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 PLATTEVILLE versus AUGUSTANA for the Isthmus Bowl.

RF lost without all conference Noah Hanson, just now able to practice after coming off a serious knee injury and with a surprising debut of Zac Johnson, transfer from Augustana (SD) and RFHS grad with 20 points. Also without Rodrick Payne, transferred to Western Illinois. RF should finish higher than 5th place, as predicted.

The positive comments aboutUWRF are all appreciated. I do think we have to wait until after next Saturday to make a final assessment. The slip from number 7 to number 11 surprised me after losing by only 3 to LaCrosse.

The blocked kick was low to start with. And there is some question about whether it would have crossed the bar without being blocked.

I just took a look at Kobe for the Berghammer's performance and saw that he had 8 passing touch downs  today.

It is doubtful anyone surpassed Kaleb Blaha's performance today:  6 rushing td's, one passing td, 535 total yards accumulated.

For the second time this season, RF scored 75 points, this time vs a conference opponent. Point's ineptitude was surprising. Blaha played less than a half.

The second and third string qb's alternated on possessions starting late in the 2nd period (Aufenthie and Weslowski) Actually, it was the third and fourth string qb's. The second string qb (Fitzgerald) broke his left wrist at the end of the Eau Claire game and is out for the season. None of the qb's are seniors.

Weslowski is the better of the two sub qb's because he can run and pass. Aufenthie is strictly a passer, but has the strongest arm of all, including Blaha.

 I don't think Walker calls the plays. Certainly, he has input, but the offensive coordinator, Joe Mattheson,  calls most of them. Walker Is a delegator.

BW--we don't have anybody to take the pressure off Blaha. We need WW's two running backs.

 Blaha was 15/35 passes, well below his average, and was under pressure to throw on the run most of the time.

RF got beat worse than the score shows. WW made Blaha have the least effective game I've seen him play. 77 for WW is the biggest player I've seen this season, but was largely a negative for WW, or at least it looks that way without seeing film of the game.

Now, RF has to win out to finish in a tie for first, a difficult, but not impossible task.

see--not really interested in Blaha vs Berghammer comparison until RF plays Oshkosh. I would say, however, that no WIAC running qb is as able to elude tacklers as well as Blaha.

I'm more interested in how the WW run D stacks up against the RF Oline.

The UW Eau Claire marching band played during the signal calling when UW River Falls. Had the ball;  how's that for class?

Bleed-- Sure! How many points will WW give to switch? And can RF get the home gate receipts? Might be worth the loss to gain the revenue!

Forecast and intensity have improved. Rain now scheduled to end a.m. Hope WW brings good crowd. Our best is short of 3900.

Weather scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 14, River Falls:  50 degrees, blustery, cloudy, 70% chance of rain.

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