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When does the Cross Country chat begin?

Any predictions for the fall?

Pat Coleman:
Now sounds good. I've moved it into a discussion of its own.

Grutte Dirk:
Thanks Pat.

Before making predictions, any news of recruits and tranfers, or the healed and injured?

Some helpful NCAA Division III Cross Country links:

NCAA III Cross Country Historian's Report - thanks to Kirk Reynolds of Pomona-Pitzer College.
2005 NCAA Division III Women's 6K Championship
2005 NCAA Division III Men's 8K Championship

leading men's teams (alphabetically):
Calvin Men's XC
College of New Jersey Men's XC
Hamline Men's XC
Haverford Men's XC
(W) La Crosse Men's XC
North Central Men's XC
(W) Oshkosh Men's XC
Tufts Men's XC
Wartburg Men's XC
Wheaton XC

Sorry for the above 9:12:34 post (too short), I hit the wrong button.  Can someone delete it?

1st - Calvin
2nd - (W) La Crosse
3rd - Wartburg
4th - Hamline
5th - North Central
6th - Tufts
7th - Wheaton (IL)
8th - Anderson
9th - (W) Oshkosh
10th - Haverford
gold - Mooch (Widener)
silver - Abdallah (NYU)
bronze - Hird (North Central)


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