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Centre definitely seems like the team to beat in SCAC......Hendrix dropped both the Lagrange and Berry games when both were winnable. Seems like they are having to rebuild some chemistry with different players on the floor. They seem to have potential to come back in last part of season if they can get some confidence by winning the next couple of definitely winnable games against Dallas and Austin College.

Region 10 women's basketball / Re: Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference
« on: December 29, 2011, 05:20:25 am »
Lagrange and Berry non conference games will be BIG for warriors confidence going into the meat of the SCAC conference schedule from here on.
Depth will be building with these two keep a close watch.....if wins.....both.......then WATCH OUT SCAC West.

Region 10 women's basketball / Re: Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference
« on: December 29, 2011, 05:17:35 am »
Hendrix has been up and down this season with no real leaders stepping up besides there sophmore Jamie Tate. They have lost alot of close games. These next couple of non conference games will be important to there overall season as they need WINS now to help confidence of team overall. The new freshman have played well and will get even some more confidence building the next couple of days.  Southwestern and Colorado and Ozarks should all have been wins but they don't have a real goto player at this point.  I believe Anna Roane and Katy Pauley will step up however and Jamie Tate and the rest of the freshman will continue to get better under Coach Cummins tough leadership. Just waiting for team to GEL and chemistry to finally provide Win momentum.

To know just how good Hendrix College is......Watch the scores of these games

November 26th they play Washington University (Mo) Ranked #2 Preseason
November 27th they play Illinois Wesleyan Ranked #4 Preseason or Depauw Ranked #20

if Hendrix can stay within 10 points of either of these teams then they deserve some respect in the SCAC.

 8-) Cool idea Ronk....  That is a great idea.

Gordonmann thanks.....your memo from the NCAA was very helpful.

This year is a trial year by what I have read from the NCAA New Rules from the NCAA website. They are trying out the 10 second backcourt violation rule for Women's Basketball during just the preseason this year and if the criteria is favorable then the 10 second backcourt violation rule would take effect during the 2012-2013 regular season as a permanent rule. Most everybody in basketball feels that women can dribble and play defense and that this rule should have been in effect for at least 5 years already but they fear that the turnovers will slow the game down and be less exciting to fans I guess. 

I cannot find anywhere what the EXACT criteria the NCAA is looking for this preseason to decide if this rule will be permanent next year or not.......does anybody know what the EXACT criteria is and who actually will vote on this rule being changed permanently next year?  That is the question no one seems to know the answer to.....

Please help answer this question if you have insider knowledge on the NCAA Rules Board or whatever it is called

Who decides and what criteria as far as stats is needed this year to make this rule permanent next year......

I believe this rule should have been changed 5 years ago.......they are trying it out in preseason this year.....but what is the criteria in terms of turnovers and points scored are they looking out for this to become a permanent rule and allow defensive to be finally rewarded like it should be as well as rewarding teams that have good passers and dribblers.

You mean to tell me NO One knows about the NCAA new rules for Women's Basketball in this forum.


If you do please tell people whats going on.

According to the new NCAA rules they will start playing with the 10 second backcourt rule in preseason this year 2011-2012 but what is the criteria or statistics that will determine whether this goes into effect during th 2012-2013 Regular Season and who actually votes on the decision.......I am all for the new rule.....which should have been in effect 5 years ago.....but the real question is are they going to then change the time of possession clock to 35 seconds or ???? any information on this and how this will be carried out in the SCAC this year preseason would be helpful.

South Region / Re: SCAC volleyball
« on: October 05, 2011, 11:33:03 pm »
Trinity is losing its VB luster and even with two tough loses and then a win over Rust.....Hendrix is continuing to improve in leaps and bounds.....They have confidence and I think Saturday they will win 2 and possibly lose 1......but they could surprise you.

South Region / Re: SCAC volleyball
« on: October 02, 2011, 12:13:10 am »
Hendrix College at 5-1 so far in conference play is going to surprise some teams this season.
Today they beat Trinity 3-0 and Dallas 3-0. Freshman Kylee Spicer is coming on stronger as the season progresses and they have a great setter.

General Basketball / Re: Proposed 2011-12 rule changes
« on: September 29, 2011, 01:45:38 am »
I do know that most if not all of the SCAC basketball games are Televised on so whether or not replay is provided I'm not sure......seems like it could be.

General Basketball / Re: Proposed 2011-12 rule changes
« on: September 27, 2011, 10:04:52 pm »
Will the 10 Second backcourt rule for Women's Basketball be played that way in preseason this year in DIII?  and What is the criteria from the NCAA for officially changing it based on the statistics this year?

General Basketball / Re: Proposed 2011-12 rule changes
« on: September 21, 2011, 03:31:56 am »
My point again KnightSlappy......Under the basket doesn't mean 3 ft arc.   Let the referees call the game for safety.  Whether there is an 3 ft arc or not the referees still have to keep the game safe at times and control the game when tempers start to flare. Trust them to do there job.....don't make it impossible for them to make a call without the fans yelling at them.....

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