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Dave 'd-mac' McHugh:
We have started a new thread for a new season of Hoopsville. I have honestly lost count on what season this is... 9th or 10th... but we are back all the same.

Sunday, January 9th will be the season debut for the '10-'11 season and we already have a full line-up. We will be talking to coaches from Whitworth, Plattsburgh St., Virginia Wesleyan, and Amherst (women), along with regional reports from the Midwest, West, and East. Pat Coleman and I will also discuss the season so far and our trip to the D3hoops.com Classic in Las Vegas!

So tune in on Sunday from 7 - 9 PM EST. And don't forget to tune in the rest of the season on Thursday and Sunday nights from 7-9 PM EST.

You can also head to our official website at www.d3hoopsville.com for more information, watch and interact with the show live, or catch the archives of previous shows. You can also check out the Hoopsville Fan Page on Facebook or on Twitter (@d3hoopsville).

And we will see you SUNDAY!

Is anyone going to be at the Wabash/Wooster game?

Pat Coleman:
None of us personally. My hope is to watch online. Too big to completely miss.

Mr. Ypsi:
I'm wondering if this is the latest ever for TWO games the same day between unbeaten teams (Woo/Wabash and Amherst/Williams - THREE if you count the Amherst/Williams women's game).  Anyone know?

Pat Coleman:
And it was even four with NYU-Brandeis. No real records on that but it seems unusual, especially to have three on the men's side. Women's unbeatens tend to last a little longer.


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