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I got to play We are the Champions twice last Saturday, once for the football UMAC title and once for the NCAA regional volleyball championship over Whitewater.  Definitely the Queen version.

I'm not of same era, and I know the Piano Man is a favorite but for me it's a complete buzz kill at end of games.  It's awful and completely drains the stadium of any life. 

The whole Piano Man drop your trouser bit at weddings is a bit puzzling too.  Again, when class of '83 was getting married Billy Joel was not a thing and I'm proud to say it still isn't.

How do you not play Johnny B. Goode at the end of every game?  Might be that new sound you're looking for.
Obviously the song to play at the end of football games is “The Boys of Fall”.


The big play where UW Stout took the lead for the first time vs GAC with seconds to go.

What a great way to win, good for UW-Stout. Did the Stout WR get away with a little offensive pass interference on the play? Maybe. Congratulations to the Blue Devil squad.

I thought the receiver pushed off to knock the DB off stride resulting in his stumbling. Glad I was't the only voice.

There might have been some contact, but the DB went to the ground on his own accord. That won't go over well during film session.
Some of this might need to go on the GAC coaches.  The defensive set was questionable for that situation.  The safeties were only about 10 yards of the ball at the snap.  A first down won’t hurt like a deep ball will.

TOP is garbage.  :o  Score is all that matters.

Ice Bear says this is exactly what the reaction always is...hence the reason we make fun of the fact that many focus on TOP so much. We now use it as sarcasm...Ice may get his ass kicked for saying this but even Troylet is more important...and if you've ever been...
I'd say it matters in some situations.  If you're trying to hold down a high scoring passing offense it definitely helps to reduce the number of possessions in the game.  You're giving your defense more chance to rest and towards the end of the halves you especially want to hold onto possession so you can leave as little time as possible for the other team.
I'll take a Monkey Stop over winning the TOP battle  8-)

Agreed. I could care less about TOP when the offense is able to consistently put together 4 play 60 yard drives all day in 1:48.
There is something to be said about using TOP to slow down a potent offense like SJU's passing attack the last few years. The only thing is that you have to actually score to keep up. Possessing the ball for 40+ minutes doesn't matter if you aren't converting those opportunities.

Makes me think of some of the games with the Cobbers in the early 2000s and early 2010s where SJU would score relatively quickly and then Concordia would hold the ball for 8-9 minutes with lots of 3-4 yards and a cloud of dust plays and score after long drives.
September 18, 2021
Score:  SJU 55 - Luther 7
TOP:  SJU 25:19 - Luther 34:41

Did anyone else see a second ref on the grassy knoll behind the old scoreboard last Saturday?  Not sure what impact this had on the fair catch ruling.

Jerry Haugen will take over as head coach, we’ll be fine….
This must be some sort of record for age of head football coaching debut.

I don’t necessarily see it happening, but if the Auggie’s can get their passing game going the next couple of weeks the Johnnies could be down at Edor Nelson field championship weekend.

I may be wrong, but in the "it's a small world" department, didn't Jackson Erdmann's dad (Jeff) and Graydon Kulick's dad (John) play football together down at Gustavus???

Maybe I'll bring my laptop up to Collegeville and stream the game from my seats.  Naw......... wouldn't be the same without hearing "open your programs to page......." between seemingly every play.

Sounds like we’ll be at US Bank Stadium.

I'm probably in the minority, but if it's anywhere other than Collegeville, that's pure garbage.  >:(

I'm with you.  Bring in temporary bleachers to hold 30k if you must.  But have it in Collegeville.
I agree, this game should be in Collegeville, but I'm looking for an official announcement sometime today that the game will be at US Bank.

I've been given permission to return for the final Johnnie-Tommie game.  The end of an era.  Very exciting.
Sounds like we’ll be at US Bank Stadium.

Lamker seems like a great hire. But I'm also a complete sucker for the great player returns as coach narrative, in all sports. It doesn't always work out of course but it's cool when it does, especially if it's someone lifting a program from the depths, which Augsburg kind of needs now.
Lamker is a high energy charismatic individual who has worked and been successful with kids at two vastly different high schools in Osseo and Edina.  Not sure how that will parlay into the college world, but he does seem to connect with kids which could help with recruiting.  Would be nice to see him bring more success at Augsburg to strengthen the overall conference.

Lamker takes over the Auggie program.  I think this will help the program.  College is a different game, but he had success at Osseo and Edina.  He's an offensive guy so if he can bring in a solid DC they might build up respect.

Who takes over as QB?

Rumors are swirling... :o
Any truth to the rumor next year's QB is already on campus but took this season off to save his last year of eligibility?

Looks like it will be about 30 and overcast, but no precipitation in the afternoon.    Maybe a little more conducive for a ground-and-pound style of play, but shouldn't impact the game too much.
Above 20 and very little wind or rain will be just fine for Erdmann to throw all over the place.
The concern isn't about the players, they're young and will be moving around, I'm concerned about the fans sitting on the metal bleachers.

Looks like it will be about 30 and overcast, but no precipitation in the afternoon.    Maybe a little more conducive for a ground-and-pound style of play, but shouldn't impact the game too much.

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