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As noted before by a few posters, tell me what their recruiting class was like two years for the relevancy of their success this upcoming year. Do they have a functional qb on the roster or any one that can separate and catch a ball on outside? that was their main problem last year. But congrats and best of luck to the young men coming in.

As soon as the Ivies do it ( re playoffs), the Nescac will follow. That's your leading indicator.

For the casual hoops fan, any color on who is expected to contend in the league this year? A few have had a decent non conference start.

Charlie, love the passion but I need to correct you on one thing. There are no kids waiting on D2 offers before deciding on playing Nescac football. Same piece of land but a different pond so to speak. Ivies and Patriot league-absolutely. We spend a lot of time on these incoming frosh classes but it's so rare any of them play right away. Looking back at the classes 2-3 years ago? That's where the evaluations should be graded out. 

This sounds absurd to me unless its also for academic and post college job life opps which makes some sense flying the Coop to land in purple pastures. How about winning the job and sticking it out. QB turnover is massive at all levels( see TCU Heisman candidate) Never know when your number is called. BTW it was ( lack of) WR play at both those purple palaces that was their undoing-careful what you wish for. This generation of flee when adversity comes is such a bad precedent at this level. NIL opps/D1 etc its a little different story.

Congrats to Tomlinson on a Stonehill offer. Hope more landing options are on the way for the young man.

Not sure how we arrived at this topic but having watched nescac ball for over ten years, I think it's a hope and a prayer they'd put even 5k in Fenway for any match up of teams. Would be fun for the players and alums for sure, but the place would look barren on tv for certain. H/Y was around 25-30k this year and that had title implications for both squads.

*stick to where you are.

Congrats to all the all league guys but I’ll second there were some egregious misses. Travel around the stat pages and it’s pretty obvious which guys were slighted. If you are going to put 11 LB’s on the team, let’s start handing out participation trophies. Have a standard and stick to it please. Coaches are making this stuff up as they go year by year.

If these guys aren’t going Patriot League or Ivies, stick we hear you Artie. Why play a couple snaps at 2-10 Umass? What’s that prove? For the record HC would beat them by 3 td’s when someone recently inferred they were next level up from PL.

If we are defining next level as Nova, Fordham, HC etc, I’m sure he can get some snaps. Beyond that let’s be serious folks.

Wish him all the best-outstanding player for the Cards.

Charlie, perhaps you'll be taken more seriously if you proofread and punctuate correctly? You've been taking unsubstantiated shots at Tufts and others for two years. This is all make believe so do these power rankings really matter? Bottom of that list is equally flawed IMO. Here's a good way to think about it. Seed the Nescac in a bracket and who's playing in the final game? It's not the Pants -that's for certain.

Appreciate all your coverage NM, but I need to intervene on your " power" rankings. If they are true end of season rankings, you've misspelled a few schools in the 2-4 category. Wes at 2, Tufts at 3, Midd at 4 is prob the correct order. If it's a compilation of the entire season, I can live with your top 4.

Shocking that Trinity played such a tight game with Midd is as much a quandry as the Amherst W over the Elephants.

Congrats to the Bants on a great season...but pump the brakes Ghost on your " gap" comments on tiers. Jumbos lost by 3 after spotting them 17 on a few uncharacteristic miscues. Furthermore, Trinity held on for dear life to squeak by the Pants. Tufts just hung 65 on the Pants but also lost to the Wooly mammals so it's all relative. With the Maine teams improving, I think league parity continues to improve every year.

RIP Coach-he was a tremendous leader of men.

and yes,  Fetter is absolutely in the mix Mole...good catch.

and NM we know you love your Cards but there is zero chance that WR is getting Offensive POY. Literally none. But I do hope they win Sat! which  Prob unlikely as the Bants will be too physical for them.

Interesting feedback. My suspicion is 3 or 4 Nescac teams might beat undefeated Carnegie Mellon. I think they are in a very weak league. Good intel on the Gulls LC-thanks !

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