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Who Is running the Grinnell system?

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Mr. Ypsi:
uh-oh -

Arseneault vs. Westhead?
jeff p vs. Sager?

Us mice are seeking shelter!!

In the great tradition of war, I shall return to shoot the wounded and suck-up to the victor!  

Well, actually, cynical contrarian that I am, I'll probably end up doing the opposite.

Oh, what the hell - go at it, and who knows what I'll do?!!  (I obviously don't!)

(Message edited by cabonney on March 24, 2005)

jeff p:
God, I wish we could have these discussions in person. Somewhere in the printed word I am fumbling around again. I just seem not to make myself clear. I haven't said anything different tonight than I have said all year long! I am an admittedly one issue poster. I have learned a bunch in the last few years (by osmosis mostly) but my focus will always by on Grinnell Basketball. Your overall knowledge about d3 ball overwhelms me, but I have no desire to match it. I've written all my life, made a living from it at times, and still don't much care for the unedited post to post method we are forced to use on sites like this. If my style causes confusion, I'm sorry. I have never felt so completely misunderstood-at least not since Miranda broke my heart 35 years ago. I don't know any other way to put my thoughts down than the way I have. I'm gonna give up tonight, but I think this has really gotten a bit silly.

You should have read Gregory Corso and the beat poets discussion of the Sonnet over the years. As in basketball, there are many different ways to approach the same subject.  

Foghat was to music what Princeton is to basketball. It works on a few levels but who wants to suffer through it?

jeff p:
OK, How'd that repeat happen? I thought I was telling Cabonney that the Grinnell link won't appear in print, that i was telling Pat Coleman that my source wasn't who he thought it was, and that you guys were gonna have to send me to Guantanamo to get that source out of me. Then i get an error message and...oh well.

Gregory Sager:
You and I are very different people, Jeff, that's for sure. I never cared for Corso at all (Gregory or his brother Lee ), and where poetry definitions are concerned I take my cue from Noah Webster rather than the Beats.

As to the language difficulties, no worries. I live to argue about stuff like this. Ask anyone on d3hoops.com. And my sympathies about Miranda ... very pretty name.

Foghat was to music what Princeton is to basketball. It works on a few levels but who wants to suffer through it.

This is actually one of the most elegant analogies I've ever read on this website, Jeff. Huzzah!

jeff p:
Noah was a great wordsmith as are the directors that continue his work. No arguement from me there. But you are right-we are completely different people. Even the folks who make the new word lists and redefine the old for each addition talk about how difficult it is to remain pointed when defining our language. I remember a story from several years back where a director made the following analogy: Once the word has been defined, people spend the next many years trying to break it from its confines. He went on to compare it to roping bulls and corraling them. Once the pen  becomes full, some damn bull starts knocking down the fence much to the consternation of the cowboys involved. Perhaps the versions of dead verse vs free verse as espoused by the beats didn't catch on in the rigid world of Webster, but that doesn't mean the evolutionary process won't proceed. Kinda like basketball, huh?

Jeffp's horoscope for today (from creators syndicate):

 "You like to play where the rules are a little loose or, better yet, completely undefined. You have enough imagination and moral structure to make up your own, right? Hopefully the others in the game feel the same."

I've been around long enough to know NOT to count on the latter, but still enjoy knocking down the fence.

Right now my biggest worry has nothing to do with our discussion of word useage or definition but rather with how to explain Miranda to my wife of... 34 and 5/6 years.


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