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20-second clock proposed for Division III baseball


Ron Boerger:

--- Quote ---NCAA Baseball Rules Committee proposed adding two visible 20-second play clocks for all Division I baseball games, starting with the 2019 season.

Division II and Division III would be required to have two play clocks by the 2020 season.

Under the proposal, the 20-second play clock would start once the pitcher steps on the dirt portion of the mound with the baseball. If the pitcher does not deliver a pitch, make a pick-off throw to a base or step off the pitcher’s rubber before the clock expires, a ball will be assessed to the count. If the batter is not ready to hit by the time the clock expires, a strike will be added to the count.
--- End quote ---

Will go into effect if approved by the NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel which meets August 15.   Did not realize this was an issue - certainly has not been anything I've noticed when attending games.

Did it get approved?

Ralph Turner:
See the rule changes.



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