2 weeks of play. Even William Smith (which started as #2) has struggled with some games. 

Some of that may be attributable to players having difficulty getting back into game shape and dealing with a higher rate of injury than usual after a year off due to Covid. There is a difference between being in game shape and the fitness you get when limited to only practices. 

Another reason may be that teams are essentially incorporating two years of recruits into their system at the same time. Sure, last year recruits got to spend time to learn their coach's system and got to practice with their teammates but there is no substitute to actual game experience to develop a team.

What is clear after 2 weeks is that you could likely see a lot of different college names on the top 25 list at the end of the season. That may not be a bad thing.   

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