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Top 10 reasons for a trip to the Final Four


1.   Salem hospitality: inviting, warm, and southern

2.   The Salem Civic Center: a classic arena, great staff, acres of parking, and fresh popcorn

3.   65 and Sunny

4.   A spacious, hospitality suite at the Roanoke Airport Hampton for $103.50 per night

5.   Brazilian Shrimp, Scallops, and Clams at Montaro’s

6.   Visiting Fans – Hope had the most;  Amherst, fun and flamboyant; Ursinius, gracious in defeat; and       Washington U. had, by far, both the rowdiest and creative student section. The atmosphere was loud and electric

7.   Ursinus Bears – a small scholl with a huge basketball tradition

8.   Hope Flying Dutchman – for 32 minutes they played this year's champion to a standoff in perhaps the most physical collegiate game I’ve ever seen

9.   Amherst Lord Jeffs – few teams have ever had the opportunity to defend their title in the championship game. Nice run.

10.   Washington U. in St. Louis Bears – Lock-down defense; lethal in transition; smooth, efficient, unselfish in the half court; poise; and Troy Ruths



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