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Any changes in the rules this year? I believe the 3 point line distance is changing.  Is it just for men, or both?

Wydown Blvd.:
just for men


Now we have two 3 pt. lines, which so far have had little effect on the men, but what has happened is that the women have subconsciously adapted to the men's line.  Bad change.  Second rule change has to do with Technical fouls.  The misconduct T counts for 3 "bad points" whereas a rule violation T (like calling TO when you don't have any left) is 2 "bad points".  Six "bad points" and you're out.  This year any ball pinned on the board is considered on the way down -- hence goal tending.  Other rules have to do with when the horn sounds after a player fouls out, area that teams must stay in, and some other minor stuff.

Ralph Turner:
Stricter rules on elbows

Just a question regarding rules changes.  I had heard the other night watching the Louisville/Butler game that there was a new rule regarding possession after a technical.  They said that it is not automatic two shots and possession anymore and that the only way you get possession after the two ft's is if your team was in possession of the ball when the technical was called.  Is this rule across the boards in all divisions?  I was at the Wooster game last night and there was a technical called on their opponent but I'm pretty sure Wooster had possession when the technical was called so they got the ball after the ft's.


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