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Region 7 women's basketball / Re: MIAA
« on: March 07, 2020, 04:54:43 pm »
Albion lost to Trine three times, Hope twice and Texas-Dallas once for their 6 losses this year. All three teams have advanced to the second round. I would have liked to see them make the tournament, but I fully understand why a team that finished with 6 losses and third in their league can’t make it. It would have been interesting to see how good they actually are.


On to Albion on Friday night.  Will the 3rd time be the charm?  We were right there in both regular season matchups with Albion, but Davis has been a thorn in our sides in both games.

He’s been the thorn in the side of most of the league, starting with the ESPN quality finish in Trine last year and his buzzer beaters this year. Props to him for being ’that guy‘ for Albion when they need it.

Olivet 82, Tribe 78

Ten pairs of legs instead of seven or eight pairs made a big difference in Olivet tonight. This looked like a different team down the stretch. Olivet has had a head scratching year, with big upsets and the complete inability to beat Kzoo.

It is really disappointing that people think that it is a lack of recruiting and lack of replacing. The D3 landscape does not get the recruits it used to and the D3 coaches have to work hard at getting the recruits they go after. It is a reminder that this level is not only about athletics but more importantly about academics. So if you are unhappy with how coach Mitchell has recruited then you don’t understand what these coaches are up against. I agree with Sac’s statement of recruiting has been disappointing but it’s not because of lack of trying.

Agreed. Also private schools aren’t cheap. That’s hurting a lot too. Look at Carson Mulhenberg, finding other opportunities will happen in today’s landscape.

Shawn Pardee is no longer listed on the Olivet Roster.


Does internet video count as available video review?

If it is available at the table, technically it could be reviewed.

I had no idea that D3 had a review option.

Interesting that the league cancelled all the basketball games last night. Oh well, Saturday's games could be fun.


If the question is whether you foul in the double bonus or give up a 20-foot, two-point jump shot with 12 seconds left, I think you take your chances with the long jump shot.

I guess we shouldn’t be surprised to see a split between us posters in the “right” approach in this situation, given I think I’ve seen both approaches equally applied throughout all levels. If the coaches don’t agree why should we.

I also think it’s easy to second guess a decision that didn’t work out, whether you are a fan or the coach who made the decision. Given the situation, not sure it’s worth second guessing that decision since neither approach was likely to determine the final outcome.  That came from the entirety of the game.


All of this.

It’s spot on!

In Kalonji’ last 3 games vs OC he’s averaged 26.3 PPG. In Harris’s last 2 home games against OC he’s averaged 29 PPG. They have been playing very good basketball. Hopefully OC can solve them before Adrian comes to Upton.

At the end of the Calvin game it was announced that next Saruday's game vs. Olivet is being moved to Van Noord Arena. I'm guessing they're flip-flopping the schedule to give Olivet more time to find an alternative venue.

Yes I think that’s the case. More time for Olivet to Upton or Cutler ready for basketball.

Olivet's expansion projects, interesting reading.

I'm willing to get a kick starter going for $25,000 so we can name it the Steve Ernst Officials' Locker Room.

I’d donate!

It’s in usable shape, in fact the gym is used for intramural sports, but it’s not in ‘worth the money to save it and repurpose it” shape.  Again this is my inexpert opinion.

Personally I’d rather have McKay be the varsity gym, as opposed to Upton. McKay is an Old School gym. The “bench” are is very tight to the sides and the fans are 12ish feet above the floor screaming down to the floor. I’d wager large amounts in Olivet’s favor on McKay. It would be highly intimidating (during my pledging I had to play basketball on this court, it wasn’t very intimidating for us, but it was for the teams after us as their alumni where more involved). The atmosphere would be the most intense in the country.

A story from my time as a player on Calvin's JV team in another century, supports Jameswys' assessment of McKay's advantages for the Comets. The court was surrounded by the large wall, where even first row patrons---typically screaming invectives at the visiting team--were several feet above the hardwood. As a visiting player, it was enough to help me appreciate the intimidation factor the condemned felt when left to fend for themselves on the ancient Colosseum floor, awaiting the gladiator's dreaded entrance. I don't even need to embellish this story to make my point. McKay's playing surface left barely enough room for any out-of-bounds space. One end was reserved for Olivet students who may or may not have arrived at McKay before attending a local pub. I vividly recall seeing a huge loogie pass over my right shoulder just as I was inbounding the ball along the baseline. After reaching the other end of the court, I asked the ref what could be done with the rowdies who nearly expectorated on me. I have never forgotten the official's pithy recommendation: "Next time, inbound the ball quicker."


I join Gregory in his comment! That story is hilarious and a classic!😮😁

Regarding McKay, I agree with jameswys in that I'd love to see that made back into the main basketball arena for Olivet. Admittedly, I love the old, historic buildings on campus there, although I am also partial to their more modern design student center as my late father designed it!

McKay, indeed, had that intimidation factor, very similar to what Hope's old football stadium Riverview Park was back in my playing days,  in which the visitors stands that ran the entire length of the field was about 12 feet behind the visiting team. Similarly to your McKay story, most Hope students sat on that side ( the roof covered home stands were reserved seating, always filled by parents, alumni) and the visiting teams were always subjected to some very colorful "cheers" and such!

McKay would have to undergo some significant revisions as I recall the floor is not to NCAA regulations (similar to Hope's former home court at the now renovated Holland Civic Center, which was about two feet too short in length.) However, that is unlikely to happen as it is my understanding that McKay is going to be torn down for construction of a new building/addition and renovation to the Upton Center. That will be sad if it occurs as I'd like to see it at least structurally saved and renovated for some other use.

Anyway, thanks for the great story! I wonder how that ref really felt about that loogie!😮😳🤐🤫😬😁🙂

That’s really interesting that your father designed the Kirk Center. I have spent many hours in that building, as I’ve worked there most of my adult life. It’s seen a few remodels but is still a great place to be for a day, as it’s all windows and you can always see natural light.

And yes you are correct, McKay should be gone by the Fall of 2021. They are aggressively pushing to replace it with a new student center, with study spaces, meeting places and commons. It should be a nice addition and while I’d like to see McKay kept, years of neglect (I’d guess probably in the 70s and 80s) have led to the building not really being salvageable, in my inexpert opinion.

 Which is why I’d love to see it out on a high note, but I fully realize it is in no condition for current D3 varsity sports.

Very nice and accurate summary TU!

Olivet 88
Carthage 73

That’s a huge win by a large margin for the Comets over #18 Carthage!!!

Olivet has really had some impressive wins!  It would be interesting to see some predictions for the final league standings at this point as compared to the preseason coaches predictions.  If I recall correctly, Olivet at that point was picked for last.  At some times Hope really looked outstanding, but recent events have really hurt them.  Alma has really had some good games, too.  Albion has been very consistent and has especially shown the ability to come from behind in several games.  Calvin has been very inconsistent.  Trine has been inconsistent, too, it seems to me.  I suspect the predictions will look quite different in many ways, but I think Albion still looks the best.  Just to give an idea, I will make the following (probably inaccurate) prediction.

     1.   Albion
     2.   Olivet
     3.   Trine
     4.   Calvin
     5.   Hope
     6.   Alma
     7.   Kalamazoo
     8.   Adrian

After posting the previous guess, I looked up the overall standings for MIAA teams and found that Olivet's success that were so impressive the last two weeks were quite a contrast with the previous results.  They lost by large margins to teams that others in the league fought much more closely.  Are the last two weeks due to changed personal, a fluke, or a sign of dramatic improvement?  It's interesting that the league standings based on non-league games comes much closer to the coaches predictions with Hope doing much better.  Anyone have a very clear idea on what it all means?

Olivet returned 7 players from last years roster. Only one of them is seeing any significant playing time. The rest of the core rotation are freshman and Juco transfers. I’ve watched as much as I could be at this year. At times it’s looked like there are 5 dudes randomly on a court. But I’m the last few weeks it’s looked like a team on the court. They are starting to trust each other and know each other tendencies. I wouldn’t want to play this team in February.

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