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Regarding the missing posts: There was a cleanup in the massively overpopulated Pick-ems board, and a bunch of expired contests were deleted. That lowered post totals for anyone who had posts on those boards.

This is all very tiring, I'm sacked out.  Maybe you could just put my status back to "starter" and forget about who deleted my posts.  For as little as I post, it's hard to believe that I have more than double + & - Karma than I have posts.  That being said, I could give a rip about Karma, it just doesn't add up.  Good night, time to hit the Sac...k

You’re currently showing up as a ‘Starter’ with 201 posts.

First half at MSU is over, I’m watching on BTN+. 40-25 MSU, though in the middle of the half Albion was within two. Davis is leading the Britons with 12, including a few impressive 3s (which I remember all too well from last year at MTI). Albion is in this thing to win it. They are playing the starters long minutes. I missed the specific starting lineup up, but Albion has been giving lots of minutes to Davis, Ebeling, and Armstrong. They have used Garland, Barnes and Mcabee quite a bit. Freshman Josh Palo from Howell has been in quite a bit too. I honesty can’t remember anyone other than those 7 playing. Zac(h?) Winston pulled a hamstring in practice and didn’t suit up. The student announcers at MSU have been calling Davis a ‘human highlight reel’ and have declared him a potential MIAA POY.

I’ll let any of the 100 other sources describe the preseason #1s performance. Also I learned tonight that Rocket Watts’ first name is Mark. I’ve only seen him listed as Rocket.

So this was a pretty cool writeup:
Nice.  Who is Albion putting on Tillman?  I probably wouldn't want to sit in the lower bowl and watch for all those blocked shots coming at me.

Caden Ebeling

No, Olivet hasn’t posted the roster yet. I’d look for it late Tuesday or Wednesday. The Comet Madness event is Tuesday night at 9pm and that is where the varsity roster gets announced. I’d expect it soon thereafter.

Really early to be congratulating anyone IMHO.  Just ask Wisconsin about looking ahead (losing to the Illini).  We are 4 games into a 7 game league schedule - just past the halfway mark.  Focus, focus, focus...

Yeah, I’d prefer that Hope skips the focus, and loses a few.

Sac inspired me to do a bit of Albion/MSU research.

The teams first played in February of 1906 at Albion in the College gymnasium on campus. Fun fact, that building burnt down in January of 1922, it was replaced in 1925 by Kresge, the current home of the Britons.

MSU holds a 10-1 advantage in the series. The only Albion win came in January of 1927 in a 37-31 win at College gymnasium, at MSU (I guess that was the only name used for gyms in mid Michigan). College Gymnasium (MSU’s) was the facility that preceded Demonstration Hall, which preceded Jenison Field house, which the Breslin Center replaced in 1989.

In January of 1945, as the Battle of the Bulge raged in the Ardennes during WWII, the teams played for the final time. They scheduled a home and home series. January 8th MSU won 72-36 at Kresge, and on the 22nd MSU won 58-38 at Jenison Field House.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t included some history of my own Comets. They have a 4-7 record against MSU, but have the proud distinction of being the first MSU opponent, handing them 4 straight losses to start the program, and the distinction of being the first team MSU beat at home, after their first two wins came on the road.

Oh and let me be the first to congratulate the 2019 MIAA football champs, Hope College!

No worries I figured you got tied up. The weather was bad and the first quarter seemed like Olivet would lose by 30 but needed up keeping it close. For those that didn’t see the game the final score was essentially 14-7. The final Hope touchdown came around of two minutes to go after Olivet turned it over in downs inside the 20. Olivet couldn’t punt in that situation but if they had it would have been 14-7. Overall it was a great MIAA contest.

Pulling this forward.

Known Exhibition schedule

Oct 22  Calvin at Ferris State 7pm
Oct 25   Kalamazoo at Davenport

Oct 29   Albion at Michigan State 7pm
Oct 29   Grand Valley State at Hope 7:30pm

Nov 2   Kalamazoo at Western Michigan 2pm
Nov 2    Calvin at Northwood 7pm
Nov 5   St. Clair CC at Olivet  7pm
Nov 6    Alma at Grace Christian  8pm
Nov 12  Olivet at Davenport 6pm
Nov 19  Alma at Western Michigan  7pm

Kzoo and Davenport had something scheduled tonight but nothing appears on either schools websites.  Maybe just a scrimmage?

Next games Tuesday.

If by chance anyone reading this board is thinking of hitting East Lansing Tuesday night

Albion/MSU tickets are available but.......MSU isn't selling lower bowl seats on their website, you can find many available on Stubhub but price hasn't budged much from 40 to as much 180 each.  Maybe check Tuesday morning when sellers will take anything?  Hype is huge for the Spartans this year, so maybe not.

There are student tickets for sale but be aware you need a valid MSU ID to use them and they're pretty serious about that at most games, this one, no idea.   MSU is selling tickets in the upper level on their website for $17 but they can be found on Stubhub for as little as $6.  Originally I thought these were general admission but looks like there is only a few sections open and only the "bench" seats in the last few rows.

Also parking is another few bucks across the road in the ramp.  Other lots here and there but anything close goes to season ticket holders.

FYI, traffic is stupid on 127 and 496 at rush hour for a city Lansing's size.

If you don't feel like doing any of this the game is supposed to be broadcast on BTN plus.

Tickets will be available.

I was pretty disappointed when I saw the ticket situation for Albion/MSU. I wanted to wear a red OC basketball shirt and enthusiastically cheer for MSU for the whole game (I still haven’t forgotten this years MIAA semis). Doing that in the upper bowl is not quite what I had in mind.

Seriously though, I wanted to go to this game as it is a great opportunity to showcase the MIAA to a wider audience and I think it’s a cool opportunity for the Winston family. Between the less than desirable seats and Comet Madness being that night at 9, I think I’ll try to watch it on BTN instead.

I agree with winners (unfortunately! I’d rather see OC win tomorrow obviously) but I think the score for Trine is off. Trine wins by at least 40, they are non-victorious because of scheduling as much as skill.

What's going on with this site?  Show's I only have 145 posts.  I had over 200 a week or so ago and more than that last year.

I don’t know the answer but I have noticed that every few weeks we go back a few page numbers on the MIAA thread. We are currently at XX65 and have been there since last season except when we go back to XX64

Another great weekend of MIAA football. Adrian with the win (upset?) at home against Alma capped it off. We now have two teams at each of the following records 3-0, 2-1, 1-2, 0-3. I think the championship will be decided on Olivet’s campus this year, as Hope and Olivet clash in a battle of undefeated teams next weekend. The winner will have a pretty clear path to the championship in my opinion.
The other contest to watch will be Adrian at Albion. If Adrian wins they’d still have an outside shot at a title if things break their way. I think Alma watched their title hopes disappear tonight, as they still have Olivet and Hope on their schedule.

One thing I can say with 100% certainty going into next weekend: Trine will win their first conference game of the season, probably by 30 points (or more).

Region 4 football (Great Lakes-ish) / Re: FB: Ohio Athletic Conference
« on: October 19, 2019, 06:50:43 pm »
Mount Union up 63-0 on Capital and trying not to run up the score by intentionally running out of bounds at 5 yard line on a potential pick 6 with no Capital player within tackling distance.  Mount has also elected to kick field goals on 3rd down or less when they get too close to goal line.  The result of this is Mount Union kicker Cory Barnett just tied early in 4th quarter the NCAA Division III record with 6 field goals today.

While I like that Mt. Union didn’t run up the score intentionally, I’m not sure this is actually any better for Capital’s moral. Field goal being kicked on first down and pick 6s being ran OB has to be pretty dang demoralizing, I think more so than seeing 100 dropped. Put in the worst players you have dressed and run dives up the middle. If they can’t stop that then 100 points seems like destiny.


Although it is a week early to ask this, are you going to be at the Olivet/Hope game?  If so, it would be great to visit for a few minutes sometime either before or after the game.

Yes, most likely. We can make arrangements next week via PM! I always like meeting people in real life.

Region 4 football (Great Lakes-ish) / Re: FB: Ohio Athletic Conference
« on: October 17, 2019, 08:02:39 pm »
Here's his stats sheet.  Looks like he's older than your typical college freshman.

I think most teams typically prefer players who are alive and born before 1900 but whatever works I guess.

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