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POOL B/C Selection

Pool A-40, Pool B-2, Pool C-14

Primary Criteria
The primary criteria emphasize regional competition (all contests leading up to NCAA championships); all criteria listed will
be evaluated (not listed in priority order).
● Win-loss percentage against Division III opponents.
● Division III head-to-head competition
● Results versus common Division III opponents
● Results versus ranked Division III opponents as established by
the rankings at the time of selection.
● Division III strength of schedule
● Win-loss percentage — last 25% of the season (if applicable)

Contests versus provisional and reclassifying members in their
third and fourth years shall count in the primary criteria.
Provisional and reclassifying members shall remain ineligible f
or rankings and selection.

Weighted Scale
 Once the OWP and OOWP are calculated, they are to be combined on a weighted scale (e.g., 2/3 weight
for OWP and 1/3 weight for OOWP) and this combined number becomes the strength of schedule.

Secondary Criteria

If the evaluation of the primary criteria does not result in a decision, the secondary criteria will be reviewed. All the criteria
listed will be evaluated (not listed in priority order). The secondary criteria introduce results against out-of-region Division III
and all other opponents including those contests versus opponents from other classifications (i.e., provisionals, NAIA, NCAA
Divisions I and II).

● Non-Division III win-loss percentage.
● Results versus common non-Division III opponents
● Non-Division III Strength of Schedule

A factor in the Pool B/C Bids   ;D


Oh, a slight factor :)

As I posted on another thread, the worst record for a Pool C team is 25-18 for Bowdoin in 2012. Obviously, they had an outstanding strength of schedule. I also personally think that any team with .800+ winning percentage is in the conversation regardless of SOS.

The game-is-a-game concept really shows in its accounting for playing tough teams in the southern schedule that may not necessarily have been in-region before.

Just going down the SOS list and eyeballing winning percentages (NOT in order of primacy), it looks like the list of teams competing for Pool C berths might be...

Stevens Point
John Carroll
St. Thomas
Southern Maine
Case Western (likely Pool B though)
Cortland State
Concordia Ill
Emory (could be Pool B)
Birmingham Southern (Pool B candidate)
Linfield (likely won't need it)
Buena Vista
St. John Fisher (Pool B possibility)

On a second pass down the list, the fringe might be something like...
Millsaps, UW-Oshkosh, Hendrix, Alvernia, Allegheny, Oswego State, Wheaton, Berry, Endicott, Adrian, Rhodes, Kean (surprised not higher, but SOS not good this year), Salisbury, Frostburg State, Ohio Northern (only because they have pretty much all the OAC heavies coming up), Ithaca.

Great breakdown! It's fun to start looking ahead at potential bids!


--- Quote from: D3SportsFan on April 16, 2014, 12:18:35 pm ---Great breakdown! It's fun to start looking ahead at potential bids!

--- End quote ---

of course none of this matter once a few teams not on this list steal Pool A bids and bump the bottom of the Pool C teams out.


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