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Pat Coleman:
Dear coaches:

The new software requires registration for the message board in order to post a message. However, this should allow you to later delete your own posts once you have filled the date. If not, you should be able to edit the post to say it has been filled.

Please keep the board up to date!

If coaches don't help us keep the board clean, we reserve the right to remove posts without warning. We'll be more lenient with posts from Division III schools -- posts from other divisions and associations will be removed more quickly if they are not updated.

Please do not post the same open date more than once. That only contributes to the clutter on the board.

Pat Coleman:
If you want to be on a specific board, go to that board, and hit the Reply button. That will add you to the bottom of the list.

Pat Coleman:
In order to have access to change or delete a posting, you must be logged in with the same username you used to make the original post.


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